Peruvian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair Which One Is Better

Peruvian Hair Vs Brazilian Hair

Have you ever seen someone with luscious looking locks and thought to yourself “damn that’s some beautiful hair.” And after admiring their hair, you’d go on to lust after it in your mind? There are certain hair weaves you see and you just want to run your fingers through them all day long. The bounce, luster and apparent softness are enough to make your mouth water like you are looking at your favorite snack and you find yourself surfing the web trying to find hair that looks and feels exactly like that so you can get in on some of that beautiful hair action.

Nothing screams class and elegance like a healthy, voluminous head of hair and having the right hairstyle can be what takes you from 0 to a 10 after a single hair appointment. That’s definitely something we can get on board with!

Most hair enthusiasts know that we have different kinds of hair and are familiar with a few hair terms and the places that hair originates from but for some people who are just getting into the hair game, or those who simply don’t know, it might seem a bit confusing when you are faced with different hair companies and friends giving you advice on which hair is better than the other.

You know we’ve got you and we always do right by our audience so to help you navigate this beautiful crazy world of amazing hair without getting confused or losing you bearing, we have put together this guide to help you decide on which one is better between Peruvian and Brazilian hair so you can make the best decision for your hair and its needs.

The next time you have to shell out the big bucks as you purchase those bundles whether you have a special occasion coming up like your wedding day, prom, or you simply love to have amazing hair at all times, you’ll want to learn all you can about the best hairs for you to buy so your crown looks bomb at all times. It’s going to be a fun and interesting read so sit back, put your feet up and grab a cup of coffee as you discover what hair is better, Peruvian or Brazilian.

What are the similarities between Peruvian and Brazilian hair?

First off, we are going to start by giving you a quick crash course on what these two kinds of hair are. You’ve probably heard the terms a lot and they might look the same to you after all they’re both hair right? Wrong! As much as Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair are similar, they are also some differences that make them each unique.

So let’s quickly take a look at each of these two types of hairs.

What is Brazilian hair?

What is Brazilian hair

Brazilian hair simply refers to hair sourced from donors who are of Brazilian heritage. Authentic Brazilian hair bundles are made from 100% human hair, unlike some hairs that are blended with fibers so it is very durable and can stand certain weather conditions without getting tangled and matted. Because brazil is located in the Amazon, so this type of hair does really well in humid conditions without getting frizzy and poofed up. Brazilian hair is popular for lots of women of many hair types especially African Americans because the texture blends quite well with the different kinds of hair textures of its wearers. because Brazilian hair is so thick and full, you usually require fewer bundles of hair for a full head (great news as this helps you save money).

Brazilian hair takes color very well so it can be bleached and colored without damaging the hair. Its famous density makes it hold curls pretty well so if you’re one of our queens who like to take a curler to your hair often, you will thoroughly enjoy having Brazilian hair so you can straighten it on days you want a sleek look and curl it when you want something different. Flat ironing Brazilian hair may be a bit difficult because it loves curls so much but it’s nothing a skilled hairstylist can’t handle. It may seem to be only hair sourced from hair donors in brazil however because authentic Brazilian hair is often hard to come by as there are barely any donors to temples, sometimes Indian hair and hair from other countries is also called Brazilian hair.

The Brazilian hair name is now being used as a brand to market hair that has a similar hair texture, and look as Brazilian hair. These hairs are of lesser quality and authentic Brazilian hair is much better than the former. You can make beautiful wigs with Brazilian hair and they are also great for sew-ins as well. They come in straight, wavy and tightly curled hair patterns so you always have a variety to choose from and if you take really good care of your hair, they can last for years.

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What is Peruvian hair?

What is Peruvian hair

Peruvian hair is another high-quality human hair that is sought after by most hair lovers around the world. Authentic Peruvian hair is sourced from regions in Peru and it is deliciously thick (thicker than Brazilian hair) and also a lot coarser. This type of hair is usually wavy and lightweight but when styled properly, you can get a look that is full and looks natural. The texture of Peruvian hair blends wonderfully with relaxed African American hair so if you like to leave a bit of hair out to blend in with your hair weave, Peruvian hair would give you a natural and beautiful look. Peruvian hair is soft, shiny and usually curly, you can achieve many hairstyles as it’s also very versatile.

One of the most sought after features of Peruvian hair is its lightweight characteristics, you can have so many bundles of Peruvian hair on your head and it would still feel like you were walking with clouds as hair. Peruvian hair has gotten very popular with hair lovers in the last few years because of its versatility and full volume appearance however this has also led to hair that looks similar to it being marketed as Peruvian hair. Peruvian hair is great for making sleek straight hairstyles with little to no maintenance.

If you like short hair and experimenting with haircuts, then Peruvian hair is great for you. Peruvian hairs’ texture also means it blends well with Caucasian hair and for people with fine hair textures. It comes in various patterns like wavy, curly and straight hair. Peruvian hair is perfect for sew-ins and making wigs, they are low maintenance and last long with minimal care.

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What do Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair have in common?

Although these two extremely popular kinds of human hair are sourced from different regions and have varying characteristics, they do have a lot of similarities that make them top players in the human hair bundles marketplace. We’re going to share some of the similarities and what they have in common with you. This way you have all the information you need and you can decide which hair is better for you when next you’re thinking of buying hair.

  • High quality Brazilian and Peruvian human hair will not tangle and knot as you go through the day. Even if you do not brush your hair, it’ll maintain its soft, bouncy and flowy texture.
  • Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair will not shed and leave your hairbrush full of strands whenever you brush your hair out. It will have minimal shedding as you use the hair more often but that’s about as much shedding as you’ll get.
  • Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair come in similar shades of either black or brown.
  • Brazilian and Peruvian hairs are both durable, soft, shiny and smooth.
  • Both Peruvian and Brazilian hair can be styled in any way you like and they can withstand heat while being curled or straightened.
  • They both require minimal care and will require moisture and maintenance from a little oil in order for them to continue looking fantastic.
  • With both Peruvian and Brazilian hair, you may find different colors of hair strands in your hair bundles but this has nothing to do with the quality. Since the hair is 100% human hair, it has been exposed to sunlight which has some lightening effect on hair strands.
  • Both hairs can be processed into different textures although they both come in naturally straight or wavy and curly hair patterns.
  • Peruvian and Brazilian hair can both be blended with different textures of African American hair whether natural or relaxed and even some medium-coarse textures of Caucasian hair.
  • Brazilian and Peruvian hair come in similar lengths usually between 8 inches to 30 inches long hair bundles.

What’s the difference between Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair?

Although these two types of human hair extensions have many similarities, there are also differences that make them distinct from one another. They are both very popular and possess some features you may like to have in your next hairstyle but there are some things about each hair that separates it from the other which you ought to know.

For example, Peruvian hair is resistant to sun damage and heat so they’re great for when you are going on vacation in sunny areas. We have also outlined some of the differences between Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair so you will have the necessary hair ninja skills to differentiate between these two kinds of hair types when it comes down to it.

Differences in Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair colors

Peruvian hair usually comes in lighter colors than Brazilian hair. Brazilian hair usually comes in darker hair colors like 1B, black and varying shades of dark browns while Peruvian hair comes in light brown, deep brown and also comes in darker hair colors as well. The good news here is that both Brazilian and Peruvian hair can be dyed to whichever color you like and they can also be bleached.

So if you’d like to have brighter colored hair like pink hair or ice blonde hair, you can easily dye your hair bundles to a color you prefer. Remember to use only high-quality dyes so you do not damage your hair extensions and you can continue to use them for several months.

What hair is thicker between Brazilian hair and Peruvian hair?

thicker human hair

Peruvian hair is usually thicker and a lot coarser than Brazilian hair. Although Peruvian hair is thicker than your favorite dense Brazilian hair strands, Peruvian hair is much more lightweight. This means you can have lots of hair bundles on your head and it would not feel very heavy. If you love having a full head of hair but you don’t want to feel like you’re carrying baggage around then using Peruvian hair is a great idea. The coarse hair strands make it easy to blend with some textures of African American hair like 4A hair textures and medium coarse Caucasian hair.

Brazilian curly hair vs Peruvian curly hair

Brazilian Curly Hair Vs Peruvian Curly Hair

Brazilian hair takes to curls very well and the curls are usually uniform and tightly curled all through the bundles. Because of the ethnicity of the donors, our hair is gotten from in South America, the curly hair has a natural curl pattern usually made up of tight curls that last and will not get loose after several rounds wearing the hair and brushing it. Brazilian curly hair is highly sought after and its medium luster helps it blend beautifully with the hair of people that have naturally tight curls.

Brazilian curly hair is very soft and thick and usually has a luxurious dark color that can be styled in many ways. Peruvian curly hair becomes curlier and restores lost curls when wet, the curls are looser, have more bounce and are soft but also voluminous enough for a full head of hair and it blends beautifully with both Caucasian and African American curly hair. Curly hair tends to need care so that it retains its loops and spirals so ensure you have conditioner handy to keep the hair moisturized and shiny.

Brazilian wavy hair vs Peruvian wavy hair

Brazilian wavy hair vs Peruvian wavy hair

Brazilian wavy hair has a beautiful dense “S” wave pattern and is great for making different kinds of hair. You can add cute braids to your Brazilian wavy hair and it can also be straightened or the curls can be made tighter, the texture is also very smooth. When the hair is wet, it gets a bit wavier so it’s easy to maintain and it retains its beauty. After straightening your Brazilian wavy hair, you can make it wavy again by applying a bit of water to it without altering the hairs quality. Brazilian wavy hair retains curls so if you want a different vibe you can whip out your curling iron or rollers and give yourself a new look.

Peruvian hair is naturally wavy and soft, they retain their “S” wavy pattern no matter how long you have them and how often you style, color or brush them. Peruvian wavy hair is easily straightened and retains its volume so it can be styled any which way you desire. These beautiful hair bundles can last you a very long time and retain its gentle flowing wave pattern. They are much easier to straighten unlike Brazilian hair so your wavy Peruvian hair can double as a straight hair.

Brazilian straight hair vs Peruvian straight hair

Brazilian Straight Hair Vs Peruvian Straight Hair

One of the most obvious differences between Brazilian and Peruvian hair is the texture of their straight hair pattern. Sometimes you want to have a sleek bone straight hairdo and if you are thinking you can achieve that with a Brazilian hair weave then you may have some trouble with that. While Brazilian straight hair is dense, thick and luxuriously dark colored straight Brazilian hair tends to still have a bit of waviness to it.

To get a bone straight look, you may have to flat iron and straighten your Brazilian hair more often than you would with Peruvian hair. Brazilian hair loves curls and is more suited for curly patterned hair while Peruvian hair is ideal for bone straight hairstyles. Peruvian straight hair is the most common hair pattern and it will not require as much maintenance as straight Brazilian hair so if you are a fan of sleek straight hair that can be cut and styled in different edgy ways, then Peruvian hair is the better option to create such looks. Peruvian straight hair is silky and bouncy and a little goes a long way while giving you that sleek voluminous look you desire.

Which hair is more suitable for African American black women?

Just as the skin tone of African American black women varies and comes in many rich and beautiful tones, so do their hair textures. Some African American women have tight coily hair that is coarse and kinky which is popularly called type 4c hair while some others have loosely curled hair especially those of mixed race. Black women with this kind of soft loose curls fall into the category of type 4a hair and there is a nice balance in the middle of these two hair types called type 4b hair which is not as loosely curled as 4a hair or as coily as 4c. 4b hair is in beautiful ringlets that can become tough especially when dry and lacking in the necessary oils needed to add moisture to their hair.

Some African American women like to keep their hair natural and free from chemical processing. These natural queens tend to have tight curls that remind you of the motherland and require a lot of maintenance and care. If you are a woman of this type of hair and you like to put your hair in protective styles when you need your hair to rest, you may opt for Brazilian curly hairs because this kind of hair matches your curl pattern exquisitely. It can be easily blended to match the appearance of your own hair and styled in many complimentary hairstyles that flatter your face beautifully. These hair types can also use other curl patterns of Brazilian hair buy using a matching closure without leaving any part of their hair out for a uniform look.

Other African American ladies opt to relax their hair or use other means like texturizing and perming to soften their naturally thick and coarse hair to make it more sleek and manageable. Black women with this type of hair can go for Peruvian hairs that have a lighter texture that matches with their own permed hair. The curl patterns and lightweight nature of Peruvian hair are absolutely perfect for such black queens and you can leave their hair out and blend them in with your Peruvian hair extensions beautifully.

The kinds of hair used by African American black women depends solely on their preference so whether you have relaxed, permed or natural hair, look for a weave that is as close to your natural hairs appearance and makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. You can use our pointers as a guide on how best to choose between Brazilian or Peruvian hair for your next hairdo so you look fantastic always.

Why you should choose us for your Brazilian and Peruvian hair

Knhair is a company dedicated to proving its clients with only the best quality human hair at affordable prices. Whether you are looking to purchase some bomb Brazilian hair or get yourself the perfect Peruvian hair, we’ve got you covered. We stock a wide range of hair weaves and extensions that are guaranteed to have you turning heads and because we give our clients pure unprocessed hair, you get value for your money as your hair lasts for as long as 12-18 months or even longer.

With the proper care and maintenance, you can rock your beautiful hair weaves for more than a year so you don’t have to worry about saving up to keep buying more hairs unless you want to of course.

All our Remy hair is gotten from the same donor, steam cleaned and carefully sorted to ensure we give you only the best quality. It takes some time for our donors to grow out your pure 100% human hair extensions so although they can be pricey, they are absolutely worth it as they reflect quality and elegance. Our hair extensions can be styled whichever way you want and you won’t need to buy in large quantities to get a full and natural hairstyle. We have curly, wavy, straight, loose waves, deep waves, frontals, closures or wigs and all kinds of hair patterns you may desire so if you’re looking for where to get some budget-friendly quality hair that won’t break the bank, you can visit our store today.


Both Peruvian and Brazilian hair have their own characteristics that make them highly sought after by hair lovers all around the world.

  1. If you love straight edgy hairstyles, then you can opt for Peruvian hair as it is better for those kinds of styles.
  2. And for our curl loving queens. Brazilian hair is the better option because it can hold curls all day long.
  3. If you love full voluminous hair that is lightweight, then Peruvian hair is better.
  4. Brazilian hair is the better option if you love dark and dense hair.
  5. Both Peruvian and Brazilian hair are great and it depends on your preferences for you to decide which hair you prefer, is better for your hair type and would suit the hairstyles you love.

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