6x6 Lace Closure

What Is 6x6 lace closure

A 6x6 lace closure is a 100% human hair closure piece with the dimensions of 6 inches width and 6 inches length respectively, covering the entire top front of the head. This type of lace closure features a high-quality lace of 6x6 100% virgin hair. The procedure is inclusive of all hair strands being knotted into a lace hole using hand only. It is the kind of closure sew-in that can be worn for a long period of time if the customer or user can take good care of it. While it can be used to close off a 6x6 lace closure wig sew-in, its coverage area is much bigger than a 5x5 closure, with a smooth and soft touch and feel, which can be experienced upon wearing it.

With numerous other types of available lace closures, one may want to find out the need of a 6x6 lace closure and its uniqueness compared to the rest.

Following are the advantages of a 6x6 lace closure that make it stand out from the rest

• It features a very high-quality material that is 100% virgin human hair with a strong ability of elasticity and high resistance to damage, along with a longer service time.

• It also features perfect sew-in effects due to the fact that a 6x6 closure wig is sewn with the best quality closures along with bundles that cater to a quintessential wearing effect. This includes a natural and beautiful hairline, similar to one’s scalp skin colour, as though the hair is growing from the roots of the actual scalp itself. Its natural lustre and gorgeous wearing effects improve one’s self confidence leaving envious eyes of the people around the user.

• This kind of lace closure includes a long lifespan whereby it can be worn for longer periods of time under careful and proper maintenance, along with a cheap potential cost.

• A 6x6 lace closure features soft wearing, which means that it carries a high elastic lace bringing a feeling of softness in the touch and wear. It also comes with strong permeability and a texture that is silky and soft to touch.

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