13x6 Lace Frontal

What Is 13x6 lace frontal

13x6 lace frontal, also known as a half wig, is similar to a 13x4 human hair lace frontal closure with the dimensions of 13x6 inches length and width respectively, covering half of one’s head. This kind of lace frontal is knotted by hand using 100% natural hair that is comfortable to wear and features strong breathability, as well as a long service time. The placement of this particular lace frontal closure usually tends to cover the front part of the head with a vast coverage area of ear-to-ear on one’s entire head. The installation of a 13x6 lace frontal provides an entirely natural hairline. This type of hair frontal closure is pre-plucked, featuring a natural and soft hairline made from baby hair that contributes to its light and soft-to-touch shiny texture. With a 150% dense swiss lace material that is carefully hand tied, these 13 inches by 6-inch lace closures are the perfect option for all kinds of customers.

There are several reasons regarding the need for a 13x6 pre-plucked lace frontal closure:

1. This natural-looking type of lace closure covers the entire front half of the head, covering all hair problems and leading to a beautiful, exquisite and unique look overall. It defines beauty and elegance through its human hair texture and contributes to one’s self confidence. It features 13x6 lace frontals with bundles of human hair to create an entire hairline without sutures and connection marks, making this closure sew-in look as if the hair is actually growing naturally from one’s scalp with no artificial effects and looks.

2. With this kind of lace frontal, less human hair bundles are needed because it is almost half a wig with a coverage area that is much bigger wider than any other lace closures available. This in-turn reduces the number of bundles required to cover the head while also making the hair closure sew-in procedures easier.

3. This type of lace closure leads to a variety of hairstyles without any damage to human hair while suiting everyone’s preference. It can be combed to create any kind of hair parting, and also maintains a smooth and beautiful hairline that is completely natural looking.

4. These kind of lace frontals feature a long service time hence they have a long lifespan with high durability.

5. Since the quality of these lace frontals is very high, featuring strong breathability and smooth elasticity, they are way more comfortable than any other hair wigs, whereby the texture and wear is soft and silky to touch.

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