Machine Made Wigs: All You Need To Know About?

Machine Made Wigs

What Is Machine Made Wigs?

Wigs are one of the amazing hair accessories out there that can transform your entire look and appearance in a minute! They can help to give you a fresh look and boost your confidence and self-esteem in a couple of minutes.

Machine made wigs are one of the various types of wigs available out there in the market.

If you are someone who dislikes using glues or tapes to fix your wig or you are allergic to them then machine made wigs are an excellent alternative for you.

These wigs are completely glue-less and do not require any tapes for fixing. On a wig, cap wefts are sewed a few centimeters apart from each other and have combs and straps attached to the wig cap and can easily be adjusted.

Machine-made wigs have been upgraded and improved drastically over the years.

First, they were made from synthetic hair fibers but with time the trend changed and customers started demanding Remy and Virgin human hair so the companies started making a variety of such wigs to meet the growing demands.

Why You Should Buy Machine Made Wigs?

There are numerous benefits of using machine-made wigs. Firstly, you do not have use tapes or glues to fix your wig so you can easily and completely get away with that hassle secondly.

They are perfect for sleek styling and can be restyled easily anytime. Moreover, they provide excellent comfortability and will stay fixed to your head the entire day. These wigs are also an amazing option to use in a warmer season and will protect your hairline.

Hand Tied Wigs vs Machine Made Wigs

Hand Tied Wigs Vs Machine Made Wigs

Although both of the wigs are extremely popular and heavily demanded by the wig lovers for their ability to enhance one’s appearance the difference between them does matter in terms of comfortability, affordability, and manufacturing process.

Hand-tied wigs are generally lighter and make use of soft fabric for the caps. They usually weigh not more than 2 ounces and each human hair or the synthetic fiber is sewed by hand into a cap that is light weighted and soft.

A hand tied wigs is pre-plucked baby hair using hand-crafted technology and make it constructed from a lace cap that covers the head and the 100% human hair is knotted into this by hand.

This wig cover the entire scalp area with a natural looking hair style The finished product gives the illusion of a seamless hairline.

The process of making hand-tied wigs is a bit long since it is done by hand and takes about eighty to one hundred hours on each wig.

Since these wigs are crafted by hand they are more expensive and give a more natural look. The comfortability is also very high as well as versatility since you can easily switch sides on your wig and style it in numerous ways.

You can even make a ponytail if you like without any difficulty and fear that it may come off. Since hand-tied wigs are more comfortable and light weighted they are a wonderful choice for cancer patients whose scalps are generally sensitive.

In terms of price machine made wigs are way cheaper than handmade wigs because they are produced in bulk quantities and are ready in a very short period.

Since these wigs are made in a machine the caps are thicker and give an illusion of volume and thickness when you wear them.

However, the thickness makes them unsuitable for people who have sensitive scalps such as cancer patients as these thick caps can cause rashes and irritation on the skin.

Moreover, machine-made wigs do not come with a variety or versatility.

They are produced in bulk and have standard styles that may not always look so natural and high quality. You might also need to be a bit careful while styling them they only support a standard style which is hard to alter.

How To Make A Wig On A Sewing Machine For Beginners?

Making a wig at home may seem like a challenging task but it is really easy. You just need to keep some tips and techniques in mind.

To make a wig on a sewing machine you would need a sewing machine, a cap( black for black hair and golden/ blonde for blonde hair), a mannequin head, hair bundles ( three or four depending on your liking), thread, a curved needle, scissors, and a few hair pins.

First of all you will pace the cap on the head of the mannequin and then you will pin down the hair on the outline of the closure.

You can use a highlighter to trace the outline of your closure. After this you need to use the highlighter pen and make horizontal lines from the bottom till the outline of the closure.

It is important to make sure there is an inch of gap between the lines. You can increase the gap if you wish to make it thicker.

After this you need to unroll your bundle and fold it together and prepare for sewing.

Your sewing machine needs to be kept on number 4 which is the zigzag and the folded hair bundle can be sewed. You must double stitch the wig to make sure its fixed well on the cap.

In the next step you need to lay your cap flat on the sewing machine and do not stretch it. They you simply sew the stitched bundle on the cap in accordance to the lines you have drawn on it.

This way you need to keep stitching the hair bundles on your cap on the lines you have drawn till you reach the outline closure. Once you have successfully stitched all the hair bundles to the cap the next step is to hand stitch the closure to the cap.

To do this you need a curved needle and a black thread. You simply need to stitch the closure to the cap but you need to make sure the stitches are strong and tight.

After this step is successfully completed you flip your wig cap inside out and cut down any excess part of the cap that you may not be using through a scissors. And your wig is ready!

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