Brazilian Remy Hair VS Indian Remy Hair, What are the Differences?

Indian Remy Hair

Every woman wants to look gorgeous and perfectly styled hair makes it possible. But, some born with unmanageable dreadlocks that are difficult to comb and style as well. However, hair weave with front lace closure is great option for them.

With beautiful hair weave, you can transform your look within seconds and can get party-ready look in minutes. 100% natural human hair weave are the new beauty trend, and every Afro-American woman wants to channel her inner “Beyonce” in these stylish closures and weave-on.

When it comes to add-on hair weave, the choices are as endless as there are types and textures of natural hair in the world. Before you make a choice about a type of hair weave it’s important to get a little educated about Brazilian Remy Hair and Indian Remy Hair.

Here is the complete information about Brazilian and Indian Remy hair that help you in the selection of weave. Have a look!

What is Remy Hair?

The term “Remy” refers to the hair quality and the method which is used to manufacture and assemble the hair weave. Cuticles of all hair are in the same direction in Remy hair, which means that hair follicles go in the same direction from root to tip.

Root to tip Remy hair

It guarantees minimal tangling and matting as compare to non-Remy or low-quality products hair wigs or weaves. Moreover, Remy human hair comes from a single donor, which ensures consistency throughout the length. This allows the hair to last longer.

Since all the hair strands are in the same direction, wearing Remy hair weave ensures the natural look, feel, and beautiful texture of the hair. Note that all Remy hair is Virgin hair, not all Virgin hair is Remy hair.

Now, Remy hair is further of many types two of which are Brazilian Remy hair and Indian Remy hair.

What Is Brazilian Remy Human Hair?

Beautiful Brazilian Remy Hair

Brazilian Remy human hair is 100% Brazilian human hair. Their silky, smooth and shiny touch makes you look beautiful all day. Brazilian hair is a better choice when facing humid weather as they cause less frizzy.

The Brazilian hair is durable, thick, and blends well with many hair textures including kinky curly, deep curly, natural wave and loose curls. Because of its light texture, this hair is very flexible and easy to style.

Being high in density, you need fewer bundles to cover a full head. It also holds curls much longer compared to other hairs. If you care for Brazilian hair weave properly, your Brazilian hair can last quite a long time. Brazilian hair can hold curl very well.

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What Is Indian Remy Hair?

Remy Indian hair is dark in color, and its thickness varies from fine to medium. Remy Indian hair weave is made up of 100% natural Indian hair. In its natural form, it is available in textures including wavy to deep curly textures. However, you can easily get a sleek straight look with it. You have various texture options available with this hair type.

If you are looking for more natural texture with beautiful bounce, Remy Indian hair is for you. You can color this hair type in any way you want.

Hair texture available for Brazilian Remy hair

Brazilian Deep curly Remy hair

Deep Weave Remy weaves hair come with tight classic voluptuous waves. If you want full beautiful and healthy look with lots of sheens, then it is for you.

Brazilian Kinky straight Remy hair weave

Kinky straight Remy hairs weave, also known as a blow out straight weave. Kinky straight gives people a feeling of more hair and thicker.

Brazilian Kinky curly Remy hair

When wear kinky curly Remy hair weave, the close-knit curls look beautiful and naturally voluminous. These shiny and easy to maintain are perfect for full richer look.

Brazilian Deep wave Remy hair

The defined waves of this Remy hair texture gives a natural look and allow you to create a fabulous hairstyle or brush through for original afro-inspired style.

Hair texture available or Indian Remy Hair

Indian Straight Remy hair

Shiny straight Remy hairs are best for every day look and special parties. You can style your hair in way you want.

Indian Kinky straight Remy hair

Remy Kinky straight hairs weave, also known as a blow out straight weave. Kinky straight gives people a feeling of more hair and thicker.

Indian Loose wave Remy hair

If you are looking for the best way to achieve an effortless sleek style, then Loose Wave curls are for you. The iconic S pattern of this hair texture looks amazing.

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How to Care For Brazilian Remy Hair Weave and Indian Remy Hair Weave

Wash and Condition Remy Hair Weave Weekly

Use lukewarm water and a mild shampoo to wash your hair weave once a week. Do not rub the corners of a sewn-in weave to save it from getting loose.

After washing, use a conditioner on damp hair. This will keep the shine and moisture in the hair. After conditioning, use the ‘medium’ heat to dry your hair weave.

Brush Your Hair Bundles with Closure Properly

Use soft bristle brush to comb hair and don’t put too much pressure on it. Handle the weave with light hands and detangle carefully.

Place Hair Weave with Care after Use

In addition to shampoo and brush, hang your hair weave in a proper way in your closet. This will keep your hair managed, detangled and free from dust.

Conclusion: As of now, you know about the difference between Brazilian and Indian hair weave choose the one according to your style and requirement. Both are capable of transforming your look in a better way.

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