5x5 Lace Closure

5x5 lace closure is a versatile lace closure that measures 5 inches by 5 inches in length and width respectively, featuring different hair textures. It is a newly discovered kind of human hair lace closure which may be parted along the front part of the head. It is manufactured using high quality lace with 100% virgin human hair knotted into the lace hole by hand. The coverage of this kind of lace closure includes 5 inches across the forehead and 5 inches to the back of the head. The closure install builds a beautiful yet completely natural hairline for the user after wearing it on, bringing a unique appearance for them. Even though a high pony tail cannot be made with this type of closure, however, it gives an exquisite finish to the users' weave, blending in perfectly with it while also protecting the hair under it and allowing them to grow.

With so many different types of lace closures available, question may arise as to why one needs a 5x5 hair closure? Following pointers will state the answer to this very question:

  • The size of a 5x5 lace closure is unique in its appropriateness, covering the forehead conveniently, while not being too big or too small. Since different people possess different head sizes and while 4x4 lace closures and 6x6 lace closure can be too small and too big respectively, 5x5 lace closures can prove to be the best choice for customers. Neither is it too small to build a beautiful hairline, nor is it too big to meet their demand.
  • A 5x5 lace closure is cheap and affordable compared to other lace closures like 13x4 and 13x6 due to the lace area and it usually meets customers' budget appropriately.
  • In order to be able to wear the natural human hair wigs but at a cheaper price, 5x5 lace closures with bundles sew-in is one of the best ways for it. For all sorts of wig lovers that don't prefer buying human hair wigs from human hair vendors directly due to budget constraints, the best option is to buy 5x5 closures with bundles and proper installation in order to achieve a natural look with affordable lace front wigs.

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