Toupee For Men: All You Need to Know


It is commonly believed by the majority that hair enhances the beauty and the attractiveness of a person. We can also observe around us that people are extremely sensitive about their hair.

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Not only women, but men are equally conscious when about it. They are ready to go an extra mile to maintain their hair in anyway. This is mostly because of the new and advanced methods of hair maintenance being introduced globally.

Another major reason why hair is always a sensitive topic for many is because of the amount of hair fall they experience daily.

Sadly, many youngsters experience hair fall from a very early age. For most of them, it is genetically.

But for others, there are several types of vitamin deficiencies or malnutrition that negatively affects hair growth. As such issues are gradually becoming common in these times, the concept of hair transplant, wigs and hair toupees have taken an emerging trend.

These new methods have made life easy for many as they are easy to carry and wear. The best part is that they give your hair a more natural look.

It is almost impossible for anyone to detect the difference. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss everything about hair toupee for men.

We will first start by clearing on what exactly a toupee is and then will proceed on towards the details that you should consider.

So gear up and let’s begin!

Do You Know What a Toupee is?

Toupee For Men

We are sure you must be wondering that another name for a wig is a toupee. Surprisingly, that is not true!

Though the purpose of both the products is the same, there are definitely some major differences that we will discuss later, in detail.

If we talk about only hair toupee then it is a non-surgical method of hair transplants or replacements.

It is considered as the traditional solution of hair replacement. This is because it was introduced before all the surgical methods of hair replacement systems were introduced.

Toupee is basically used to cover the bald area of the men. Apparently, it is easy to detect that a person is wearing a toupee.

Whereas, if you consider the new, advanced solutions, it makes it hard for you to detect the difference between real hair and fake hair. This is one of the major reasons why hair transplant emerged as the most trending solution.

To be exact, and what the masses perceive about toupee, is that it is an ancient way of covering the bald head and loss of hair. Most of us still perceive the same and always consider wigs and toupee the same thing.

Did You Know About Modern Toupees for Men?

Modern Toupees For Men

Amazingly, there are modern toupees for men as well. These are mainly designed for young people who suffer from baldness from a very early age.

Therefore, modern toupee offers men with different styles and caters to different tastes.

The variety of styles definitely offer different prices as well. They are cool, funky and even cater to the style for gentlemen.

Are Wig and Toupee the Same?

Toupee Vs Wigs

We know that the next thing you must be curious about is the difference between a wig and a toupee.

You must be perceiving wigs and hair toupee as the same thing since years. That’s completely fine. This is because we were not aware of the details until modern hair replacement systems were introduced.

As toupees and wigs existed since ancient times, there are certain details that we should know before going for either of the solutions.

Wigs include hairpieces that are made from synthetic or natural hair. Wigs are worn to cover the whole scalp despite just covering the patches of baldness.

It is an instant solution for people to cover the entire bald head or to be worn on the existing hair as well.

The trend of wigs has emerged again. There are now different hairstyles of wigs offered for fashionistas. One thing to always keep in mind is that wigs need to be removed daily. One cannot simply keep wearing it for days.

On the other hand, toupees for men are specifically manufactured to hide the patches of baldness on the head. That is why they are worn on the crown and not made to cover the entire scalp.

So we can say that a toupee is a part of a wig. It is also made from hairpieces of natural hair or synthetic hair. However, there are possibilities that too much exposure to heat and friction can damage a toupee more frequently.

Steps for Installing Toupee for Men to Give a Natural Look:

If you are thinking that installing toupee for men on your own is challenging then you are definitely mistaken. This is because the entire installation process just requires a maximum of 15 minutes. So get ready to follow the step by step procedure for installing a toupee!

1. Measure Your Hair Line:

Now that you want to have you hair replacement system according to the width and the length of your head, make sure to measure your hairline. This will make it convenient for you to stick the toupee perfectly on the scalp.

So take your toupee and stick it on your head. Grab a barbering pencil, lift the edges of the toupee and start marking the hairline on the scalp. Sketch the line all around your head with the help of a mirror.

2. Grab Clippers for Trimming:

Once you have marked your hairline, lift off the toupee. Grab your clippers and start trimming the hair according to the measured hairline.

3. Spray some Adhesive Remover:

Get an adhesive removing spray and start spraying it on your trimmed scalp, and at the back of the toupee from where it is supposed to stick.

This will sanitize your head and toupee before you wear it. Wipe the adhesive using a towel or a paper tower completely.

4. Apply Liquid Bandage:

After drying your scalp it’s time to apply some liquid bandage. This is a protector for your hair. It even stops oil or sweat that might not stick the toupee firmly. Just stroke the liquid on the entire bald area to get the best results.

5. Apply Adhesive:

The liquid bandage must have dried out now. You can check it by touching with your finger. Next, you need to apply the adhesive all over the bald area. You can use a brush to stroke it and spread it evenly on the scalp.

6. Use a Blow Drier to Dry the Adhesive:

You need to make sure that the adhesive that you applied should be completely dry. The white adhesive will definitely become transparent when it starts drying. To speed up the process you can always use a blow drier for this.

7. You’re all Ready to Stick Your Toupee:

Now you are all set to stick your toupee. Start by sticking from the front hairline. You need to be careful while sticking it evenly on the scalp. Keep stretching the sides slightly to avoid from any folds.

8. Press Firmly and Flaunt with Your New Hair:

Keep pressing the toupee firmly on the scalp. You can use a towel or a comb to stick it. Once the process is completed, make sure to comb your hair and style it the way you want. You are all ready to flaunt with your hair!

Steps to Remove Toupee Correctly:

We are sure you must have sufficient knowledge about handling toupee now. You know how to install it the right way, but what to do when you have to remove it?

Do you just have to pull it off? Well, to know how to remove your toupee correctly make sure to read all the steps in detail.

1. Spray the Adhesive Remover on the Hair Line:

You know from where you have applied adhesive to stick the unit. Therefore, grab a reliable adhesive removing spray and spray it through the line and into your hair properly.

Make sure to leave it on your hair for a minute or two so that it goes inside perfectly.

Resting the adhesive remover for some time will help to remove the adhesive material from the backside from there the tape of the unit sticks. It will be even safe to pull off the unit, without breaking your natural hair or ruining their direction.

2. Start from the back:

Keep one thing in mind that you need to be gentle with the unit. You definitely would not want to tear it by pulling it. That is why the safest and the correct way is to start from the back.

Spray the adhesive remover properly on the back hairline and start pulling it. You must have lifted the edges at the back. So now spray some more by lifting the unit.

3. Pull, Pull and Pull:

Start pulling the hair from the back making sure that you are not required to apply too much force. This is because the product will do its own work smoothly. If you feel that you need to use more force, just use the adhesive remover and spray it on the area required.

4. The Slower the Better:

We repeat you do not need to apply too much force while pulling as it might tear your unit and destroy it. Keep pulling it slowly; keep spraying the adhesive remover to make the pulling process smooth.

You might be required to spray more adhesive on the front hairline. So be patient. Do not pull it off right away. Keep spraying and let the adhesive remover do its work.

Tips for Maintaining Toupee for Men:

We know that buying a toupee is definitely not affordable for many. But there definitely comes a point when you think that it is a necessity for you now.

Once you have your toupee, you need to take care of it like your natural hair. This is because a toupee is made up of hairpieces from synthetic or natural hair.

It is pretty delicate and so you need to make efforts to maintain it for a longer-term. Therefore, it is vital to take some preventive methods to protect it from damaging so easily.

Make sure you follow these tips and keep your toupee looking clean, fresh and presentable always:

  • Comb Your Toupee Properly:

Grab a brush or a comb and start by coming to your toupee properly. Before starting with the washing process, it is necessary to make sure that the hair is detangled and are good to go for a nice wash.

It even protects the hair to fall so frequently. This is because the knots in the hair loosens them from the base of the unit and then there are high chances of hair fall.

  • Always Use Reliable Products:

As discussed earlier, hair replacement systems are pretty delicate to handle. That is why you need to make sure that you use products from reliable brands.

One thing to remember that certain chemicals might not be suitable for your skin or the unit. So you should always test it on your hands before applying it on your scalp.

Another thing, you should only use specific shampoos and conditioner for a toupee. Not all products can work best. So do not make a mistake!

  • Wash Your Unit Gently:

Cleaning the toupee is equally important. You should detangle the hair before washing it. Use cold or lukewarm water to wash it. Do not scrub it much as it might create knots.

Make sure you use shampoo and conditioner exclusively for a toupee. Be gentle and prevent it from damaging or tearing.

You should apply the conditioner and leave it for some minutes. Gently use comb from root to tips to take it off.

  • Always Air Dry:

Never use a blow drier to dry your toupee. Just hang it upside you to air dry it. Do not even expose it to the sunlight. You can either hang it on a mannequin or use a hanger.

  • Avoid Sleeping with it:

One common mistake made is sleeping with your unit on. This immediately damages the unit and makes the toupee look untidy and worn-out frequently. So make sure you take it off before going to sleep.

Hair systems are personally valuable to us. This is because toupee help us to look attractive and enhance our appearance instantly. They can definitely be our best friend. So make sure to buy the best quality toupee one and maintain it as you do for your natural hair!