Brazilian Hair VS Malaysian Hair: Which One Is Better?

Virgin human hair extensions are the best but there is always that question of which one is better than the other especially between Brazilian and Malaysian hair.

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Comparing two types of human hair extension can be quite tricky. Brazilian hair VS Malaysian hair is one of the hardest pick because they are not very different from each other.

So, which one do you choose when you are supposed to pick one of the two? This article will help you figure out which virgin hair extension best suits you and when to buy each of them.

Malaysian Hair

There is a lot to be said about Malaysian Hair. We will tell you everything you need to know about so that by the time you decide to purchase it you know exactly what you are in for.

What is Malaysian Virgin Hair?

Malaysian hair is heavy and thick compared to Brazilian hair. Malaysian hair extensions look and feel very silky. The natural luster observed in this virgin hair extension is very beautiful and it makes it more appealing to clients.

Malaysian hair is sourced from the temples of Malaysia by women in a way to show their religious commitment.

There are few characteristics that are observed in Malaysian hair which makes it different from the rest which actually begs the question is Malaysian hair good? Well, we will let you be the judge of that after you learn everything about it.

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Characteristics of Malaysian hair

These characteristics will help you seal the deal on Brazilian VS Malaysian hair once and for all. Let’s jump right in.

  • Malaysian hair is wavy which makes it easier to blend with hair textures that are coarse or medium. This is a very good quality because the large number of women lie on the medium side of hair textures.
  • Malaysian hair works very well for Afro-Caribbean women because of its beautiful bouncy wavy pattern.
  • Malaysian hair has a striking shine with a very luxurious luster. This is the reason why it appeals to a huge number of women. The shine wears off after a few washes leaving the hair with a much more natural shine.
  • Malaysian hair has a very beautiful wave pattern when it gets wet.
  • Unlike Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair is very soft and silky.
  • The curl pattern in Malaysian hair does not stay so long due to the nature of the hair. It is very soft.
  • Malaysian hair comes in not so many colors. The options that are available are dark colors which are light brown, black, dark brown and other dark colors.
  • The hair also blends perfectly with African American relaxed hair.

These characteristics will come in very handy in comparing Malaysian virgin hair with any other types of hair especially Brazilian

It is good to note that Malaysian genuine hair is very rare and therefore quite costly which only means that you should be careful when purchasing any hair labeled Malaysian.

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Brazilian Hair

It is given that you must have heard about Brazilian Hair in the past but that does not mean that is all there is about Brazilian. Here you will learn all there is about Brazilian hair and decide between Brazilian hair VS Malaysian hair which is better.

What is Brazilian Hair?

Brazilian virgin hair extension is thick, soft and has a natural wavy pattern. This hair is less dense and less thick compared to Malaysian hair.

Brazilian hair is sourced from donors in South America. The hair sourced does not go through any ritual religious or otherwise.

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This hair is very popular which makes it an obvious choice for many people but what is it exactly about Brazilian hair extensions that make it so good? Here is the answer:

Characteristics of Brazilian Hair

When faced with two options Brazilian hair being among them, someone is more likely to choose Brazilian hair without any logical explanation. It is like Brazilian hair just draws in people. The question one should ask is what makes one hair better than the other.

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These characteristics of Brazilian virgin hair extensions will help you make an informed choice of Brazilian VS Malaysian hair.

  • Brazilian hair is soft and silky which makes it possible to blend with different types of ha textures.
  • Brazilian hair comes in different types of colors especially natural colors that blend with many hair colors.
  • Soft, smooth and wavy are all words to describe Brazilian Virgin hair. This means that the hair is able to hold curls longer and better.
  • This hair extension has also been said to be very strong and resistant. The hair has the ability to withstand sun rays however hot they are which is not seen with other types of extensions. Sun rays are known to spoil hair extension cuticles.
  • Brazilian hair can lasts for a long time with proper care and use of minimal chemicals. The hair does not require any special attention just a simple regimen for maintenance and your hair will last you over a year or more.

The fact that you have known all this about Brazilian hair extensions will help you with making your choice the next time you are in the look for hair and you are torn between Brazilian hair VS Malaysian hair.

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The choice of whether Malaysian hair is good or Brazilian hair is better is very irrelevant because both of this hair extensions have their unique characteristics that make them different therefore the choice will be made on what you want to achieve.

Both Brazilian and Malaysian hair extensions are perfect, you just need to figure out which one will work best for you.

With Malaysian hair being so rare, you have to ensure every time you make the purchase online you are buying from a reputable and trustworthy dealer to avoid being conned by unscrupulous business persons.

Malaysian and Brazilian virgin hair have their extensions in straight, curly and wavy. This means that whichever way you decide to go, you will get exactly what you are looking for from both types of hair extensions.

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