Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors

Best Wholesale Virgin Hair Vendors

Ever since virgin hair extensions has become a popular trend, artificial hair industry has vastly developed over the years. The increasing demand of fine quality, high-end hair wigs/extensions have compelled business dealers to buy and sell virgin human hair. But, the most crucial step (before you start this profit-making business) is to find the perfect wholesale hair vendor. When you’re running a hair business, the secret ingredient to making generous profits is your “wholesale hair vendor”.

This article is your ultimate guide to best wholesale hair vendors. Read along to know how to find them (a detailed step-by-step walk through), how costly are those hair vendor lists and if they are worth buying, plus other tips and tricks to consider.

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Who Is A Hair Vendor?

The key factor to your flourishing hair business is the hair vendor you choose. But what is a hair vendor? It is the wholesale supplier (it may be a factory or a single-person dealer) of best quality virgin human hair. Most of the hair vendors are located in China, but Europe, UK, USA, and India have virgin hair wholesalers as well. The hair industry is growing exponentially and several hair vendors have entered the market so finding the right one for your business is an essential task.

How Much Does A Hair Vendor List Cost?

It is a known fact that hair industry is gaining immense popularity and it’s a profit-making business if you plan on starting one. However, it’s quite a struggle when you come to the point of testing hair closures or frontals, wig bundles or extensions.

Different hair vendors that keep on showing unsatisfactory quality of hair can make you stressful. You may start feeling doubtful about your wig company and whether you will ever find a trustworthy supplier. For such desperate times, a new approach has been introduced by market experts, a list of hair vendors that is sold for high prices to facilitate new businesses. There are literally hundreds of hair vendors and finding the most suitable will take ages- demanding to spend your time, money and energy.

A ready-made list, however, has its benefits. You get a prepared, well-researched enlisting of hair suppliers or trading companies that sell best virgin hair in wholesale prices. This list is sold both in fair and expensive value. If you are in a hurry, you can buy the list for $30 to ranging as high as $950; desperate times call for desperate measures. Although you cannot be sure whether the collection of suppliers you have in hand will provide you the best virgin hair in the best price. This is what you need to search on your own, by gaining your clients’ opinions over time.

However, those who have a venture and have been doing this business for a long time recommend doing your own research and finding original factories rather than traders. 95 percent of hair factories are located in China and India and contacting them to become your hair vendor is a smart choice. This way you will save some more bucks. The problem that occurs with factory people is communication and the entire dealing process. This is the reason why trading companies on the internet are successful. They would know how to bring out the best quality hair products from a warehouse. Google and can help you search best hair vendors, which is a time consuming method. If you are comfortable with a list and need to avoid all the hassle, go for it.

One thing is for sure, whatever list you choose to buy; will be enlisted among the top hair vendors.

What Steps Would Take You To Your Perfect Hair Vendor?

Best Virgin Hair Vendors

We’ve already concluded that searching the best wholesale virgin hair vendor in the industry is a humungous task. And if you’re a newbie in this hair town, it will be downright confusing on fishing out a reliable supplier in a pond full of hundreds. It is easy and simple but consumes your investment, time and tolerance. So we will guide you how to go about it.

Step 1: Search on the internet and contact them

First, establish what online sites you’d be using to search for best virgin hair vendors. Google is your best bet. You may be directed to a factory website or top trading companies via Google ratings. Other options to look for are Alibaba, Aliexpress, Chinabrands, and DHgate.

However, among these sources Aliexpress (an extension of Alibaba) is the most reliable. It is because you can view customers’ photos in the product review section. Although some of these reviews are paid. So look for genuine and original customer photos. Get a background check. Thoroughly view all the photos posted by true clientele to see if the hair wig is frizzy, dry, rough, raw, virgin or synthetically processed. The trick here is that mostly five star reviews are doubtful, because they are paid, but reviews that are three or two starred can be trusted for their honesty.

Other things to consider are the bundle deals and wig costs. Also retailers at Alibaba and Chinabrands stocks every detail you want related to hair wigs and extensions.

After you have collected a list of the most favorable hair vendors, start contacting them individually via phone or email. Out of these search results, only half of them would be credible.

Step 2: Go through every detail you can find online:

The next step is to begin a detailed verification, see if they have any social media pages/accounts. This will give you a clear idea of hair quality and pricing by the real pictures or videos they have posted. This can be shots from factory or hair wigs hanging on a clothing peg line.

Once you have decided to try some of the hair vendors, put their name on Google’s search bar with an abbreviation “bhm” (stands for black hair media). It is an actual forum where people from around the world talk about the hair suppliers and if your pick is a good one, somebody has got to be talking about it.

Another point to consider is whether the vendors you have picked out are manufacturers or distributors. It is obviously a good thing if your vendor is factory-based because that would ensure ultra-high quality in reasonable price. On the other hand a “middle-man” or distributor would buy hair wigs from an unknown source. And you’d find them expensive as they add their own profits to the retail price. Many such fraud episodes have happened with hair companies where the first batch was up to the mark but the second (or bigger) consignment was a total trash!

One must also make certain of the fact that the hair vendors you’ll be contacting for your company has a market experience of AT LEAST 3 years. A vendor who’s been consistently dealing in hair business will have a greater knowledge of ups and downs as compared to a newly established factory.

Step 3: Ask open-ended questions:

Asian suppliers are mostly from China and India. Try keeping the questions to the point but avoid asking queries that can be answered with a “yes” or “no”. Write what you have to ask and think of this step as crucial as the previous one because weeding out all the accurate points out of your vendor is going to save you from any regrets. Some of the questions to ask are listed below:

Is your hair raw or virgin? (If you don’t know the difference between the two, study about them before starting your hair company)

Is the hair processed? If it is, what treatment has been followed- steam or chemical?

How do you maintain your quality in a bulk? That is, if your hair business demands hair wigs in a large volume, how would your possible hair vendor keep up their quality standards?

How much time will you take in processing and shipping the stock? Keeping in mind, the customs hold many shipments for a very long period. Ask how long it will take to get your order ready and then how long to get it shipped to you.

What mode of payment do you accept? PayPal is the standard medium in China, USA and UK but Vietnamese or Indian suppliers deal through Money Gram or Western Union. This is a chance you have to take. After all, businesses are about profit and loss.

What delivery courier do you use to ship orders? Some of the courier companies used internationally are DHL, FedEx or UPS.

What is the total shipping cost? Ask about the cost of shipping from the company.

What is their MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)? This will let you know that what at what quantities will you get the opportunity to buy at a wholesale price.

How long have you been in hair business? A question about the experience of the brand.

How do you contact your customers? Can you video call them? This ensures that you can see their factories and actual products.

Will you be able to help with packaging materials? Ask your hair vendor can manufacture bundle wraps or bags, tags and labels. This might save you a lot of bucks.

Step 4: Request For Hair Samples

It is vital for your business to test out hair wigs/extensions before doing business with them. Ask them if they accept sample orders and that should be a YES from the other end. Manufacturers who are well-established accept only big orders. But you cannot afford that if you’re starting out. You don’t have that kind of money, yet. Some companies allow free samples, a few bundles or some ask for a minimal price. But make sure to get samples. Period.

What Other Advices To Follow When Using a New Hair Vendor?

  • Never give orders to Chinese vendors who don’t accept PayPal. That’s a red flag right there.
  • Request them to let you visit their manufacturing site on a video call. If they’re located in an office, they’re probably distributors.
  • Please ask the vendor and bring out a satisfactory answer from them about the origin of hair. What is the sour of wigs and extensions they are selling? Honesty is the best policy.
  • The hair vendor must have a strong supply chain management.
  • The return policy is in place, you should know that you are dealing in safe hands.
  • An official and legal certificate is a plus point.
  • Avoid vendors who steal celebrity pictures, which is quite usual.
  • If the hair vendor that you contacted from Alibaba or Ali Express says they do not accept PayPal, strike them off from your list.
  • Do not do business with vendors who deal in lots of other stuff, such as electronic gadgets or any random stuff. Your vendor must only deal in the single product – hair wigs and extensions.
  • Please consider KN hair as your reliable and most trustworthy hair vendor. Save yourself from all the stress and tiring research work and log onto our website to get the best hair products in best possible prices.

Why KN Hair Is The Best Hair Vendor?

  • We take pride in being one of the most prominent hair brands in the market. The vendor is popular for its hundred percent remy virgin hairs that have a single donor as its originating point.
  • We are family-operated company and believe in trust and building strong relationship with our clients. Our customer service will never disappoint you. Helping you grow your hair company is our primary goal.
  • The hair we sell can be treated freely, like it is yours. Color it professionally the way you want it, or restyle in many ways. Enjoy wearing your wig without worrying about it.
  • We promise purity. The 100% virgin hair is obtained from a single human donor. It is not mixed with animal hair or heat-resistant synthetic fibers or isn’t chemically treated.

Get the best hair product in lowest prices. And thank us later!

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