15 Types Of Hair Clips That Everyone Should Invest In

When it comes to hair accessories, hair clips will be the first to pop into your mind. They aren’t just a way to spruce up your hairstyle, but also have several practical uses. So if you are looking for hair clips that’ll help take your hairstyles to the next level, in every way, then look no further. Here is a list of 15 hair clips that’ll help you achieve the look you want.

Alligator Style Sectioning Clips By HH & LL

Alligator Style Sectioning Clips

These Alligator style sectioning clips are definitely an investment for those who love experimenting with their hair and for hair salons too. These clips feature a double hinge along with wide teeth, which allows for this type of hair clip to grip on to your hair tightly without any possibility of slipping. While the grip of this type of hair clip is incredibly tight, these clips will not pull at the roots or leave any dents. So, you can section out your hair without any worries. You can also use them to hold up your hairstyle all day long by strategically placing them out of sight. Since these clips don’t leave any dents, you can use them to keep your hair away from your face while doing any activity. These Alligator style clips are constructed using ABS plastic, which is sturdy yet light-weight. It is also free of BPAs and lead, which means that these clips are recyclable. So, they aren’t just great for you but also easy on the environment.

Goody’s Classics Claw Clip

Goodys Classics Claw Clip

This type of hair clip is one that every woman should have in her purse. It is perfect for all occasions, whether you are on the go at home. These claw clips are better to use instead of a hair tie as they do not bend your hair and retains your original hair styling. So, it is perfect for getting your hair out of your face without morphing your original hairstyle. The clip comes in two different colors, that are, black and brown, which allows it to blend into the two most common hair colors. The clip is constructed of plastic with wide and thick teeth, which prevents it from breaking. As the clips intersect each other within the gaps, the clip always stays in place and does not slip.

12 Pcs Pearl Hair Clips By E-accexpert

12 Pcs Pearl Hair Clips By E Accexpert

This pack of 12 contains 12 different types of hair clips that you can use anywhere and in any way. Metal alloys and handmade pearls, these types of hair clips should be in everyone’s hair accessory collection. Each pearl is strategically and manually placed on the metal alloy, which ends up in a finished product that looks elegant and high-end. To make sure that no pearl falls off, each pearl is connected using a fishing line. The entire construction allows you to use these clips without any worrying about durability and strength. You can use these clips to spruce up a casual look or even hold together your hair styling in place at a wedding or any other event.

Strong Hold Jumbo Hair Clip By Revlon

Strong Hold Jumbo Hair Clip

This jumbo hair clip has 16 teeth within its outer layer and 14 inner teeth to provide maximum grip and hold. So, it is perfect for those with thick and curly hair. Since this clip is jumbo-sized, it can hold a substantial volume of hair. So, it is one of the types of hair clips that can hold up long hair on its own. However, even though the grip is snug and stable, the hold is comfortable on the hair and does not pull at the roots of your hair. This jumbo hair clip isn’t just practical but also has a sleek look. Its design features a black base and inner teeth that are white or brown.

20 PCS Ribbon Hair Bow Alligator Clips

20 PCS Ribbon Hair Bow Alligator Clips

This is one set of hair clips that you will be able to use with any type of outfit. These 20 pieces of hair clips feature a 3 inches ribbon bow with alligator clips, where each piece is of a different solid color. This multi-colored set is the perfect addition to any baby girl’s wardrobe. The alligator clips allow for a strong hold that can support any hairstyle throughout the day and even playtime. While the grip is strong and tight, this type of hair clip prevents any damage to the hair from pulling.

AIMIKE 12 Pack Hair Clips

AIMIKE 12 Pack Hair Clips

This pack of 12 hair clips features a double band design constructed using silicone that clips together to grip the hair. The bands can grip dry as well as wet hair. You can even use them to section out your hair while dyeing or even styling. The design itself prevents these hair clips from damaging the hair in any way. The clasping mechanism is incredibly simple to use with strong spring that won’t come loose. These clips will also be incredibly useful for hair salons.

Pack Of 100 Butterfly Hair Clips By Bantoye

Pack Of 100 Butterfly Hair Clips By Bantoye

This 100 piece butterfly hair clip pack features seven different solid colors. So, it is ideal for baby girls who love matching their clips to their clothes. Each butterfly clip is constructed using resin of top quality, which allows these small-sized butterfly clips to be incredibly sturdy. Each clip has a length of 1.5 centimeters and a width of 3 centimeters. They are the ideal hair clips to use for decorative purposes. They are fit for any school and personal function. The interlocking jaws of these butterfly clips prevent any slipping and falling, even during playtime.

Floral Rhinestone Banana Hair Clips By Lizzie Kay

Floral Rhinestone Banana Hair Clips

This pack of 2 banana hair clips is bedazzled with multi-colored flower rhinestones. Each floral banana clip has a length of 4 inches, which allows it to be decorative yet practical. This pack has clips that feature a unique design, which includes golden lilies or multi-colored wildflowers. They can be worn at any occasion, such as a festival. The spring mechanism allows it to be easily used by people of all ages. Since these banana clips do not leave any dents within the hair, you can use them to elegantly pull your hair away from your face, in public, without disrupting the original style. The multi-colored flowers are all made of metal, which provides maximum shine and the flowers are then decorated with rhinestones.

Banana Hair Clip By HairZing

Banana Hair Clip

These banana hair clips feature a unique design that is constructed using a satin cord, which is incredibly soft of the hair. The design is engineered to support all types of heavy, curly, and wavy natural hair. The best part is that the flat construction not only holds up your curls but also retains their pattern. The teeth of this banana hair clip are constructed using steel, which allows for a sleek appearance and separation that is frictionless. You can slide this banana clip through braids and even locks without damaging your hair or scalp. This is the perfect subtle clip that will help you experiment with different hairstyles, such as ponytails, faux hawks, and even frohawks. They are lightweight and can be strategically used under other hair accessories, such as hats.

Unicorn Hair Clips Holder And Headband Organizer By Beinou

Unicorn Hair Clips Holder And Headband Organizer

This unicorn hair accessory organizer is the perfect product that will help you spruce up your child’s room while keeping it organized. Your children will be motivated to keep their hair accessories organized as an excuse to use this organizer again and again. This organizer features a unicorn horn that has a golden glitter horn, a face made of soft felt, black eyelashes, a soft pink blush, and tassels made of white and pink colored yarn. This unicorn organizer has a length of 30.7 inches, where the yarn tassels are 27.6 inches and 6.7 inches wide. The overall look of this organizer is fun, bright, and soft. You can store several types of hair clips and accessories, such as snap clips, headbands, hair bows, and alligator clips.

Metal Snap Hair Clips With Animal Print By PIDOUDOU

Metal Snap Hair Clips With Animal Print

This pack of 35 different snap hair clips is constructed using metal, where each clip features 13 snap clips with different animals, 6 fruit-shaped snap hair clips, 6 star-shaped snap hair clips, and 10 solid colored plain snap hair clips. The snap clip allows for a sturdy grip and ease in application. These snap hair clips feature a clip that is snapped close, which allows them to sit comfortably on the head and do not pull at the root of the hair. Each solid colored snap clip is 2.1 inches long, each star-shaped snap clip is 1.7 inches long, while each fruit-shaped snap clip is 1.2 inches. These clips have varying patterns and are perfect for every occasion, whether it is an event at school or a birthday.

120 Pieces Hair Jewelry Rings By WXJ13

120 Pieces Hair Jewelry Rings

This pack of 120 features hair jewelry rings that’ll help to in taking your entire look to the next level. This pack includes 40 plain hair rings, 30 pieces of hollow out hair rings, 20 pieces of curve circle hair rings, 5 pieces each for the rest of the shapes. Each hair ring is constructed using aluminum, which makes it flexible and soft of the head. You can adjust these hair rings around braids and a plethora of other hairstyles. The wide variety of designs will flatter all the different types of outfits you’ve got. The method of application is simple, where you have to weave a strand of your hair, open the ring and place it into your hair. You won’t be needing any tools. The best part is that these rings are appropriate for all types of events, such as clubbing, weddings, fashion shows, and more. The ring design allows this accessory to stay all night long.

Pack Of 24 Mini Clamp Hair Clips By Hotop

Pack Of 24 Mini Clamp Hair Clips

This pack of 24 consists of mini clamp hair clips that feature the same color, that is, black, which will allow you to create a variety of hairstyles while blending in the hair clip. They are suitable for people of all ages. The interlocking teeth allow for these mini clamp hair clips to have a sturdy and tight grip on the hair. It prevents the hair from any damage and is incredibly easy to use. You can hold up, twist, turn your hair, and add in this hair clip to hold your hairstyle together. These mini clips are also durable despite their size, due to the good quality of material and construction. The width of each clamp clip falls between 1.5 to 2 centimeters.

Octopus Grip Clip By Scunci

Octopus Grip Clip By Scunci

This type of hair clip has 8 different teeth that curve at the end, just like an octopuses tentacles. This clip also has a grip similar to the tentacles of an octopus; tight. The curve allows the hair to hold more hair and prevents any slipping, this is also due to each teeth interlocking with the next one. This clip provides maximum support to updos and a variety of tousled hair looks. Each clip has a solid neutral color, that is, brown or black.

Strong Hold Hair Claw Clips By Revlon

Strong Hold Hair Claw Clips By Revlon

This claw hair clip has an outer layer of teeth and an inner layer, which allows this claw clip to grab on to the hair with a firm and tight grip. The size allows it to hold on to longer and thicker hair without slipping or damage. This claw clip has a sleek look and the solid colors allow it to blend into the hair. So, it isn’t just practical but also subtle and classy.

All in all, you can never go wrong if you purchase any one of the 15 types of hair clips that are mentioned above. Every clip has a structure that will support your hair and are incredibly easy to apply. We are sure that after going through all the hair clips you have already picked out a combination of hair clips that will serve your every hair styling need.