A Guide to Hair Grades

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Are you still wondering what is hair grading all about? Do you still face difficulty in buying hair extensions as per your requirement? This guide will assist you to easily determine which of the hair extensions is high in quality as well as the one with low quality.

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What Is Meant by Hair Grades?

Hair extensions are assigned different grades according to the quality and the hair type they have. Here you can take into consideration a lot of things including virgin hair, ones including artificial hair, pure human hair and Remy hair. The hair grading system tells about the quality of the hair. The quality of a hair extension then sets its price.

Kinds of Hair Grades:

When you are looking for hair grades, you can find eight different classifications among them. The different kinds of hair grades are listed below:

  • AAA
  • AAAA

Properties of Different Kinds of Hair Grades:

Each hair extension has a unique property or characteristic which makes it different from the other one. Also, hair extensions come from various donors and each hair grade has prices which differ from each other. These hair grades started appearing in the market gradually, with the passing years.

The 3A hair grade was launched around 2010. Then, 4A hair was introduced in 2012. Similarly, 5A hair appeared in 2013 and 6A was launched a year later.

7A, 8A and 9A; each of them was introduced year after year until 10A was launched in 2019. The properties are different for the hair extensions of each hair grade.

They are listed below:

Properties of 3A Hair Grade:

  • Low in quality
  • Frail
  • Very thin, especially at ends
  • Treated with chemicals
  • Smell awfully
  • Non-Remy hair
  • Cheap price
  • Can be blended
  • Can be entangled
  • Synthetically coloured
  • Artificial hair used

Properties of 4A and 5A Hair Grade:

  • Low in quality
  • Purely human hair
  • Non-Remy
  • Stays in good condition
  • Greater than 12” in length can cause entangling
  • Do not detangle when hair is still moist

Properties of 6A Hair Grade:

  • Non-Remy hair
  • Not too thick or thin
  • Shows best results for straight hair
  • Is highly affordable
  • Can be easily coloured
  • Can be effortlessly shaped
  • Can be used from eight to ten months
  • Can keep hair follicles unimpaired

Properties of 7A Hair Grade:

  • Remy hair
  • Coarse, luscious hair
  • Having enough strength
  • Do not compromise in quality
  • A bit costly
  • Have not been processed
  • Hair cuticles remain unimpaired
  • Hair is double drawn
  • Can be coloured without getting entangled
  • Can be used till 1.5 years

Properties of 8A and 9A Hair Grade:

  • Pure virgin hair
  • Obtained from one donor
  • Untreated hair
  • Unimpaired cuticles
  • Very costly
  • High Durability
  • Can be used until two years
  • Extremely thick
  • Easy to detangle
  • Can be coloured easily
  • Can be shaped in all possible ways

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Properties of 10A Hair Grade:

  • Tops among all the hair grades
  • Best quality hair
  • Soft, glossy hair
  • Extremely costly
  • Pure virgin hair
  • Not treated with any chemical
  • Single donor hair
  • Very long-lasting
  • Immensely high in strength
  • Would not entangle at all
  • Stays healthy even when dyed
  • Style your hair the way you want
  • Remains the same even after two years
  • Don’t need much care

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Origin of Hair Grading:

The hair grading system had originated in China and now common all over the world. The Chinese factory owners used this system to tell their customers the quality of each type of extension and how different it is from the other. With every passing year, an additional A is included so that a comparison could be made between the recent extensions and the older ones.

Questions You Need to Ask Yourself While Buying A Hair Extension:

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There are a few things you need to consider while buying a hair extension. You do not have to make things complex for you, just answering a few sets of questions can help you choose a hair extension easily.

  • What type of weft are you looking for? (Double stitch weft is a better option)
  • Is the extension composed purely of human hair or artificial hair? (Choose human hair for getting greater durability in terms of colour and style)
  • Does it weigh more than a hundred grams or less than that? (A quality extension weighs about a hundred grams)
  • Is the hair extension Remy or not? (A Non-Remy hair extension is likely to entangle more)
  • Do you want to dye your hair regularly? (Pick up an extension of good quality if you are planning to dye your hair)
  • Does the hair belong to a lone donor or many of them? (A single donor hair is unique and specific but it can be highly expensive as well)
  • Do you like to style your hair? (Buying a hair extension will not cause issues for you as far as this aspect is considered)
  • Are you buying a single drawn hair extension or double hair? (A double drawn hair extension is good in quality and has same hair length and thickness throughout the hair)

Things You Need to Keep in Mind:

The quality of the hair does not depend on grading only, but also on who manufactures it. If you are looking for buying hair extensions of good quality, you need to pay a higher cost for that. So, if you are planning to get an extension with lower cost, you are supposed to compromise on its quality.

How to Care for Different Hair Grades:

You need to care for all kinds of hair grades for keeping them healthy. However, the ones with low or moderate quality require more maintenance than the ones higher in quality. For low-quality hair extensions, you can add oil to them at night and cover them completely. You are not supposed to remove tangles when you still have moist hair after washing. If you use a moderate quality hair extension, you can add conditioner to your hair to remove all the tangles.

Initially, adding an A to the hair grade was an indication that the quality of hair extension was upgraded. However, it is more likely to be a marketing tactic by the companies. The hair grading system has now made it easier for the clients to know and select their desirable hair extension. Hope this guide will help you buy your favourite hair extension.

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