How to Install A 360 Lace Frontal

The main concern for many women who wear human hair extensions is making them look exactly like their natural hair while it is hard for some extension to provide that necessity other extensions such as a 360 lace frontal weave offer exactly that.

360 lace frontal

When a 360 lace frontal installation is done right, the hair will look so natural. This is a plus for you because you can get to do any up-do hairstyle that you would love.

360 frontals have become very popular with every woman looking into making their hair extensions look natural.

A 360 lace frontal can be installed differently. Using glue, tape or even sewing it on top of your hair, choice is yours because either way the results will be the same.

There are different reasons for using a 360 lace frontal which include:

  • Making hair extensions look more natural
  • Acting as a closure for extensions that have been sewn in
  • Reducing the amount of time it takes to install a full head of hair.

Those are some of the reasons that have made closures so popular among women in the recent years. Wondering how to install a 360 frontal closure with bundles? Not anymore because we will take you step by step and show you how it’s done.

What will I use?

Here is a list of everything you will need for a successful 360 lace frontal installation.

  1. The 360 lace frontal closure with virgin hair extensions
  2. Scissors
  3. C-Curve needle for sewing
  4. Weaving net cap
  5. Hair thread, weaving glue or wig tape
  6. Styling gel
  7. Comb/Brush
  8. Hairspray

Having everything is part of the process and that is to say you are at least one step further to a successful 360 lace frontal installation. Confirm you have everything and let’s proceed to the next step.

Getting the 360 Lace Frontal Ready

You should know that when you buy the 360 lace frontal closure it will not be customized to suit your skin color or even length and you need to do some changes on it.

how to install a 360 lace frontal

If the 360 lace frontal does not match your skin color then you can bleach it to your preference. Ensure you do not over-do it and spoil you’re your closure.

Your natural hair has to be flat to ensure the 360 lace frontal looks as natural as possible. Braiding your hair is the best way to flatten your hair.

When you plait the hair ensure the lines are flattened from the front to the back and that will create the most natural look.

If you do not want to plait you can go another way and use a hair gel to sleek down your hair and allow easy attachment of the closure especially if you are using a wig tape or weaving glue.

The braiding is best suited when you are doing a sew in of the wefts into your natural hair which makes the hair look more natural and stay attached longer.

After a successful installation of the closure, you can go ahead and cut off the extra part of the 360 lace frontal and your head circumference to make more natural.

Installation of Hair Bundles

Making wefts or virgin hair bundles installation should be done properly so that the hair can look as natural as possible.

After you install the 360 closure, it is time install hair on the crown area. We recommend using virgin hair extensions because they will have the appeal of natural looking hair.

lace frontal closure

Sewing in the bundles is the best way to go about it because using strong an adhesive can be dangerous which might end up damaging your natural hair.

Using bundles should be done with as minimal number of bundles as possible. Why you might ask? The aim is to achieve a natural look right? Using a lot of bundles will exaggerate and you will not have the natural look you intend to.

2-3 bundles of hair will be enough to get you that all-natural look that you are going for. They are just the right amount of hair that will look exactly like you hair.

You can use a weaving net while sewing in the virgin hair bundles for a faster installation.

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Time to Style Your Hair

This is the fun part! You have done everything right and it’s time to style your hair and your baby hairs, exactly, your baby hair.

The best part about using a 360 hair closure is that it is made to suit all your natural hair needs and that means it also has baby hair.

You can use a styling gel to sleek down those baby hairs and style them exactly how you want to. It gets better.

Unlike other types of hair styles, this hairstyles is very versatile. You can style it however way you would like, wearing it up or down.


That is everything you need to do and solve the question how to install a 360 lace frontal. This is one of the most embraced hairstyles there is nowadays and if you haven’t caught up with the heat just yet, we suggest you get in line and slay this look.

The installation of 360 lace frontal should be done with much attention. Ensure the closure matches your skin color and looks natural especially with the texture of the virgin hair bundles that you will be using together with the closure.

This look is flawless and looks good on everyone. With confidence, anyone can slay this look. You can part your hair from any part of your scalp. This means that the hair will look like it is growing directly from your scalp making it more natural.

You can also use accessories on the hair extension after styling to enhance your look and make the hair look believably natural.

We recommend you try out this hairstyle and you will not regret it.

TIP: You should always use virgin hair extensions because they are very natural looking unlike other types of hair extensions.

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