Something You Need To Know About Drawstring Ponytail

Drawstring Ponytail

Hello girls! We know that you love to flaunt with your bouncy hair. After all, why should you not do that!

As technology is coming up with rapid innovations and upgrades, there are different hair products especially invented for hair. For instance, the trend of wearing wigs is still alive.

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Drawstring Ponytail

Those who experience hair loss can cover this issue by wearing different styles of wigs. The most amazing thing is that these wigs or similar hair treatment systems look like natural hair.

Some of them are even made by human hair that is pretty challenging to detect the difference.

Similarly, Drawstring Ponytails are also pretty trending in natural hair. That is why we will discuss everything about Drawstring Ponytails in detail.

So let’s begin!

Do You Know About Drawstring Ponytail?

Drawstring ponytail is the new trend in natural hair that most of you might be using it too. But for the newbies, do you know what actually drawstring ponytail is?

Well, drawstring ponytails are used to add volume and length to medium and short hair. The hair type is usually either coil, curls, or kinks.

Drawstring ponytail is mainly designed for females who want an instant solution for styling their hair.

Surprisingly, they come in different sizes and styles. You can wear them like a ponytail, make a braid, or even tie them in a low bun.

It is even said by the frequent drawstring ponytail experts and frequent users that it is a smart way to pull off your beautiful curls to a new level. This is actually for those who are not ready to spend hours styling their hair.

The best part is that drawstring ponytail clipped in your hair makes them look more natural. It is almost impossible to detect the difference.

Is Choosing Drawstring Ponytail a Right Decision?

We are sure that you must be wondering whether it is the right decision to choose a drawstring ponytail. Understandably, experimenting something new with your hair is pretty risky. But when it’s about drawstring ponytail, then you should forget all your worries!

This is because these are made from natural hair that can be conveniently clipped in your hair and does not look fake at all. So you do not have to worry about people pointing out that you are wearing fake hair.

If you have curly, kinky hair, we understand it is not easy to style them. Drawstring ponytails are manufactured to save your day. Once you have clipped the ponytail, you can style is instantly and conveniently in anything you want.

The best thing about drawstring ponytails is that they provide more volume and length to your natural hair. You can imagine that what a perfect and accurate decision it will always be while choosing a drawstring ponytail.

Difference Between Human Hair Drawstring Ponytail and Synthetic Drawstring Ponytail:

Now there are two types of drawstring ponytails. One is made from human hair i.e. the Human Hair Drawstring Ponytail and the other is Synthetic Drawstring Ponytail. Don’t get confused because knowing about them is pretty simple.

Let’s discuss one by one.

Human Hair Drawstring Ponytail:

  • Human hair drawstring ponytails are made from natural hair, so they give a more realistic look when worn. The difference is not at all detectable.
  • The human hair drawstring ponytail is a bit costly. Even the maintenance costs are high.
  • They need to be washed gently and more carefully. As the hairpieces are of human hair, therefore they should be cared for like them as well.
  • They give a softer and shinier look. The best part is that they are highly durable and can last for about 3 years or more.
  • One drawback is that human hair drawstring ponytails need to be styled after every wash.

Synthetic Drawstring Ponytail:

  • Apparently, synthetic drawstring ponytails are not made from human hair so their handling is done differently. But they do feel like real due to the quality and texture of synthetic hair.
  • It is hard to detect the difference between the human hair and synthetic hair ones until and unless you keep then side by side for comparison.
  • It is bouncier and can be worn in every type of weather. You can pull them off greatly.
  • Sadly, synthetic drawstring ponytails cannot be styled differently as human hair ones can.
  • You can only use synthetic heat friendly drawstring ponytails to style them in different curls.
  • They are less durable, as they can only last for a maximum of 6 months. This also depends on the level of care you have provided to your drawstring ponytail.
  • Therefore, it is recommended by the experts to strictly following the instructions for the maintenance.

After going through the differences, it is clear that one needs to choose the type of drawstring ponytail that is suitable for them to carry and maintain as well. This is because both types have their own pros and cons that should be highly considered.

Characteristics of Different Textures of Drawstring Ponytails:

As there are different types of drawstring ponytails, there are even different textures of them. So let’s discuss some characteristics of the different textures of drawstring ponytails.

Body Wave Drawstring Ponytail:

Body Wave Drawstring Ponytail

We are sure you must be familiar with the body wave hairstyle. Amazingly drawstring ponytails are styled in body waves as well.

They give a sultrier and sleek style to the ponytail. The S patterns created are quite iconic and that bounce perfectly when attached in the form of drawstring ponytail. It is pretty easy to maintain and carry them without fearing that they might get tangled.

Deep Wave Drawstring Ponytail:

Deep Wave Drawstring Ponytail

So if you want to carry the style of classics then deep wave drawstring ponytails are the best choice. The curls of the ponytail are smooth textures but they are deeper than that of body waves.

It always gives a rich, shiny, and glamorous look to the ponytail. The tight curls give a more luxurious look. But this texture of drawstring ponytail requires proper maintenance.

Deep Curly Drawstring Ponytail:

Deep Curly Drawstring Ponytail

If you want to give more volume to your ponytail then deep curly drawstring ponytails are just perfect. The curls are delicately coiled that gives a unique look.

The drawstring ponytail looks simply gorgeous when they bounce and add more volume. The curls are tighter than the deep wave.

Kinky Curly Drawstring Ponytail:

Kinky Curly Drawstring Ponytail

A kinky curly drawstring ponytail is what women are going crazy about. The drawstring ponytail is fluffy and gives a thick look to the ponytail. The very fine curls stand out well when clipped in a ponytail.

Straight Drawstring Ponytail:

Straight Drawstring Ponytail

A straight hair drawstring ponytail is shinier, sleek, and smooth textured. It allows you to bounce your ponytail and carry it beautifully.

It is easy to carry and maintain. There are fewer chances for the hair to get tangled. A gentle stroke of hairbrush is required to detangle the strands if any.

Steps to Wear a Drawstring Ponytail:

After knowing the details about the drawstring ponytails, we are sure you must be excited to know how to wear it. Amazingly, the process of wearing it is pretty simple!

They only consist of 3 main things; a stretch cap, a comb at the bottom and the top, and a drawstring attached either at the side or at the bottom. Just follow the steps and clip your drawstring ponytail firmly!

1. Tie Your Hair into a Bun:

Before beginning, make sure you tie your natural hair into a bun. Keep the rule in mind; the higher it is one the head, the more hair will be covered to give a natural look.

2. Grab Your Drawstring Ponytail and Start Clipping:

After tying a bun make finally grab your ponytail. Start clipping by sliding the top clip into the hair.

3. Clip from the Bottom:

Stretch the cap down after clipping the top clip. Find the bottom clip while stretching the cap. Slide the bottom clip underneath the bun.

4. Pull the Drawstring for Firmness:

While holding the ponytail from the bottom, search for the drawstring. Once it is in your hands, just pull it tightly to fix the ponytail firmly.

5. Tuck the Excess String in the Cap:

Take the excess string and wind it around the fingers to tuck it underneath the cap. You are all ready to flaunt with your bouncy ponytail!

Tips to Make Your Drawstring Ponytail Look Real and Natural:

Drawstring ponytails are lifesavers for those women who are frequently traveling or mostly on the go. It is an instant solution for styling their hair, as they do not have to spend hours just fixing their hair.

So to make your drawstring ponytail look natural and real make sure you follow these tips.

• Find Your Perfect Texture Drawstring Ponytail:

The first thing to keep in mind is that there are chances that your hair texture is different from the rest. This is because every hair is different.

So there are chances that you might face challenges in finding a perfect and right texture. But you would definitely want to go in the extra mile to make it look natural and real.

One amazing benefit is that it will be really hard for anyone to detect from where your drawstring ponytail begins. This is because the demarcation lines are eliminated!

• Moisturizing Properly:

To blend the ponytail extensions and your natural hair well, moisturizing then and detangling then properly is the main thing.

Once both the hair is deeply hydrated you get a better idea of how do they actually blend in together. You can also have a more sleek, shiny, and bouncy ponytail.

• Bun Should be Firmly Secured:

For a seamless look, it is needed that the demarcation lines are emphasized. That is why it is necessary to tie your hair into a bun and make sure to secure it firmly for a natural look.

• Wrap it Naturally:

In the end, you can always take a section or a strand of the ponytail. Just wrap it to cover the drawstring and use bobby pins to fix the strands.

Steps to Make Human Hair Drawstring Ponytail:

As discussed above human drawstring ponytails are also made from human hair weave. To clarify more, we will discuss a few steps on how to make human hair drawstring ponytail.

1. Start by Straightening Your Natural Hair:

If you have curly hair and you want to use a straight hair drawstring ponytail then make sure you properly iron your natural hair. After straightening them comb them into a ponytail. Make sure you properly detangle your hair.

2. Apply Your Favorite Hair Edge Control Balm:

Now that you have flattened your hair from the top grab your favorite brand hair edge control. Apply it on the frontline hair, where you have baby hair coming out.

Use a tight brush to slick it all over your hair. You may also you’re a thin toothed comb to perfectly stick the baby hair.

3. Tie Your Hair into a Ponytail:

You can now finally tie your hair into a ponytail. Use a thing rubber band for this. Now ties your ponytail into a bun. Wrap another rubber band around the bun for firmness.

4. Grab Your Human Hair Drawstring Ponytails:

You’d probably require 2 bundles of the ponytail human hair weave for more volume. Use bobby pins to stuck the ponytail and wrap it around your bun.

You might be still seeing the bun, so now use the other bundle to hide it. So you grab one more rubber band an tie it around your bun and your ponytail.

5. Wrap Perfectly:

Attach the second bundle around your hair and wrap it around the outer part perfectly. You can now take a small strand of hair from the back of the ponytail and wrap it around.

Use a hairspray while wrapping it. Take a bobby pin to fix the end of the strand into the ponytail.

To decorate it you may also wrap colorful strings in your ponytail. This surely makes your hair look cute!

6. Give Final Touches:

Now it’s the time to give some final touches to your ponytail. If it is a straight hair one then make sure to use a straighter in the end. You are all ready to flaunt with your sleek hairstyle.

Maintaining Drawstring Ponytails:

Maintaining Drawstring Ponytails

As drawstring ponytails are pretty delicate, that is why recommendations for its care should strictly be followed.

You need to make sure that you give then a gentle wash, and always condition then while washing. They should be washed only once a week.

Never rub them or twist them. Always detangle gently before washing them. Always use lukewarm or cold water to give it a wash.

Always air dry them, do not expose them directly under the sun. You can always use a towel to dry the excess water. And never brush the hair when they are wet.

It is always fun wearing drawstring ponytails to give a different style to our hair. But you should always make sure to be gentle with them. So if you want to get yours, make sure to visit now!

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