About Hair Color: What is 1B Color?

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Did you know there are more than 40 different hair colors to choose from? Well, now you know. Given that there are so many hair dye colors to choose from, it is only fair that you would get confused on which one to apply.

The main goal of wearing hair extensions is to look different and not forgetting outstanding without altering so much. As much as you might want to look bold, you should always aim for a look that is very natural looking.

The best part about using hair dyes on your hair extension is that you can have a complete transformation. The not so good part about it is that when you dye your extensions you will also have to dye your natural hair in the process.

The reason for dying your natural hair is because you want it to blend with the extension especially if you are leaving some hair out.

This is not very wise because extensions are meant to protect your natural hair and when you have to alter it or use chemical on it then the purpose of the extension is lost. This is the reason why most people love and prefer 1B hair color.

What is 1b Hair Color?

There are two different types of black hair colors namely:

  1. Jet black – this is the first type of black hair color. It is very dark and rich in color. The truth is it is the darkest black there is.
  2. 1B (soft black) – This black color is second from the jet black. This type of hair color resembles the natural black hair color. It is also known as an off black color.

1B is the go-to hair dye for a lot of people with black hair because when they decide to dye their extensions they will not have to tamper with their natural hair.

A good number of hair extensions come in 1B hair color. This is because the other black is too dark which is unnatural compared to natural black hair.

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Given that the off black is a natural color, any virgin hair extension that comes in that color is unprocessed and pure of any chemicals. Jet black on the other hand is a processed type of hair extension because it had to be dyed to give it that striking black color. This is the main difference between the two black colors.

1B hair colored-extensions are best suited for people who love unprocessed virgin hair.

How to Achieve That Hair Color (1B)

Purchasing hair from online shops is very tricky because you cannot cross check your hair type and the one you are looking to purchase. So what do you do when the hair that is delivered to you is completely different from your hair? Dye it of course!

There are unscrupulous companies that advertise 1B hair color but when you get the hair you find it is a totally different color. The disappointment is nothing that can be described.

Not to worry, with a little work you will have your extension looking exactly like your natural black hair without having to alter it.

There are two things that you could possibly do to make your natural hair and the hair extension, you have purchased look alike:

  • Temporary hair color – this means that you can temporarily dye your hair extension to match your natural hair. This is the best option because you do not have to subject your extension to one hair color only. In that sense you can experiment with not only 1B hair color but with other colors too after a while. The temporary hair color can be a demi-permanent dye, semi-permanent dye or henna. The choice solely depends on what you want.
  • Permanent hair color – this is not such a bad idea neither is it so good, you be the judge of that. Permanent hair color mean that is the only color you want to see on your hair extension and while that is not a bad thing, you will not have the freedom to experiment with other colors. If you decide that your extension should only bear the 1B hair color, at least look for a dye that is ammonia-free.

temporary hair color

When you make the choice of going permanent when you dye your extension, ensure you use a product that will not damage your cuticles and reduce the lifespan of the hair extension. Ammonia is your hair’s worst enemy and the last thing you want to do is use any dying agent that contains it.

IB hair color has become one of the most-trendy colors that one can use on their hair extension at the moment. It is natural looking which is what everyone wants in a hair extension and gorgeous so to say.


Using dye is avoidable especially if you are not into hair alterations and using chemicals but what about in a case where you find yourself in the situation where you have to? There is no option but to color the hair into your preferred color.

Before you purchase hair, it is good to go through all the hair types in the website and determine which one you would love to buy.

If you want to avoid getting tricked into buying the wrong hair by untrustworthy online shops, we suggest that you do a thorough research before you buy the hair.

The best way to know whether the company is genuine is to go through their customer reviews and check what other people say about their products.

IB hair color is perfect for anyone who wants an all-natural look. You can never go wrong with this hair color.

The characteristics we have listed for you will help you in making the choice between jet black and off black hair colors.

We hope to have given you enough information to guide you when you buy any type of virgin hair and avoid doing more work after you purchase any extension type.

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