Brazilian Remy Human Hair: How Is It Better?

What is Brazilian Remy Human Hair Extension

Brazilian Remy human hair extension is often known to have come from Brazil’s rural areas, this Remy hair is smooth, thick, and also comes as wavy. It’s also called virgin hair because it contains no chemicals, it is unprocessed, human hair. Since it doesn’t go through any sort of processing, the human hair isn’t dyed, colored, bleached, permed, etc. Brazilian Remy human hair is available in various different shades, lengths, and textures, and have a much better quality as they are silkier and sleeker.

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Because the Brazilian Remy human hair comes from several diversified donors, so they have options of many textured styles hair. The main perk of purchasing Remy human hair extension is that even during styling, it doesn’t get tangled like the other hair extensions. This is only because they are not chemically processed.

The Brazilian Remy Human Hair textured styles available are:

  1. Naturally thick, wavy hair.
  2. Naturally bouncy, curly hair.
  3. Naturally silky, straight hair.

Brazilian Remy human hair is often dyed, bleached whereas, the hair donor of virgin hair is completely free of chemicals. Remy hair needs rearrangement, unlike virgin hair, which comes as it is. Remy hair can be styled with heat tools, and they will remain looking shinier, and smooth. The Remy hair extensions are extremely durable and can be used for months without any tangle because there is less friction between the hair strands. Their quality and shape is what makes Remy Human Hair extensions so popular among buyers.

Characteristic of Brazilian Remy Human Hair

Brazilian Human Hair

Since Brazilian Remy human hair is chemically unprocessed, so due to their high quality, they are durable. They can last with proper care for up to 6 months, and the cuticles are intact in one similar direction. Even though Remy hair is often intermixable with virgin hair, but both are slightly different. As donors of Remy Hair tend to dye, bleach their hair whereas, the hair donor of virgin hair is chemically unprocessed.

  • Remy hair is known as having the best quality of human hair.
  • The cuticles are aligned in one same direction, giving off a natural look.
  • The hair doesn’t tangle like other hair extensions.
  • The donors are diverse because of mix races in Brazil: European, African, Native American, etc.

How is Brazilian Remy Hair different from Non-Remy Hair?

  • Remy hair is used interchangeably with virgin hair as they are both made of pure human hair, and are not chemically processed.
  • The cuticle of Remy hair is aligned, and it runs in the same direction. Whereas the cuticle in Non-Remy hair is intact, but they run in the opposite direction.
  • Remy hair runs in the same direction, so the hair doesn’t tangle and remains smooth. Non-Remy hair run in the opposite direction, so the hair tangles and appearance of the hair look dry.
  • Remy hair gives off a shinier, smoother texture. Whereas, the texture of Non-Remy hair appears dry, because it undergoes so many chemical processing.

Queries regarding Brazilian Remy Human Hair

Is Brazilian Remy Human Weave Hair Bleachable?

Brazilian Remy Human Weave Hair is bleachable. Even if they come as chemically unprocessed, they can still be straightened, curled, permed, bleached, dyed, as according to your own wishes. Remy Hair after bleaching does not lose its shiny, smooth texture. The color that appears in the Remy Human Weave Hair is completely natural, but mostly, it is important to note that most, if not all, hair extensions are chemically treated in some way. Since Remy hair is collected from various donors, so they may undergo processing that is how virgin hair and Remy Hair set apart from each other.

Are Remy Human Hair Extensions Durable?

Remy Human hair extension is known to last up to 6 months at best if managed with proper care. Once the cuticles are clipped, you have to treat the extensions as if it’s your own natural hair. Because Remy Human Hair extensions are of better quality than the Non-Remy hair extensions, so they tend to last longer and are easily manageable. The hair doesn’t tangle after styling.

What is the famous Brazilian Remy Human Hair Textured Style?

Brazilian Remy Hair

The most popular Brazilian Remy human hair textured style is the naturally wavy look. The hair extensions come in different styles, such as naturally wavy hair, naturally curly hair, or silky straight hair. Naturally, wavy hair gives off the appearance of a natural hair look, instead of looking like you are wearing extensions underneath.

Is Brazilian Virgin Human Hair better than Brazilian Remy hair?

  • Virgin Human Hair takes its name from the fact that the human hair is pure, it hasn’t been chemically processed. Brazilian virgin human hair is also connected from one single donor.
  • Remy Hair is used interchangeably with Virgin hair, but both are not similar. Remy hair is collected from several donors, and are sometimes chemically processed.
  • The one thing common in both of them is that they are made 100% human hair.
  • Remy’s hair requires arrangement whereas, Virgin hair can be used as it comes.
  • Brazilian Virgin human hair is slightly more expensive than Remy’s hair. But it lasts longer, and throughout the months, the hair remains smooth and shiny.
  • Brazilian Remy human hair is slightly less expensive than Virgin Human Hair. But that doesn’t mean that their quality reduces, they are still pure human hair, and are easily affordable to purchase. They last up to 6 months.
  • Another similar thing about both Brazilian Virgin and Brazilian Remy human hair is that the cuticle is intact, and the hair flows in the same direction and causes no tangles.

Managing Brazilian Remy Human Hair for Durability

In order to make use of the Brazilian Remy human hair to last longer, these are some things you need to do to manage your extensions.

  • Using an organic shampoo, to provide nourishment to the scalp.
  • Prefer drying your hair naturally, instead of using heat tools.
  • Using natural oils instead of conditioners.
  • Avoid cutting the wefts, and using bristle brushes, as that will cause hair fall.
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