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Hair length is one of the most significant factors you should reflect before purchasing any weave hair extensions. Products with dissimilar length will bring you a totally new appearance.

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Length Rule:

A good rule of thumb is to never wear a weave that is additional than 4 inches longer than your own hair. Though good your weave is, occasionally you get that parting of hair among the tracks and your leave out, this would not be a problematic unless you own hair is 2 inches in length while the weave is 18 inches, it just does not look well.

An exciting example I know but if your hair is about, 7 inches long, you can get one pack at 10 inches and another pack at 12 inches. The idea is to have the longest weave (12 inch in this case) at the bottom to give you the length and the petite weave at the top closer to your leave out hair.

You end up with usual looking layers that you can have a decent stylist refine with a bit of cutting to give a more unified look. As your hair grows, you can then upsurge the lengths of your weaves to match. Some people only just on-going wearing 18inch weaves because their hair are only 14 inches long.

Hair Styles Of Different Hair Length

There are so much styles which depends upon the length of hairs. Here are some styles of hairs according to the length of hair. When it arises to hair extensions, you can follow the same rule of hair length. For example, if your usual wavy hair are 16 inches in distance, you can reflect the wavy hair length chart to purchase the extensions with the correct measurement for your wanted mane.

The Short Length Hair

The hair extensions like weaves, clip-in, keratin hair are from 6 inch hair weave, 8 inch hair weave, 10 inch hair weave and 12 inch hair are measured as short hair extensions. They can give you very short to shoulder extent hairstyles with fantasizing thickness and bulk.

Classical Short Length Hair – Bob Wigs

Classical Short Length Hair Bob Wigs

Bob wigs is a the most common short size hairstyle. Bob hairstyle never goes out of fashion ever since. It was born in the beginning of the 20th century when women decided to wave goodbye to traditional long haircuts and boldly cut their hair to chin-length. Here are some suggestions for this everlasting hairstyle.

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About Straight Bob Wigs Hair Length Chart

Bob Wigs Length Chart

The Middle Lengths

The Middle Lengths Hair

Rendering to hair length chart inches, the hair extensions in 14 inch hair weave, 16 inch hair weave, 18 inch hair weave, 20 inch hair weave and 22 inch hair will provide you medium hairstyles. So, you are finding the hairdos with the distance altering from your shoulder to the middle of your back. The extensions in these measurements can satisfy you.

The Long Length Hair Extensions

The Long Length Hair Extensions

Long and heavy hair is a vision of many females. But it appears too long to delay until your hair reaches the length you want for. Consequently, using the extended extensions is the best and fastest way you can do.

Long hair extensions are 24 inch hair, 26 inch hair, 28 inch hair, 30 inch hair or even 32 inch hair. You must be astonished at the hair length you can become after installation. For example, with weaves in 32-inch hair, you can grow the hair that reaches to your back. Its measurement is approximately roundabout of 80 cm.

Use Of Curly Hair Length Chart

There is a chart of curly hair length.

Curly Hair Length Chart

Following are the tips that help you use the length chart more efficiently.

  1. Please save in mind that hair surface and the starting point of the weft could make hair measurement to differ.
  2. Straight hair will be the reference fact to other hair surface. Wavy hair will be 1.5 inches lesser than traditional hair. Wavy hair will be 3 inches lesser than straight hair.
  3. If you are not in the correct time with heavy conservation, you should keep far from long wavy hair. It would need more care and attention than usual.
  4. In case you do not know which length is appropriate for you, always order long wavy hair extensions. You can trim it to shorter length.

Measure Hair Length

Measure Hair Length

Following are the ways and methods for measuring the length of hairs

With a measuring tape, measured from the front of my forehead, along the top crown and down to the ends. Actually, it is difficult to measure hair correctly.

Measure from hairline over head and to the back with a piece of yarn, then measure the yarn with a measuring tape. Youreally need to go buy a soft measuring tape.

Hold the start of a measuring tape at the front forehead hairline and make ready somebody else draw it over the top of head and then also down the length down the back, in the centre, which is where hair grows the thickest, and longest.

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