Sew In With Closure (2020 Update)

Sew In With Closure

What Is Sew In With Closure?

Sewing in extensions to the actual hair or the wig is very common these days. However there is an art to using hair extensions. For people who have been using hair extensions for a while now understand the importance of closures.Once you are done with sewing in the hair extensions or creating a wig, it’s ideal to add closures for an optimum finishing touch.

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Many people tend to use hair extensions without the closure however it is always recommended by stylists to use closures to close off a wig or a sew in.

Stores that sell extensions also tend to sell closures for you to complete your hair sew-in experience. So if you are looking to get hair extensions or a wig for yourself then it is crucial that you sew in a closure to the wig or hair weave.

The sewing in of closures to wigs or hair weaves extensions is known as sew in with closure.

Why Is Sew-In With Closure So Popular All Over The World?

Women from all over the world tend to sew in closures to their wigs or hair weaves. Their popularity has remarkably increased in the past few years. In the old day’s people only used hair extensions on their own however with the introduction of different types of hair closures, the entire hair style game has changed.

Where there are so many stylists that prefer using closures on wigs and hair weaves, there are also some who still tend to go without closures. You may be able to create a good weave without the closure however it will not be able to match the style that a closure can bring to the table. Closure can not only help you enhance the style of your hair it also offers a great finish to your wig or hair weaves.

The reason that sew in closures are so popular is that they make for a great hair styling experience. What simple hair extensions couldn’t achieve can now be achieved easily with the help of closures. People can create better and more comfortable hair styles with the help if the closures.

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The Pros and Cons Of Sew In With Closure

The Pros

Sew In With Closures offers a lot of amazing benefits for the hair. Let’s take a look at few pros of sew in with closures.

They Make For A Good Design and Finish

Hair extensions can be used to create some amazing designs however if they are not complemented by a good quality closure then that will ruin the entire hair styling experience. Hair closures make for a great design and add a great finishing touch to the entire hair extension experience.

They Protect Your Hair

Closures protect your hair from external factors like extreme weather and other harmful substances. They not only protect your natural hair but are also very good for your hair weave. They protect your hair extensions from losing shape or getting damaged. Sew In Closures ensure that your hair weave stay in its fixed position.

Gives Option For Different Looks and For a more natural look

When it comes to sew in hair closures, there are a lot of options available in the market. A single style of hair closure can be used to create a wide variety of hair styles. It can help in holding many different hair weave designs in their place. The way you choose to sew in the closure has a lot of affect on the overall style of your hair weave. It is imperative that you learn to sew in hair closures in different ways for an optimum hair styling experience.

If you want a more seamless and natural-looking alternative, then you may be interested in KN hair free part lace closure. The lace used on the closures is very thin and same color as the scalp and hence it looks natural. No one will be able to tell that you are wearing a wig or weave.

Easy To Maintain Sew In Hair

This one is as simple as it can get. The sew in closures are easy to manage and maintain. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to manage them. You don’t need to be an expert to maintain sew in closures, as they can be easily managed with the hair extensions the same way you manage your natural hair.

The Cons

Where there are pros there also are some cons for sewn in closures as well.

They Last For A Couple Of Years

No matter how durable the hair closures and no matter how good they are maintained, they always tend to last 1 to 2 years. Some sew in hair closures may only last for a few months however if properly maintained, their life can be increased from 1 to 2 years.

Use Of Sticky Material

Some people tend to use sticky material like glue or tape to hold the closure in its place even after it has been sown it to the hair extensions or the wig. This sticky material can not only damage the closure and hair extensions but it can also damage the person’s natural hair as well. It may also be difficult to wash away the sticky material which may become a challenging task on its own.

How To Sew In With Frontal Or Closure

If you know how to sew in frontal or closures to your hair weave then nothing can stop you from creating some amazing hair styles. It is very important to understand if you need a frontal or a closure with your specific hair style. You need the closure or frontal to help you enhance your style and make your hair weave look even better than it already is. You may be able to experience an amazing hair style but if you use the wrong piece then you will not be able to enjoy a hair styling experience to the full extent.

How Many Bundles Are Required To Complete A Full Sew In With Closure

Hair Length

When you are making a wig or styling your hair one question may always arise in your head and that question is how many bundles are required for a complete sew in with closure. You should know the factors that affect the entire hair styling and hair weaves. There is no subjective answer to that question. Different people may required different amounts of bundles but generally 2 to 3 bundles are enough to cover an average head. However there are certain factors that may make you go for more bundles as well. Factors like desired hair style or the size of your head may affect the amount of bundles you need. Some hair styles may require more than 2 or 3 bundles. The same way the size of your head may also affect the number of bundles you need to complete a full sew in with closure.

How Many Bundles Are Needed For Sew In With A Frontal

When it comes to frontals, they also depend on the same factors as closure. You might need somewhere from 2 to 5 bundles for a full sew in with frontal. Any more than that and you would be taking extra weight on your head. It is ideal to use 3 to 4 bundles as 2 bundles can sometimes be very few.

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What Do You Need For A Sew In With Closure

First and foremost you need to have the right skills to know how to use or sew in closures to your hair weave. You need to have a sewing set. However the most important thing you need for a sew in is the right amount of bundles. Using fewer bundles or using more bundles that it is required will eventually cause problems. Fewer bundles will not let you create the hair style you want and using more than required bundles will make you feel hot and heavy in the head. The sweat will also damage the closure and your hair weaves.

Sew In With Closure: Step By Step Instructions

Here is a guide for step by step instructions for sewing in with closure.

Ready The Model/Customer

The first step to sewing in closures is to ready the customer or the person on whom the weave and the closure has to be installed. Make sure their hair is braided as this works best if the hair is braided.

Bleach Your Closure

The next step is to bleach the closure to match the natural hair of the person and to give the closure a more natural and shiny look. Bleaching it will definitely enhance the entire outlook of your appearance when the sew in is done.

Line Up The Closure And Make The Person Hold It

Don’t shy away from asking the customer or the model to hold the closure for you once you have set it up. Once you have fixed the position of the closure you then have to sew it in to the braid and if you are holding the closure you can’t sew in the braids. So it is ideal to ask the customer to hold the closure herself.

Know Where To Sew

Now when you start sewing in the closure with the braids makes sure you know understand how and where you should sew. Sewing through the wrong braid may cause problems later on. So in order to maintain the shape of the hair weave or wig, you need to be very careful while sewing in the closure.


Parting is another important technique that will affect the entire outlook and appearance of the person once the closer has been sown in. Different people prefer different parting techniques and styles. It depends on the preference of the customer however sometimes the hair is in a certain shape that it can only be parted in a specific way.

Cut It and Put Some Finishing Touches

Once you are done sewing in, start cutting the hair and extra plastic on the closure to give the closure a more natural look. Cut the hair to make it according to the desire of the customer. Add some shine and style as finishing touch and the customer would be good to go.

Sewn In Weave Vs Glue In Hair Method, Which Can Last Longer?

Generally both of these techniques are done separately. Some hair stylists tend to use sticky materials like tape or glue to stick the closure on to the hair weave even after it has been sown in. This is done to make the hold stronger. However if you have sown in the closure to the hair then there is really no need to use any type of sticky material. If you don’t feel like going for a sew in then you can use alternatives like glue or tape.

When it comes to the question of which method would last longer than without a doubt the sew in weave method would last longer than glue in hair method. The sew in weave method is easy to install, maintain or even take off. The same cannot be said for glue in hair method. The glue can get damaged by the sweat or other external factors and ruin the entire hair style. It is also dangerous to use items like glue or tape near the natural hair as they might damage the natural hair instead of giving them style.

How To Maintain and Take Care Of Sew In Closure?

Sew In With Closure Care

Taking care for the sew in closure is very important. Not taking care of it is not just going to damage the product but it will also affect your entire appearance. If you use a closure whose quality isn’t up to par then that is going to affect your entire outlook. Try to care for you sew in closure like you would care for your own natural hair. Don’t shy away from washing the sew in hair closure under warm water for only a few seconds. You can also use natural hair oil to keep the hair in good condition. Brush it once in a while so that it may hold its original shape. They are very easy to maintain however a simple wrong step may damage your closure. Don’t wash them for longer time than required. Don’t use any chemicals that you wouldn’t use on your own natural hair. Just care for the sew in weave with closure like it is your natural hair and once you wear a well maintained sew in hair weave with closure, then it will definitely make you feel good and confident as well.

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