Types of Closures for Weaves

What is a closure? A closure is just hair that is placed on top of a lace or silk material and attached to your hair. Closures are used to achieve a more natural look when you are wearing a wig or a weave. A closure is used to cover a sew-in that has been done on a weave.

types of closures for weaves

Why You Need A Closure

Closures can be placed on top of your hair with your cornrows on or behind the hairline which ensures some hair has been left out. The former is excellent for protecting your hairline and your hair at large. The latter does not protect your hair so much because for the hair on the closure to blend with your natural hair; you have to use much heat on it. The heat might lead to heat damage and in the long-run ruining your hairline. Using a closure is one of the best ways to protect your hairline.

protect your hairline

Closures can be added to a sew in or on a wig, either way, the base material has to resemble the scalp for it to look natural, and that’s exactly what you want to achieve.

Closures come in many different sizes, but the most common is the square one which is usually on top of the hairline to cover a sew In. The other is rectangular which goes from one ear to the other.

How Do You Attach Your Closure?

Closures can be attached to your hair in different ways which include being taped down, sewn in and glued. The most important thing to know is that no matter the attachment method, the result will be the same and very desirable so to say.

There are three types of closures:

  1. Lace Closures
  2. Lace Frontals
  3. 360 Frontals

Using Lace Closures

Lace closures are usually 4×4 in size. Lace closures can be made from silk or lace, either way, the base has to imitate the scalp and give a natural appearance. There are three different types of lace closures:

  • One part also is known as the middle part
  • Three-part
  • Free part

three types of closures

The one part closure can only be styled from that part. They are usually in the middle or on one side.

The three-part closure is more liberal than the rest. It provides better styling options for you since you can style it from any side of your head or the middle part the choice is yours.

The free part closure is the real deal. With your free part closure, which we highly recommend, you can style your weave however you like. That is the most critical part about lace closures that you need to know before purchasing closures for weaves.


Lace Frontals

Lace frontals are the go-to type of closures for some people. They are preferred because frontals happen to be very versatile. They ran from one ear to the other covering the whole hairline.

Why Choose a Lace Frontal

This closure portrays such a natural look. Lace frontals are usually bigger than lace closures because they are about 13×4 in size.

lace frontals

A lace frontal can be styled differently hence promoting your creativity because it does not have any styling limitations unlike a lace frontal.

A lace frontal happens to be one of the best types of closures to choose from when it comes to hair weaving.

360 Frontal

What is a 360 lace frontal? Well, to explain what a 360 frontal is we can call it a headband that hair strands have been attached to.

360 frontal

What this means is that a 360 frontal is made with the aim of surrounding the whole hairline from front to back and also the sides.

The 360 frontal has the most natural look because it replicates your hairline. The flexibility of having a 360 frontal as a type of closure for your weave is astounding.

What Are the Reasons for Using a 360n Frontal?

Relax and read through because there is more than enough reasons for opting to go for a 360 frontal. For all the ladies who love wearing their hair in a ponytail, here is the closure for you. You do not have to worry about your hairline looking shaggy anymore because the 360 frontal is the way to go.

Most women love playing around with their baby hairs. They like to show how creative they are with hair gel and their baby hairs. This is the advantage closures offer. Since wearing a weave means that you cannot access your natural hair especially with a sew-in, then using a closure is a relief.

The advantage of using a 360 frontal and a lace frontal is you can actually have any style you want including braiding and twists, isn’t that wonderful news? ( Yes I know, it is).

It is also good to know that the results of a hair closure are highly dependent on where you get it from. Some of the best closures for weaves can only be purchased in companies or online shops that have a distinguished history.

You can compromise on something else but not the quality of your closure and by extension, your hair, go for the very best.

Final Thoughts

Closures are adjustable and multi-purpose, making them very useful to women who love having natural looking weaves.

Having trouble choosing which way to go on closures? Don’t worry; they are all perfect. The main difference is the size of each of them. We recommend experimenting until you find exactly what you feel works for you.

You can have fun while you decide which way to go and what type of closure to use with a weave sew-in. A virgin hair closure is perfect for anyone who is unsure of which one to use.

We also recommend talking to your hairstylist before making any purchase because they understand your hair better. A hair stylist would never give you the wrong information, you can trust on that.

Having beautiful hair while your edges are a mess is just so unfair to you, and that is the reason why we suggest the use of closures for weaves.

You cannot look so good and ruin it with rough looking edges, no way. Make the right choice for yourself and get a proper closure and slay that weave. There is nothing like looking too good and just a tip; extra is the new normal.

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