99J Hair Color

99j hair color is a new and unique hair color in the market. It is a combination of maroon a black shade with multiple highlights of red in it. The color is dominant in some areas and dulls in others. The base shade of black remains constant and a new look of maroonish red appears on the scalp. With the recent advances, 99j hair color extensions have been launched in the market. these extensions can be purchased from the market or from online websites like “Keep Nice Hair - KN Hair” which promises to give the best quality of hair extensions at the most reasonable rates.

99j hair extensions are also known as burgundy hair extensions because of their color. These burgundy extensions which are being sold by keep nice hair are available in different bundles from one to five. They can be purchased alone or with lace caps to cover the scalp. The cap under the extensions is useful for hiding the natural hair and giving a prominent hairline to the scalp.

Qualities of 99j Hair Colour

These hair color extensions are famous for the following features:

Volume: 99J Hair extensions have a higher volume as compared to other extensions. They are strong, durable and remain fixed on the scalp for a long period of time.

Smoothness and Silkiness: These burgundy extensions have a soft texture and silkiness which makes them look like natural hair. They are available in different lengths and volumes and can be customized as well. The curly form of these extensions is most famous because of the color blend which looks more glamorous on people with curly hair.

Best Sellers

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