All You Need To Know About Brazilian Hair Wigs

brazilian hair wigs

Wigs are said to be the perfect solution to everyday hair care problems. From not having to damage your natural hair with heat or dye just because you want to switch up your style for a party at night and back again for work in the day, to having the chance to look different and try on different outfits including a total hair change, hair wigs can be termed as saviors of style, along with being the healthy choice.

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Brazilian Hair Wigs

You need to have the assurance that the whimsical alterations you want to try out in your hairstyle will not eventually lead you to going bald or developing a scalp disease, as is common with using hair dyes and bleaches to get a balayage or lowlights.

Gone are those days when you would have to worry about those, because there are hair wigs available in any kind of style you could want, ones that are completely natural, made from human hair that is donated by real people. The quality is of the finest kind, and even if you get one style of wig, you can straighten it or curl it or perm it as you want to without the worry of harming your head and real hair.

We’ll talk all about Brazilian hair wigs in this article, the wigs that have taken the world by storm because of how good they are.

How Come Brazilian Hair Wigs Are The Most Popular?

The popularity of Brazilian hair wigs can be accredited to the fact that they go beyond providing satisfaction for when it comes to quality. The Brazilian hair wigs can be felt so smoothly and you can sense the silkiness to touch. They don’t get dry over long periods of time, which means silky, smooth and luscious hair can be worn by the wig owner for a long time. Moreover, Brazilian hair wigs have also been found to have more of a shine, a shine that is clearly visible as you wear it. Another factor that adds to the wigs’ popularity is that they tend to be more long-lasting than alternatives. Provided you employ the proper care an instructions for your Brazilian hair wig, it will last you a longer time than Indian or Malaysian or other hair wigs.

What Do You Get With A Brazilian Hair Wig?

The plus points of getting a lace front wig of Brazilian hair can be listed in an endless list. First, we’d like to talk about the full look it gives your hair along with your head, making a beautiful woman even more beautiful, if not much more. It falls perfectly and naturally, giving your hair that extra edge, while also looking completely real. It pulls of the 100% real look by the use of having strands of hair attached to the wig cap, so it looks like they are emerging from the scalp. Further, they are also dyed to be the same color as the wearer’s skin tone, which makes it impossible to detect that it is not your real hair. Another huge advantage of the lace front wigs is that it is so lightweight, you wouldn’t believe it. Better yet, you wouldn’t even feel it. In essence, they are highly comfortable to wear, so not only does it look natural, it also feels natural, like it’s part of your hair. Plus, you can style it and part it in any which way you prefer because of the material of the lace that makes up the lace front wig.

Frontal Lace Brazilian Hair Wigs: 13×4

One of the most popularly worn lace front Brazilian hair wigs size is 13×4. Many call it, the perfect fit and size. With a 13×4 lace front wig, you get 13 inches of hair across your head, with 4 inches of length of it going towards the back. This length is believed to be just the right length for a lady to achieve a fuller and more beautiful head of hair.

13x4 Brazilian Hair Lace Frontal Wigs On Sale

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13x4 Lace Brazilian Hair Wigs

Lace Front Brazilian Hair Wigs: 360 Edition

The 360 lace front Brazilian hair wig, as you can probably guess from its name, is one whose lace goes full circle around the head. This type of lace front Brazilian hair wig is best for those who have experienced a lot of hair loss due to any reason, or anyone who has really thin hair and wants to have extra full coverage of the hair.

360 Lace Frontal Brazilian Hair Wigs Sale

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360 Lace Brazilian Hair Wigs

Full Lace Edition Of Brazilian Hair Wigs

Coming to the Brazilian full lace wigs, these are not limited to just frontal lace, but extend throughout the whole area of the head, much like a normal wig. Of course, it being a Brazilian human hair wig differentiates it from the rest though, as it is of the highest quality.

Full Lace Frontal Brazilian Hair Wigs Sale

Do You Want To Buy All Kinds Of Full Lace Brazilian Hair Wigs?

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Full Lace Brazilian Hair Wigs

What Does A Brazilian Hair Wig Cost?

A full lace Brazilian human hair wig should cost you around 200$ for 8 – 10 inches. As your desired length for the wig increases, so will the price. A Brazilian human hair wig might be more expensive than others, but its high-end quality makes a purchase really worth it.

Brazilian Hair Wigs – FAQS

Some frequently asked questions about Brazilian hair wigs are as follows:

Is Dyeing My Brazilian Hair Wig An Option?

Short answer is yes. You can indeed easily dye your Brazilian hair wig with the use of any high quality dye that is used for the purpose of dyeing real hair. This is the best part about having human hair wigs over synthetic ones, as they can be given any color in any form of highlights, lowlights, streaks or a balisage if you want that.

How Do I Wash My Brazilian Hair Wig?

Fill a container or sink with water and add high quality shampoo to it. After flipping your wig inside out, gently immerse in the shampooed water and gently rinse it from bottom to top.

Is Straightening My Brazilian Hair Wig An Option?

Yes, you can use any heat styling treatment on it.

How Much Time Will My Brazilian Hair Wig Last Me?

Typically, Brazilian hair wigs can last from anywhere between 1 and 3 years. That’s right, these trusty wigs will be able to stick around for longer than other types of wigs, and keep you company for up to 3 years, provided you follow all the instructions of care that come with it. This is one of the main reasons the investment in the Brazilian hair wigs will make you feel that it was worth it.

KN Affordable Brazilian Hair Wigs By KN Hair

KN Hair is a brand that on top of providing fine quality Brazilian human hair wigs, they also have extremely affordable prices for their purchase, that are unbelievable and unmatched. If you are on the search for a Brazilian human hair wig, your best chance of getting one that is affordable as well as durable is from KN hair.

How To Employ The Proper Care And Maintenance Of Your Brazilian Hair Wig

Some tips to keep in mind for the perfect maintenance of your Brazilian hair wig are:

  • To make your wig stay fresh, hydrated and maintain its shine and silkiness, you can make use of a silicon serum or spray. Remember to only apply a pea-sized amount each time you do. Too much can result in disastrous effects.
  • Being the owner of a Brazilian hair wig means you will need to brush it twice, every day. Start from the ends of your hair, taking out the tangles, working your way up to the roots. Remember to be very gentle and careful through this process as tugging hard can be bad for it.
  • Washing your Brazilian hair wig should be done once a week at the very least. You can also gauge when it needs a wash according to your own idea, if you feel it gets dirty faster or accumulates grease.
  • Sleeping in your Brazilian hair wig when it is wet is a big no-no, so avoid it at all costs.
  • For the best maintenance, you can deep condition your Brazilian hair wig frequently, to keep the shine from going out for as long as possible. This is a must if you are prone to regularly using heat styling on your wig.
  • When not in use, store on a mannequin to maintain its shape and flexibility.
  • Lastly, think of it as real hair and use hair oils, serums, and other products on the Brazilian hair wig to keep it healthy.

How Brazilian Hair Wig Application – How To

The application of a Brazilian hair wig is quite simple, but you should take extra care and lots of time to do it so that there is no chance of messing up. Use a wig cap and place it on the top of your head which will work in flattening the hair below. Use the tightening straps to adjust your Brazilian hair wig to match the shape and size of your scalp. After using an adhesive or tape, you can pull it on and you’re done. A helpful pointer to employ is to put your hair upside down in a hanging position, and then start from the back of the head, going towards the front.

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