Types of Remy hair

Types of Remy hair

Are you planning to buy a beautiful hair weave for everyday use, but have no knowledge about different types and quality? If yes, then we are here to help you. Whether you want to buy a weave for everyday use or for some special occasion, always go for natural looking hair. There is Remy hair that you can get for a more real look and long term use.

What is Remy Hair?

Remy is a term that is often used in the hair weave, and to those who are new to the world of hair bundles with closure, it is just one of many terms that are used for quality hair.

Let’s understand what Remy hair weave is?

Remy means 100 percent real human hair that has been collected from a single donor and is free from harsh chemicals or processing. Cuticles of these hairs are in one direction which makes them tangle-free. When you wear Remy hair weave, it looks as if the hair had grown naturally from your scalp. Thus, Remy hairs are gorgeous and natural that blends seamlessly, and makes you feel stunning every day.

Difference between Remy and Non-Remy Hair

Whether or not hair weave is “Remy” will put a huge effect on the quality and longevity of the hair, which is why it is so important to understand the difference between Remy and non-Remy products.

What is Remy hair Characteristics

  • All cuticles are in the same direction
  • They do not get tangled easily
  • These hairs are easy to comb and wash
  • They look more smooth, shiny and soft
  • They are long-lasting if cared properly

What is Non-Remy Hair Characteristics

  • All cuticles are in not in the same direction
  • They do get tangled easily
  • These hairs are difficult to comb and wash
  • They become rough after use
  • They are not long-lasting

What is Advantages of Remy Hair

  • One of the main advantages of Remy hair is that they are very affordable, and almost everyone can buy it easily.
  • The quality of Remy weave is really high, and hair lasts for a long time.
  • Remy hair weave is as silky and sleek as virgin hair.
  • Most women want to choose from different styles and shades for a more unique look. There are no color limitations with Remy hair, and you can match the shade perfectly with your scalp. Ombr√© Remy hair weave elevates your look to a whole new level.
  • Remy hair weave is easy to use and offer full, rich look to the wearer.

Different Remy hair types

Brazilian Remy hair type

Brazilian Remy hair

Brazilian hair weave is one of the best textures for Afro-American women. Brazilian Remy hair is 100% human hair made of real hair from Brazilian donor. It is very thick and just flats out fabulous. Their high density needs fewer bundles, thus often a more economical choice.

Moreover, Brazilian hair holds curls even better than any other hair type. The coarseness helps the hair blend well with the natural hair of women of African descent. You can color them with any shade you want, this hair type does not get damaged with hair styling tools. Wearing this will make you party-ready in minutes. Further, the deep curly of this hair texture suits every outfit and style.

Also, if you opt for this type of hair weave, you will not have to worry about your hairs getting tangled.

Indian Remy hair

Generally, Indian Remy hair weave is thick, wavy and straight that can transform your look in seconds. Moreover, the hair is ventilated, light, and easy to style. Indian hair weave requires minimal styling and get blend perfectly with every hair texture. These hairs come into black and brown shades, thus perfect for Afro-American women.

If you want to get rid of dread locks and more in favor of straight hair, then Indian hair bundles with closure are for you. All these Remy hair are made up of hair of single donor from India and are easy to comb as well as manage.

Peruvian Remy hair

Peruvian Remy hair weave is usually thick in texture and blends well with every hair textures of African-American women. Peruvian hair requires fewer bundles to give a full body look to you. Peruvian Hair is soft and feather-light, which means that once wear it onto your head, you won’t feel like unnatural.

One of the amazing facts about this hair type is that it actually feels like real hair. Also, they do not get tangled easily. Peruvian hair bundles come in various textures like body wave, deep curly, kinky straight and more.

Malaysian Remy hair

Malaysian hair weave is made up of real hair from the donor of Malaysia. These are often soft and shiny. It blends easily with every texture of your hair and gives you new look within seconds. Moreover, these Remy hair are easy to comb, wash, and maintain. You can color them with any shade of your choice; this will not get damaged due to colour. If you get straight Malaysian hair, you can put curls in them with the help of curling tool. These hairs hold the curls very well.

Which Remy Hair Is The Best?

Now, as you know about the different types of Remy hair, you might be wondering which the best to buy. All above mention hair type is made up of real human hair with cuticles in the same direction. However, depending upon your texture, style, and choice, you can select any of the above mention hair weaves for your new look.

Brazilian hair weave is the one which suits most of the Afro-American women hair texture. If you want kinky curly, kinky straight, deep curly and deep wave then this hair type is perfect for you. And, if you love straight hair, then any of the remaining three are best.

Just make sure to buy the hair weave from a reputed online store to enjoy the different hairstyles for a long time.

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