How To Measure Hair Length

How To Measure Hair Length

Measurement is characteristically for custom lace wigs but can be useful to all wig wearers. While several non-custom units arrive in one size suits all, the option of large, small, and even medium are sometimes obtainable. It is crucial to know when you are buying online the measurement of the hair to make sure that your unit will fit you well. From how long the lace extends to the ear to ear tabs, knowing the length of the hair you are buying is somewhat essential. Now we will tell you how to measure hair length step by step.

Simplest Way of Measuring Hair Length

The easiest way to measure your wig is by measuring it from front to back. After styling, the length of layered hairdos will be portrayed based on the length of the hair. If your wig is curly, then the range you can get is the ‘finished length’ and you have to stretch the curls of the more extended section to measure it well. The straight hair seems longer the curly and wavy hair even though they are in the same hair length.

You can use shorter hair to make out natural appearance precisely like the hairs grown up on the scalp with variety in hair length. Always keep in mind that the most extended hair can reach the range.

How to Measure the Length of Human Hair Weave Bundles?

How to Measure the Length of Human Hair Weave Bundles?

When it comes to the human hair weave bundle, you can measure it from the top to the end. Besides, it would be best if you stretched straight as well when you measure the length. If you need a step by step guide on how you can measure the length of human hair weave bundles consider this video:

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How to Measure the Hair Length of Your Hair Wig and Head Size?

How to Measure the Hair Length of Your Hair Wig and Head Size

As you are interestingly wanted to know the hair length of your lace wig and head size, but before you do, you will need some things. You have to get a cloth measuring tape, not the standard ones used for home repairs. You will need this piece to go around your smoothly, and the cloth is the best bet. Get a pen and paper on hand to pen down the measurements once taken.

The next thing you need to do is to prep your hair. If you want to be wearing hair braided under your lace wig, then that is how you should measure it. If you like it as well, you can wear it under wrapped or a wig cap. If you have no problem since you have taken your measurements while wearing your hair in the same way you will put on the wig, you will be okay. While measuring, ensure to hold the tape snug but never let it tight too much pressing into the skin since no one wants lace wig cutting into their skin or inhibiting circulation.


That is the distance around your whole head. You have to hold the tape securely at the core of your front hairline. Circle your head alike to a hair band. Ensure the tape goes beyond your ear and slopes down to the nape of your neck. Never extend to any long-off, lost strands at the nape of your neck. Extend to the last of the size of hair. In case you have baby hair, you can incorporate it in the measure but never incorporate single irrelevant strands.

Front to Nape

That is applied to measure the length of your head when you need lace wig. You have to measure from your hairline to the nape of your neck. If you don’t know where the nape of your neck extends to, tilt your head back and feel for a small crease. Where your neck dents or folds, that is where your cervix existed. This area has a distinct line with baby hair extending past.

On top of that, when you measure to ensure you bend your neck down sighting at your feet. So the skin on your neck is stretched. Afterward, you need to hold the cloth tape at the center of your front hairline and draw right over the top of your head. That includes the front hairline, all the ways to the crown of the head. And it ends at the nape of your neck.

Ear to Ear all over your Forehead

It would be best if you positioned the tape at your temple in front of your ear. Keep on by bringing the tape upwards about 1.5 inches behind the hairline, all over and then to the other temple in front of the ear. That should remind you of when you put your sunglasses or glasses on your head.

Ear to Ear over Top of Head

If you do that, it will provide the measurement for the top of the lace wig bottom. Begin at the top perimeter of your ear; extend all over the top of your head to the other top edge of the other ear. That should look like the placement of headphones.

Temple to Temple around Back of Head

It would help if you positioned the tape at your hairline in the temple area. That will be roughly in line with where your eyebrow rests at the surface corner of your eye. Elongate the tape around the rear of your head over to the other temple.

Nape of the Neck

The last but not the least measurement for your custom lace frontal wigs is the nape of your neck. You have to measure the width of the cervix for full lace. Just position the tape at one side of your cervix and extend all over to the other perimeter a few inches away.

Now that you have gained much knowledge about the measurements do it again two more times so that you can make sure you are correct. If you don’t get matching results that mean you have wronged somewhere. When you ultimately arrive at consistent and accurate numbers, you can purchase your perfect fitting custom lace wig from KN Hair now!

You Can Measure Your Head for Clip-In Extensions as well.

Initially, you will measure a couple of middle layers. You should sectionalize your hair by creating a section beginning at ear level. That should be about 0.5 inches below the tip of the ear. And secure the top component hair section with a clip on top of your head. Take a clothing measuring tape and measure the nape section of the head. That would probably be from the back of one ear to the rear of the other ear. This measurement should 5 – 7 inches all over. Get two extension pieces that measure 5 inches or 7 inches in width, meaning the track part that is clipping onto your real hair and not the natural hair strand length.

Besides, you will measure the top layer as well. Let your hair remain sectioned, and then you can slide the measuring tape to be about 1 inch beyond the highest point of the ear. Ensure that you measure this area so that the measuring tape is stay raised 1 inch beyond the tip of the ear. But that you desire the measurements to be extending past the ear as if it was bundling towards the point of where your face and hairline meet. This measurement must be between 8 inches and 11 inches.

Moreover, measure the bottom later by taking the measuring tape and position it approximately 1.5 inches from the base of your hairline on the rear of your neck. Your tape should begin around 1 inch behind the back of one ear to the other. This measurement should be something between 3 inches and 5 inches wide.

Finally, you can now measure the side slighter pieces. Sectionalize your hair so that you have piled up the first component of your hair. That would be a small portion and the bangs of your hair that is on the crown of the head. Now you will need to measure the width straight all over where your hairline meets your temple, and it ends at the starting of your ear area. That is typically a measurement between 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches.

Can I Measure the Length of Lace Frontal and Lace Frontal?

Yes, you can! The right answer to this question is this video:

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