A Compltete Guide To Microbead Extensions For Beginners

Microbead Extensions

Microbead extensions are a super fun way of sprucing up your hair game, while keeping the safety factor intact with regards to the application, which means no involvement of glue, heat or tape, hence we can rest our minds easy thinking about any future consequences to befall our luscious hair, along with still being able to rock some beautiful highlights or just mere extensions if that’s your style.

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Microbead Extensions

All The Hottest Celebrities Love Microbead Extensions

Bottom-line is that they look gorgeous on anyone who adorns them, in a simple yet elegant manner that automatically comes with these easy extensions. No doubt, that’s the reason that microbead extensions are trending these days, with all the hottest celebrities trying them out.

Is It Easy To Use?

If you’ve only had a chance to glance at someone else wearing the microbead extensions, you might have fallen under the misconception that they are difficult to apply, because that’s the way that it looks, and you can only get them done by a professional stylist.

Where you might get better results with someone with experience, you can certainly give it a go by yourself as well, as the procedure is not as complicated as it seems, and with time you’ll gain the experience that you need to flawlessly execute your extension application even as regularly as every day. Especially if you follow this simple and easy guide to help you throughout the process.

Intro To What Microbead Extensions Are

Getting down to the brass tacks, we’ll start by explaining what exactly microbead extensions are. They are little beads also known as microlinks, as they link together your natural hair with the extensions, forming a seemingly seamless connection between the two, extending your hair into a longer flowy transformation with the microbeads in the middle of it all, safely securing the extensions, while also performing the role of jewelry for your hair at the same time.

What Does It Look Like

Micro Loop Hair Extensions T4 613 01

You may use smaller options of microbeads if you would like to go for a look that doesn’t show them off and you just want a simple look with extensions, and you can for the bigger microbeads or even some beads that are bedazzled, if you want them to be visible and have their presence known, as cute hair accessories as a cherry on top of the fun pleated/braided look that they give the hair.

It Is Very Convenient

There are loads of options out there for you to experiment with, so you can really have fun with them while choosing your type. Many people wear the microbead extensions as their go-to hairstyle, as frequently as every day, because of the many facilitative benefits that come with the extensions. One of the largest being that it is one of the most safe options of styling your hair due to the silicone that surrounds them for this very purpose. The second biggest reason might be that people find it easier than braiding or pleating their hair, and this gives quite a similar effect to the hair.

Are Microbead Extensions Long-lasting?


The short answer to this question is: yes, but it’s a bit more complicated than that. How long your microbead extensions last is dependent on two main factors. One of them being how fast your natural hair grows and the second is how well you take care of the extensions. The growth rate of your hair plays a big role in determining how long-lasting they can be, as your hair grows out, it will push your extensions down from the placement of the rings that were clasping them into place, calling for a redo.

Do You Need To Care Microbead Extensions?

The extensions do require some upkeep and if you’re not taking care of them like you would your normal hair, you cannot expect them to last up to their potential. Typically, the microbead extensions can last for up to 4-6 months, again depending on how well you take care of them. If they’re not taken care of so well, they can still last up to five weeks, after which they might be needing a retouch, to extend your extensions duration on your hair.

Number Of Microbead Extensions You’ll Be Needing

Next question to cross the mind is naturally about how many of these microbead extensions one will be needing at the time of embarking on this quest. The answer to that depends on how much area on your head you’re looking to cover. If you want to go for a full-head microbead extension application, then you are looking at about a range that would be between a 100 – 150 of individual microbead extensions. You can also choose to go for lesser coverage, if perhaps you want to go for a ponytail look, that is also doable.

Keeping In Mind

You can make use of different sized beads to do the job for different areas of your head is important, so that you can comfortably opt for the hairstyles you are planning on using after the process is complete.

What’s The Total Financial Damage?

Just like other extensions, the cost of your microbead extensions will depend on the quality of hair that you want. They can cost from anywhere between 400$ to a thousand bucks, as you go up on the quality and high-end brands can charge even more than that.

What Impact Can They Have On Your Natural Hair?

In terms of damage to your hair and your scalp, like we mentioned before, microbead extensions are considered to be relatively the safest option. Owing to their characteristic of being moulded by a layer of silicone to protect the hair from coming in contact with dangerous materials.

You Have To Be Careful It.

thin hair

However, this does not mean that they come without any safety hazards at all. Microbead extensions are not known to be a good idea for those with fine or thin hair, as they can have a pulling effect on the hair strands which can further weaken an already weakened hold of the hair strands on the scalp resulting in hair shedding and hair-loss during or after the extensions have been on your hair.

So if you’re struggling with a sensitive scalp, it might be a good idea for you to consider holding off on the extensions until you have a healthier ground for the hair experiment.

However, if you don’t struggle with thinning or fine hair, the extensions are a completely safe option for you, and much safer than the other alternatives that can use glue, tape and heat to be attached to the hair, both installing and removing procedures can be quite harmful as well as tedious.

But with microbead extensions, you don’t have to worry about all of that. Additional benefits being that you can play with your extension hair at your leisure, without the worry of it damaging your hair.

Can I Dyed It?

Dyed Microbead Extensions

Which means that you can dye it any which way you want, further enhancing and already great look and you can also use heat on it without a guilty conscience, curling it, straightening it or blow-drying it into the shape of your desire.

So its safe to say, that the dangerous effects of applying extensions run really low when it comes to microbead extensions, which we might add is the primary reason for their extreme popularity among the growing conscious-minded youth as well as older generations.

Tips To Keep Them From Having A Negative Impact

Installation Microbead Extensions

Some points to remember regarding the safety of the microbead extensions would be to:

Take extreme care at the time you are applying it, as that can be the make-or-break period for the entire period you have them on.

Maintaining a steady hand is really important if you have chosen to employ this process for yourself, so that the beads are on tightly and appropriately.

Secondly, you must make sure that they are not too close to the scalp. Ensuring this will save you a lot of trouble, as the closer they are to the scalp, the more harmful it can be in terms of the pulling effect they can have on your head.

Doing so can also result in itching of the scalp, and even the removal process of the extensions is a delicate one which can have negative consequences, you must make sure to do it in the proper and careful manner.

How To Wash The Microbead Extensions

Washing the microbead extensions can be as tricky as you make it. Tips to follow when washing them include making sure that you’re washing the part that ranges from the mid area to the ends, and leaving the area near the beads be.

Also, make sure you’re washing them infrequently, about once a week, or as needed. You don’t really need to wash them that frequently.

Lastly, use good quality shampoo for washing the extensions that is free from chemicals normally present in shampoos, like sulphates, parabens, silicone and protein. Also, don’t sleep with wet extensions or that can result in a disaster.

Process Of Installation Of The Microbead Extensions

Now that you’ve learned all there is to learn about the effects and characteristics of the microbead extensions, without further ado, we’ll finally lay down the procedure of how exactly to install the microbead extensions.

  • Start by grabbing the desired section of hair that matches the thickness of the hair extension. You must make sure that the thickness is equivalent for a result of perfect blending between the extension and the hair.
  • Next, you take the looping tool, and you place it under the strand of hair and follow a pinching gesture while weaving the microbead with the looping tool onto the strand of hair. Voila! The microbead is already on your hair.
  • Next step will be to attach the hair extension to the microbead. Do a quick double check to ensure that there are no baby hair that is around the bead to avoid any damage to the hair. If there are, then move them out of the way for perfect application. After this check, you can continue on to grabbing the hair extension and inserting it carefully into the hole inside the bead.
  • After the hair extension has been inserted into the bead, you will need to use a crimper to go down on the bead, securing the hair extension into place and closing up any space between the bead, the hair and the extension, forming the desired connection seamlessly.
  • Remember to use the crimper a few times on the middle as well as a couple of times on the sides of the bead as well, to simply ensure that its clasped on tightly, as this is the most important gateway to this procedure and secure placement is highest up on the priority list.
  • There you go, you’ve got the microbead extension in place, which is secured and its highly durable, allowing for a complete 360 degree movement angle.
  • Repeat this process with the rest of the sections of your hair, and you’ve got your head full of microbead extensions with this easy and simple to follow guide.

Process Of Removal Of Microbead Extensions

Alas, the time will come to say goodbye to these hair accessories as well and it won’t hurt to be well-versed in the process of removing the extensions as well. Just like the installation process, the removal is even more simple, albeit caution is advised. So follow this step-by-step guide to handle the removal perfectly as well:

  • At the time of the removal, you’ll need to grab your pliers and grip the microbead with an appropriate amount of intensity to loosen the beads from their place.
  • Next, you will need to pinch the microbead in the opposite direction that you used upon installing it and carefully pull it off along the hair.
  • And you’re done! Repeat the process with each microbead slowly and carefully until your hair is completely free from the microbead extensions.


Whether you’re a first timer or an experienced one, this tutorial and information will be helpful to anyone who’s interested in considering microbead extensions. We’ve made sure to pack in as much useful information regarding the microbeads along with the procedure of applying and removing them to facilitate your hair adventure.