How to Make A Bob Sew In with Quick Weave

long bob

It is official that bob sew in hairstyles are the latest obsession, and every woman wants to be part of it. Unlike before, women have embraced bob cuts, and some have even made it their go-to hairstyle.

Given that it is very versatile, bob cuts come in different styles and colors making them desirable to every woman since they can choose from the many options.

Every woman loves something that makes them a little different from the others, and that is precisely what bob cuts do. This article is going to guide you on how to make a sew in bob with the quick weave.

Why Choose A Sew in Weave?

Weaves are every woman best friend, and that is why they are the most sought-after hair accessory. Whether it is synthetic or virgin human hair, weaves will enhance your look past your expectations. You can add as much volume and strength to your weave according to your preference.

bob sew in weave hairstyles

Weaves are not only fancy but functional too. They look beautiful on you and protect your hair while at it ( can it get better than this?) Yes it can!

Sew in weaves come in handy for people looking for different things because some take it as a necessity and others for enhancement purposes.

What do you mean necessity?

Patients suffering from certain conditions such as cancer get have hair loss. The hair loss could become a self-esteem issue, and that is where sew-in weaves come in. They can look as good as they want to with the help of human hair extensions that will not only make them look better but also feel better.

The other group of people who love hair weaves is people who are into fashion. They look at sew in weaves as a way of enhancing their beauty, and they can change their hairstyles as much as they want to.

We suggest using a sew in weave to make your bob cut because you will have your hair protected the whole time and you can look as good as you wish. The best thing about sew-in weaves is that they can only last a few weeks or a month by far.

With proper care, your weave will not feel itchy or tangle. In fact, when you buy the right hair, you will have so much to smile about. After installation, you can have the sew in bob you wish.

What Are Your Bob Cut Options?

You definitely have a bob hairstyle in mind, but you are not sure whether you should get that one right? Not to worry, we will give you some haircuts that you can compare with what you have and make an informed decision.

a Line bob

It is okay not to be decided because everyone has been in that situation before especially if you are doing something for the first time. However, before we get to what hairstyle you should get, there are a few things you should consider about the hairstyles:

  • Asymmetrical Bob
  • Heavy Bangs Bob
  • Lob Bob
  • Shaved Bob
  • Soft Blended Bob
  • A-Line
  • Textured Bob

When you have a few more options than you initially did, you can make a better choice that will make you feel good and fulfilled at the same time.

asymmetrical bob

We suggest consulting your hair stylist because they understand you better hence they can help you make a better choice.

The one thing that sets sew in bob styles apart from the rest is that any hairstyle can look good in any face type.

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How Many Bundles Do You Need?

Do you know that the amount of Malaysian Hair Bundles to use on any hairstyle highly depends on a few other factors? Yes, that is the truth and bob cuts are not an exception.

Factors That Determine the Number of Hair Bundles to Use

These factors determine the number of bundles to get before you make the purchase:

  • It the hair straight, curly or wavy?
  • Do you want volume or thin hair?
  • Length
  • The size of your head
  • Others

It is true that bob sew in styles are versatile, but you still need to consider some of these factors.

Let’s be more specific so that you can have an easier time making your choice, okay? Using weaves that are 12 or 14” in size will help you cut your hair to the extent that you want and the style that you want to achieve.

You will need 2-3 bundles of virgin human hair extensions. Considering that all natural hair weaves thin out on the ends, 2-3 bundles will be enough to ensure you get a fuller look and your hair does not look uneven.

Final Verdict

Be specific to your hair stylist on precisely what you want to achieve. Bob cuts are the best because they provide all kinds of looks that you might want to have.

Whether you are thinking of having a chic hairdo or you want to go for a tomboy look, they are all catered for by bob cuts.

The best thing to know is that you can never go wrong with a bob sew in because whatever way you decide to go, you will still look cute.

We insist that you ensure whoever is cutting your hair know what they are doing before styling. If your bob cut is tampered with before styling, then you cannot be able to achieve the style that you want.

The reason why cutting is the essential part of the bob cut is that even if you are going for a curly look, the hair will still look pretty after the curls have been worn out.

After all these information, we believe you are ready to purchase your hair, get it cut to the bob style that you want and rock your hairdo.

It does not matter why you are doing a bob sew in hairstyle because the important thing is that you feel good in it. Have a good one getting that haircut.

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