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Thinking about hair? Here is KNHair to your rescue, a hair bible that will help you keep up with the latest trends related to haircare and hairstyling. 

Welcome to KNHair!

KNHair.com is a website that caters to all your hair-related queries, hairstyling guides, tips, and more. We brought KNHair to life for people who enjoy hair care and styling and are constantly looking up for suggestions and tips to improve their hair. 

The author of KNHair hopes that you get the most out of your hair through our suggestions, styling tips, and advice on this blog.

We have curated a range of different categories like hairstyles for men, women, and teens, hair dye suggestions, hair care tips, and more. 

Check out www.knhair.com to enter the world where we wish your hair looks like a dream for many!

A word from the author

nicole herbert

Kristin Nichols

CEO and Cheif Editor at KNHair

Hey! Kristin here! Welcome to my hair blog: KNHair. I’m a trichologist by day and a blogger by night. I completed my education at David Kingsley – Heslington University of Health Sciences with a distinction. 

I have grown up surrounded by people who’d come to my mother’s salon and that’s where my interest in haircare and hairstyling took root. 

As I grew up, I watched my mum connect with thousands of her customers and bring them happiness with even a simple haircut.

I saw their faces just lit up with their new look. So many women would come into the salon, hesitant or shy to show the condition of their hair. But my mum always found a way to make them feel comfortable and beautiful by the end of their session! 

This is what truly inspired me and made me realize how important our relationship with our hair is. 

And later, as I entered my teens, I started helping her out in the salon. 

When it was time for my higher studies, I chose a degree in trichology close to home so I could continue working at the salon simultaneously. My trichology degree was just another gateway to start writing blogs and letting people know the importance of good hair care and style. 

I have had the chance to style and provide hair care services to thousands of clients. I’ve even had opportunities to style some of our local influencers for their shoots. It’s been a great experience for me in this industry. 

And now I’d like to share it with all of you so everybody can have a good relationship with their hair! 

I hope KNHair will help you find your way through healthy, and happy hair. Cheers!

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