What Is A Lace Closure

what is a lace closure

Overview Of Lace Closure

A lace closure is a piece of hair in which each hair strands are tied onto a piece of lace. Lace closure can be different sizes. The widely used closures are 3 inches wide by 4 inches deep. With lace closure, you can have a wig without leaving out any hair.

Lace closures can come in different types of hair. It could be Indian Remy, Indian Virgin, Brazilian, Malaysian, Mongolian and of course Chinese. Furthermore, the closures can also be enhanced with different types of lace such as Swiss, French and Super Swiss. They follow different types of hair textures, from silky straight, to Afro curly, Spanish curls and even the African American texture inclusively.

Different Types Of Lace Closures

Several types of lace closure are available in the market that you can purchase. The commonly sort after are listed below

Silk base closures: it is quite different from the other types of closures. It comes with individual strands, made out of thick fabric while others come with wefts. It has different styling options that you can choose to follow. This type of closures provides you with enough ventilation and it is well appreciated in the warm climates.

Monofilament closures: in this type of closures, a mesh is applied in a single strand method. It is ideally used in stiffer hairstyles with full bangs as it easily maintains the original shape of hair without any problem. It can also be used in different hairstyles. The mesh presents a better-looking scalp.

Skin polyurethane closure: this type of closure is not as durable as it looks. It does come in a thin silicone base that gives an impression of a natural scalp. Unlike the silk base closure, it does not allow plenty of ventilation; hence, it is not perfect for hot climates.

Hybrid closures: this type of closure creates a natural looking hairline by combining the lace with a monofilament. They are very durable as a result of their high density in the monofilament areas.

Invisible part closure: this closure is usually in an oblong shape. It is durable and can fit into different shapes of the face. It encompasses weft hair sewn into a mesh base.

Lace Closure Part Design

Free Part Lace Closure:

free part closure
  • With this type of closure, you can choose to style your weave whichever way you so desire. It is absolutely the real deal and it is highly recommended.
  • One important thing you have to know before purchasing your closures is the styling option.
  • when you want to wear your closure backwards with the lace glued down, the free part lace closure is the best design to choose.
  • The free part closure is the best if you want to wear your hair straight back with no part. The hair will look like it is coming from your scalp.

Middle Part Lace Closure:

middle part hair closure
  • It is also known as the one-part closure because it can only be styled from a single part.
  • The styling for middle part lace closure is usually in the middle or on one side.
  • Middle part closure doesn’t suite people with long face for it draws the face downward and presents a weird look. Thus, free part may be better choice for long face.

Three Part Lace Closure:

three part closure
  • The three part closure is more substantial than the other closure part design because it provides improved styling options.
  • With this type of design, you can style it from any side of your head or the middle part the choice is yours.
  • There is no difference in the texture and installing of three-part lace closure. They are completely human hair and all hand tied lace with baby hair.
  • Before use, it is important that you bleach the knots. It does not look very nice when people wear a three-part lace closure without bleaching the knots.
  • The three part lace closure enables you to produce versatile hairstyles.
  • It consists of three partings and they allow different styling options. they are on the right and left of the closure and in the center. Two on each side and one in the middle. The different partings allow you to wear a middle part and a side part on either the right or left.

Lace Closure Texture

  • Texture of Brazilian lace closure

It is soft when touched, bouncy when moving and gives a complete head of silky hair. It is one of the highest qualities in the market. It is better than most women’s own hair.

  • Texture of Peruvian hair closure

It is soft, shiny and featherlike. After installation, it provides a real look and appears realistic. It gives a fuller hair. If you are the person that likes fuller hair, this type of hair texture is so ideal for you.

  • Texture of Malaysian hair closure

It looks absolutely natural with a fine texture. It is soft, curly and shiny. Unlike the Brazilian hair closure, it doesn’t require serious washing. If you love curly hair closure, then Malaysian curly hair closure would be ideal for you.

  • Texture of Indian hair closure

Unlike the Malaysian hair closure, Indian hair closure runs in the same direction with high degree of extension. It is very flexible, soft and waxy. It is naturally great and it can be styled in different ways. The texture of the Indian closure reacts well with dyes. Because of its flexibility, it is a great choice when creating a beautiful human hair wig.

The Necessity Of Lace Closure

Most people prefer a natural smooth hair as it can give an amazing look. However, lace closure can help in achieving this. Lace closure is unavoidably used for making a natural looking hairstyles or wig. Lace closure gives a real and natural appearance to the hairlines.

For most people, lace closure is very necessary in making wig as it permits parting of hair into different sides depending on the type of closure used. They look like a real scalp; however, they should be handled with care.

When you don’t properly care for your closure, they can cause balding of your hair. The main benefit of choosing a lace closure is its unmatched styling versatility.

Where To Buy A Hair Closure

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Sewing In Lace Closure

Preparation step

  1. You should use a mini needle with thread so that the thread is not seen after the sewing process.
  2. The next procedure is to fix the thread into the needle. The threaded needle is then placed next to the spool.

Sew-in step

  1. From the front to the back, the hair should be braided parallel. Afterward, place the weave on the head and feel out the braids and part around the head.
  2. The hair should be line up in the position you want it to be. This is achieved by holding it in place with hair pins.
  3. After the hair pins are in place, you can begin to sew right above the temporal region of the head and around the other side.
  4. When sewing, the needle should always pass under the braids in order to force the lace to lay down flat.
  5. Flip up the edges and apply my adhesive after completing the sewing process.

Understanding The Uniqueness Of Lace Closure And Lace Frontal

lace frontal

Lace closure is usually small within the range of 4X4 in size. In order to give your weave a more natural appearance, you can place a 4×4 lace closure on the top of your braided hair. Lace closure come in different sizes with different styles as already discussed. It creates a natural hairline as it can be parted freely or in the middle. You can also dye it as it does not cause any damage to the hairline.

Lace frontal on the other hand, is a half wig with about 3 bundles of hair. With lace frontal, you can hold the hair back whereas the closure cannot be held back. it gives the hairline and edges a break from tension of sewing. If you don’t really want to alter your natural hair, lace frontal is the perfect solution for you. With a lace frontal one can achieve a styling option that a closure doesn’t, lace frontals allow you to wear pulled back hairstyles. Lace frontal spreads over the entire hairline and will allow you to achieve a seamless style that you can pull back off of your face.

A lace frontal that consists of some hair strands and a relatively big lace base material. Frontals are typically 13×4 in size, but there are also frontals with lengths of 13 x 6 or 13x 2. The size of lace closure or frontal will also play an essential role in the price. Lace frontal like 13 X 4 is big and will require more hair and time to manufacture than a 4 X 4 lace closure.

A 360 frontal is the upgraded version of the original lace frontal. It is made in the form of a headband with hair on it. The 360 frontals have been more popular in recent years, it has been famous because of its distinctiveness, flexibility and durability. It encloses the entire perimeter of the head. In this type of frontals, a space is usually left in the middle for bundle installation. It permits the wearer to pull the hair back.

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It is essentially important to understand the differences between lace closure and lace frontal in order to achieve a desired look.

  • One of the obvious differences between the two is their individual sizes. Closures are basically 4 x 4 inches. They are placed in the middle of the crown or can be shifted slightly to the side to achieve a side-part look. Lace frontal is similar in width and position along with the hairline across the front of the head, from ear to ear.
  • 360 lace frontal allows you to cover your full hairline coverage around the entire head with space left in the middle for the extensions installed.
  • The installation process for lace closure and lace frontal is also quite different. However, when they are correctly installed, they mimic the natural hairline.
  • Lace closures are sewn to the head while lace frontals are bonded along the hairline.
  • The customization and Installation of Frontal and closure depend on the look you desire, level of convenience, and level of versatility. Although, lace frontals are normally placed in front of the hairline.
  • Because the lace frontals are placed in front of the hairline, they are usually bonded to avoid removal.
  • Silk is used for making both Closure and Frontals. Some frontals are evenly made of putting silk in the middle of 4X4 section and lace on either side.
  • The head scalp is uniquely covered by the silk base in lace closure than the lace frontals.
  • Lace based closures and frontals are preferred as the material lays much flatter against and blends better with the scalp. The lace allows users to achieve not just a natural, but accurate replica of their scalp.

Lace Closure And Lace Frontal Tips

In order to choose the perfect type between the two, you have to know their distinctions and differences. The factors to consider before choosing are your need, budget and hair condition. There are many styling options for lace frontal and it is accommodating for any type of hair condition. In my opinion, I would suggest you go for lace frontal instead of lace closure; however, it is costlier than lace closure.

If you don’t want your installation to become visible, then closure is the best choice for you. It is smaller in size and structure and it costs less.

Increase The Lifespan Of Your Lace Closure

  • If you really want to preserve your closure, you should always tie your hair while you sleep.
  • Always use a tail comb to scratch the underneath of your closure when you have an itching scalp instead of scratching with fingers and making a hole in the closure.
  • You should regularly brush your closure.
  • Always hold your closure from the root when brushing.
  • You should use a conditioner and shampoo when washing your closure.
  • In order to maintain a flawless closure, you should go for a tightening after sometimes.

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