How To Make A Lace Front Closure?

Frizzy hair of Afro-American women makes it difficult for them to manage or style. Every woman wants a silky hair to look beautiful and presentable. But, some women born with tangled curls which demoralize them in many way.

If you are troubling with fluffy and tangled hair, then wearing a weave is the best solution for you. To achieve more natural look you can use lace frontal closure as it get blends easily with your original hair.

What Is Lace Front Closure?

what is lace front closure

The lace front closure is a small patch of lace with vented hair that covers the front head from ear to ear. Wearing a frontal hair weave protect your hairline from becoming damaged and provide versatility when it comes to hairstyle.

These days hair weave or wigs are getting more and more popular among Afro-American women for its benefits as follow.

Style Versatility

The biggest benefit of wearing hair bundles with closure is their style versatility. You can style your hair in any way you desire with front lace closure. For example, with a soft Brazilian hair weave, you can wear it straight, curly or wavy.

Realistic Look

Being made up of 100% real human hair, bundles with front lace closure look realistic and cause no damage to your natural hair. No one can judge that you wear a weave on your head.

Scalp Like Appearance

It gives the wearer a scalp like an appearance when placed onto the head. It allows a flat and smooth application that makes your front headline look very real. Moreover, you can choose the front lace closure according to the color of your scalp for a more natural look.

Abundant Texture

You don’t have to worry about if your natural hair matches the weave or not. Hair weave come in texture including body wave, kinky straight, kinky curly, deep curly and more, so you can choose the texture that suits you best.

Thus it will save a lot of your time, especially when getting ready in the morning for office.

Protective Style

Wearing a lace closure give your hair a break from excessive everyday heat and damaged hair products. When you regularly wear a weave the hair bundles need to be meticulously attached to your natural hair.

And, you can enjoy the extra length as well as a volume with less stress to your original hair.

Are you planning to buy front lace closure with hair bundles? But, do not know how to make lace front closure.

Fret not!

We have covered you all. No doubt, at the first, idea of making a lace front closure may seem to be a little far fetched and complicated to you.

But believe us it is not that hard as it seems. Have a look at the ultimate guide for making the best lace front closure with hair bundles.

Before starting with the making process, you should be ready with things like human hair weave bundles, Scissors, hair glue, hair spray, and lace.

Now let’s start the process step by step.

Step 1: Buy a lace that matches your scalp to make the lace frontal closure. If there is some difference in the shade, then dye it with the same colour of your skin to make it look like natural when wear.

Step 2: Sew down the lace on wig cap with care at the place where you want the part. Please remember to stretch the lace out before starting with the sewing of weave hair bundles.

Step 3: Sew the weave hair bundles on the entire lace until you reach the part you want. Apply the bond glue to the theft of the hair bundles, wait for the glue to dry then attach it to the lace in a proper way. Measure a piece of each piece of hair against the length of the lace and cut according to your desired length.

Step 4: Place the hair bundle very close to the final track of hair that has been stitched down but facing should be in the opposite direction.

Step 5: Apply some hair spray as it will help in holding the hairs in the right direction. Now, flip the hair closure down to get the exact hair lay you want.

Step 6: Repeat the process on both sides of the lace till you reach the middle or desired part, but remember to hold the lace down tightly and avoid using too much glue.

Congratulations, you are done with the making of a lace frontal hair closure!

How To Make A Lace Frontal Closure Base By Watch Video Tutorials

If you feel complicated, you can go to buy high quality & cheap ready-made Lace Frontal Closure from here:

Now, you can easily wear it whenever you want and style hair in different ways without fear of losing weave.

If you are getting confused about a number of hair weave bundles for making lace frontal closure, then read the article below, this will help you in many ways.

Few factors matters while choosing hair bundles of weave for the desired look. From the length of the hair and texture to head size, all elements play a huge role in the selection of bundles for making lace frontal closure.

Length: If you want long hairs then you have to buy bundles with more length. And, usually, long hair weave bundles are thin at the bottom. So, forgetting the fuller long length, you may need four to five hair bundles.

On the other side, if short or middle length hair is your choice, then three to four bundles are enough for you.

Texture: Whether you want the sleek straight look or want to add more natural look with deep curly weave, hair bundles with closure help you with all. Depending upon your look and texture, hair bundles quantity varies for making lace frontal.

Straight hair and curly hair are opposite to each other in terms of volume and density. Therefore, for curly hair closure, you need fewer bundles as compare to straight hair weave.

Overall on an average 3 to 4 hair bundles will give you a full natural look. You can style the hair in any way you want. Moreover, these natural hair weaves do not get damaged easily, and you can use them for a long time with proper care.

Conclusion: As of now, you know how to make lace frontal closure you can try yourself to get a fresh look at the party. For this, all you need is a lace frontal and quality hair weave bundles.

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