Essential Facts You Need To Know About Three Part Closure

Three Part Closure

Generally, closures are necessary for every woman who is looking for the best way to preserve the state of his or her natural hair. It is indeed must-have piece for anyone who wants to protect hair in a cost-effective and timely manner. Every closure gives your hair ultimate protection. Whether it is a free part, middle part or three part closure, all these hair products are the most ideal for people who are keened in preserving the state of their real hair. Besides, closures cover the scalp, ultimately making them an excellent protective style. The benefits of having any closure are many and not limited to more flexibility you will have with how your closure is parted.

However, in this article, I would like to talk about everything you need to know about three part closures. For people who need to change their hairstyle in hours and retain its original look, then the world-shattering three part lace closure is the best solution for you. This piece is intended for classic persons who don’t have time but need a taste for various hairstyles to fit on different events. This hair product is made from 100% virgin human hair, which makes it an ideal choice for rocking celebrities. Plus, its look is exceptional for all women of all ages to feel unique to their loved ones and beautiful as well.

three part Closure is parted into three – to the left, to the right and centre at its start on the forehead. You can wave, curl or straighten this hair type to meet your preference. You can easily adjust it sideways falling on the shoulders, backwards or come a part of the strands goes in the direction to give a new appearance hairstyle.

This rocking hair store has hair from almost every ethnicity of the world that comes in different colour, texture and qualities. For this hair product, what do you want to know? Now, I will tell you the essential facts you need to know about Three Part Closure? So, keep on reading!

Before I talk about Three Part Closure specifically, what is lace closure? A closure is a piece of strands with an off circle shape ventilated in either swiss lace, lace or a silk base designed to mimic the scalp and give maximum protection to your natural hair. You can sew-in, tape or glue down this hair product. For people who their hair is broken off, coloured, natural, etc. a closure is their best bet for them to maintain the health of their hair while they wear weaves. With this closure, you don’t have to worry about colouring, blending heat manage, frizzing or tracks showing. Plus, you can place closure on top of your braided so that you can make your weave or sew-in look more natural and classic. A closure allows you the options to have no natural hair left out when putting on a full head of weave.

Why Do You Need Closure?

If you are Afro America woman, it is quite possible you like smooth, natural which can show out the different temperature of yourself. However, a closure can give you the best look you always desire.

Every woman needs closure to make a natural-looking hairstyle. If you use a closure at the front of your head, it will seem natural and real. Plus, a closure will also enable you to own hair breathe very well. It is necessary to make a wig. Why? It stems from the fact that a closure can be the same reality as your scalp. This piece also allows you to freely part the hair into any one side. And that is some of the reasons why closure is handy to make a wig.

Various Part Designs Of Closures: Which One Should I choose?

Various Part Closure

You can get closure in different parts for your styling needs. Some closures part in multiples ways and others part in one way. The well-known types of closures are free part, middle part and three part closure. With the free part closures, you can part your closure in many ways.

The Free Part Closure: As I said earlier, this closure can be parted anywhere. It can possess a part anywhere. With this piece, it would be easier for you to create a twisted part or a curvy part. Even if you like, you can part this hair product any way that you can part your natural hair. It is indeed the perfect one if you want to wear your hair straight back with no part. By doing that, your hair will look like it is coming from your scalp.

The Middle Part Closure: This closure is somewhat useful in creating a stunning sew-in installation. It is pre-parted one way. It is usually on one side or in the middle.

The three part Lace Closure: This three part lace closure means there exist three parts in such closure. There are two on each side; the left, the right and one in the centre. It enables you to wear a side part on either the left or right. With this closure type, you can create versatile hairstyles with such far-fetched simplicity. If this hair product is full lace, you can still place the part where you like using a little water and re-sectioning with a comb. It provides a pre-made, pre-plucked to make installing hassle-free.

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Three Part, Middle Part, Free Part Closure, How To Make A Perfect Choice?

Let me begin by saying that these three closures don’t have any difference when you touch them. I mean the feeling you get would be the same thing likewise when installing as well. All these closures are 100% human hair, and they are all hand-tied lace with baby hair. Whether it is three part, middle part, or free part you opt for, these hair products are not only evenly fabulous but easy to style as well. However, you need to beach the knots for either style of closure.

Also, the style of the hair you want will determine which one will suit your preference. three part closure allows you to have three various partings very hassle-free.

Your face will also determine. Both three part and middle part closures don’t suit long face for they draw the face length wards and can make you look weird. If you have a long face, free part is your most ideal choice.

There is nothing unusual in the middle part and three part closures. If you wash them several times, you will discover that they are not much different from a free part closure. For those reasons, you can go for anyone if they all fit your face shape. So which one do you like most?

How to sew in a 3 Part Lace Closures Step By Step?

If you want to learn and know how to sew-in a three part closure, and then watch these step by step tutorial videos and you will be glad you did.

Pros and cons of three part closures


  • The way you install three part closure matters a lot, I mean your installation method. It enables you to change your part from side to side quickly. Likewise, this hair product can make it easier for the stylist to install.
  • three part lace closure does not shed, and it goes well with any colour scalp.
  • This fashion hair makes it hassle-free for the customer to keep up with their part.


  • You need to cover or bleach the knots with makeup so that it can look like the scalp.
  • Some people say that three part lace closure does not make installing easier.
  • three part lace closure requires the hairstylist to sew the closure down the pre-part lined up precisely with where the customer wants their part. If it doesn’t flawlessly line up, then the install will look unattractive.

Care for Your Three Part Lace Closures in this practicable way

Make sure you use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair gently. You can brush the hair softly from the ends as you work your way up to the root. When you get to the root, hold the hair while combing to avert shade.

You need to apply a mild shampoo while you wash the closure. Use the one that does not contains sulphates because these elements are too harsh for weave closure. A good conditioner is needed as well so that you can keep your closures smooth and tangle-free.

Always keep in mind to use a moisturizing conditioner immediately after you shampooed with a deep conditioner. That stems from the fact that this hair product is made from natural human hair, particularly the Brazilian hair will respond to deep conditioning, restoring smoothness and repairing the cuticle as well.

You need a silk scarf. Use it to wrap your hair bundles with closure while sleeping. By doing so, you are preventing your closure from moving at night while reducing friction as well.

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