How to Make Baby Hair on Lace Front Wigs

How To Make Baby Hair On Lace Front Wigs

Lace front hair wigs with baby hair allow versatility in hairstyles. Curly, straight or wavy; you can wear it in different ways. It mimics your natural hairline while providing you with an exceptionally good looking hairstyle.

If you love spending some time on styling the wig or, want to see how the slicked-down baby hair curls up again, keep reading! In today’s blog, we are going to tell you how to master the art of styling the baby hairs.

Features of Lace Front Wigs with Baby Hair

Features Of Lace Front Wigs With Baby Hair

When we talk about “lace”, we think of a delicate fabric that is typically used to make clothing. However, in the world of wigs, “lace” means a sheer mesh to which hairs are tied.

Lace front wigs have a sheer lace pattern located at the front of the wig cap. The hair strands are made of the highest quality Peruvian or Brazilian Remy hair. Further, these hair strands are hand-tied into the lace holes to create a natural appearance.

Baby hair on lace front wigs attempts to create an illusion of natural hair growth along the hairline. It provides a natural appearance to the hair. Moreover, no one can reveal the fact that you are wearing a hair wig. It is very stretchy and covers the entire scalp area.

Lace front human hair wigs contain many types of construction elements such as a hand-tied cap, machine-made cap, monofilament top or a capless style. The wigs come in a variety of textures so that you can match with your own hair texture. They can be styled, permed, or colored just like your natural hair.

Unlike the other hair wigs, it is safe sleeping and showering. If you take proper care, Lace front wigs last for a year or more.

How to Make Baby Hairs of a Lace Front Wig

How To Make Baby Hairs Of A Lace Front Wig

Fortunately, you don’t need a master stylist to style your wig with baby hairs. Just use these simple steps, and you are set to flaunt your natural hairstyle. Let’s get started.

Things you need: Comb, brush, spray, lace front hair wig.

Steps to style the lace front baby hair:

1. Trim the lace

When you receive your new lace front wig, you’ll notice an excess lace extending out from the front. So, you need to trim the lace first. You need a steady hand and a good pair of scissors to do it correctly.

Since cutting away too much lace can ruin the wig, it is better to cut it in small portions. Be careful while cutting close to the hairline, and make sure not to cut the actual hair.

2. Part your hair and neaten the divisions

Clip your hair on either side of the wig. Create a parting on one side of the hair wig using a fine-tooth comb. Blow dry the hair while combing to define the parting. Once dry, neaten the parting using a comb.

3. Mist your baby hairs and blow them dry

Using a spray bottle, spray water on the baby hair to make them completely wet. Once wet, secure hold on your damp baby hair using your middle and index finger, and dry it using a blow dryer for a couple of seconds.

It is best to provide alternating hot and cold air to the fragile baby hair to protect them from burning.

4. Set your baby hair using a hairspray

Spritz a soft-bristled toothbrush with hairspray, and brush the baby hair gently. You can also use edge control gel or a hair styling cream to shape them.

5. Stick with silk and satin

Now that you’ve set your baby hair tie your hair in a silk scarf to set the style. You can remove the scarf after about 15 minutes to reveal the finished look. To keep your baby hair from getting frizzy or, to protect them overnight, you can go for silk or satin pillowcases.

Create charming hair looks with baby hair

Whether you want to let your curls roam freely or you are into a slicked look; you can create art with your tiny hair edges. Here are some tips to create different baby hair looks:

Curly afro baby hairs

Curly Afro Baby Hairs

Take a small amount of hair gel, and spread it over the baby hair, or dab a toothbrush into it and apply it over your curly hair. Then, wrap the hairs around your fingers to create curls.

Slick the baby hairs down into waves

To slick the short baby hair down into waves, start at the front of the hairline. Make a small parting in hair towards the ear temple using a comb. Separate the hair strands, apply some gel, and use a fine-tooth comb to shape them into waves.

If you have slightly longer baby hair, apply some holding gel, and slick the hair along the side of your head instead of the hairline. Then, shape the waves using a fine-toothed comb.

Straighten your short baby hair

To slick the baby hair straight down, apply some gel or hairspray. They’ll mimic hair bangs and look beautiful.

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Tips to care lace front hair wig

Since the lace front area of the wig is very delicate, make sure not to hold the wig by its lace.

Avoid pulling or tugging the lace, and use ear tabs while putting on the wig.

You can wash the lace front wigs using wig shampoo available in the market. Just make sure not to scrub the lace harshly.

Avoid putting conditioner on the lace front, as it can make the hair loose.


With the above tips in mind, make your baby hair a part of your look. If you have the right products and know proper techniques, you can shape your baby hair in whatever way, you want. You can style them with messy locks, bun, loosely tied braid or a ponytail.

We hope these steps will help you to figure out how to embrace those tiny hair strands along your hairline.

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