Different Types Of Curly Weave Hair: Select The Best That Suits You!

It is the season of curls!

There are girls who love silky, smooth and pin-straight hair, and then there are girls who crave spiraled strands.

Well, no need to spend another minute coveting the hair of your choice as you can have it all. Yes, if you are a straight-haired girl and dream of flaunting those romantic, voluminous and utterly gorgeous curly locks then curly weave hair is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Loose ringlets will help you achieve the pinnacle of sensuality while kinks and weaves will effortlessly add some bounce in your step and render personality to your hair.

Confused about the type of curly weave you should opt for?

Knowing the different types of curly weave hair can help you select the style that suits you the best.

Read on to know whether you should opt for deep wave or go with kinky curly.

Different Types of Curly Weave:

Body Wave

If you are looking for a surefire way to achieve an effortless sleek and sultry style, then Body Wave curls are your answer. The body wave hair feature locks resembling an iconic S pattern that fall perfectly to render a fabulous look. Body wave hair are easy maintenance since they do not tangle easy.

Deep Wave

Deep wave weave hair features tight and classic attractive waves. Hair texture consists of smooth waves but deeper than body wave and that gives tighter curls. With plenty of sheen, deep wave gives a healthy luxurious look. Proper maintenance is important.

Deep Curly

Having naturally curly hair, but lacking thickness and length than deep curl weaves will be your choice. Deep Curly add a lot of volume to your hair, tighter than a deep wave and give a natural look.

Kinky Straight

With tight and tiny curls, curly weave gives a very thick look. Curly weaves are fluffy and hence provide a perfect way of styling up naturally.

Kinky curly

When it comes to keeping it natural, kinky curly hair reign supreme. This weave hair is ideal to add extra volume, lots of fluff and personality to your hair so that you stand out.

Hair Types for curly Weaves

While selecting the curly weave type you must pay heed towards the hair type. Weaves come in numerous hair types, which we have enlisted below:

Brazilian Curly Hair

With Brazilian hair, weaves gain the ability to keep tight curls in good form. The weaves are full of soft curls. Your style may be straight, wavy or curly, Brazilian hair goes with all. If maintained properly it can be installed multiple times, and coloring can also be done on your hair weave.

Indian Curly Hair

Indian hair is known for its light-weight and airy qualities. These are tangle free with lots of bounce and are very easy to style. Indian hair weaves blend well with all types of hair textures. If you wish for a natural wave style, then this hair is for you.

Peruvian Curly hair

Peruvian hair is light-weight but is thicker and coarser in texture. Due to their thickness, soft and luxurious nature, fewer bands are required for giving full look. Peruvian hair holds curls easily and is also easy to color.

Malaysian Curly hair

Malaysian hair is very shiny and is soft and silky as compared to other hair. They also hold curls very well.

Maintenance Tips for Curly Weave Hair

For maintaining the hair in good condition, curly weaves need proper care. Here are some effective tips you might want to take note of.


Prior to shampoo, ensure that your hair is tangle free. Always detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb or detangling brush. Never comb your dry curly weaves. The more care you give to your weaves, the longer they will last.


Shampoo your curly weaves at least once a week. Apply shampoo carefully on wet hair, without rubbing the hair together. Comb to remove any tangles and wash them in a downward direction. Moisturize the hair with conditioner.


Keep your weaves tangle free and comb them gently, avoiding excess tension. Support your weaves while brushing and style them in a bun or let them loose.

Making the Choice For Curly Hair Weave:

Looking for a natural and healthy weave? The Virgin Remy Hair weave is the most highly recommended type of weave for gorgeous and voluminous hair. Virgin hair is human hair that is not bleached or colored. It comes straight from the hair donor, and all its cuticles are undamaged and they lie in the same direction.

These are best among a number of choices in the market:

Quality curly hair weaves

Unlike other non-remy curly hair weaves, Remy curly weaves are of superior quality since they keep their cuticles intact. A hair cuticle protects the structure of the hair, which is why Remy’s curly hair weaves retain their glossy texture. Switch to this weave if you are already disappointed with other weaves that lose their shine after a certain period.


Not all hair weaves are flexible and allow you to experiment with different hairstyles. However, with virgin Remy hair weave you can easily try out new hairstyles everyday. Try with different types of curly weave hair for your special occasions.

Virgin hair consists of thick, healthy hair strands that don’t break easily. Flexible strands keep the hair volume constant so you don’t have to worry about hair loss. You can even color your hair; your virgin hair will happily meet your needs.

Longer Lifespan

Virgin Remy hair is constructed carefully by skilled hands that make them last longer than any other synthetic hair. Going for Virgin Remy hair weave is quite a good long time investment.

Beautiful curly weave styles in 2019:

curly bob with weave

ombre curly weave

About curly weave styles video:

Final Words

You can manage your hair with different styles, and weaves are a great way of putting some bounce to your hair and personality. Curly hair weaves gives you a fresh, bold, natural and classy look. Weaves from human hair are more versatile than synthetic ones and are also easy to take care.

During summers or super warm weathers women generally, go for easily manageable hairstyles. Nobody wants to style hair that ends up falling flat or frizzing up because of warm temperatures. Curly hair weaves helps you with self-styled styles.

As hair play a vital role in enhancing the beauty, so why not try adding flair to your hair with the different types of curly weave hair.

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