Everything You Want To Know About Lace Front Wig

What Is A Lace Front Wig

Wigs have been around for more than 100 years and their popularity among people is not going to lessen any time soon. And why should it? They’re your go to option to style your hair any way you like without having to cut them or make any permanent change that you might regret later. You can do all kinds of experiments with your look without any worries. Let that stylist in you leash out its full potential!

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What Is A Lace Front Wig?

A lace front wig is a type of wig that has the front part made of delicate lace which even has a few baby hair attached towards the hairline to make it look as if they were growing form your scalp. The rest of the body of the wig is made of an unbreakable material that is stretchable but not as blend-able with the scalp as the lace part. Its popularity has been growing among people who wear wigs routinely, or even just occasionally. The reason being that they give you a completely natural look. How is that achieved? Well, the laces that these wigs come with are of natural skin colors that you can even customize to match your skin tone and help the lace blend perfectly with your skin. In fact, the sheer lace that the wigs are made of extends one or more inches so that the lace blends with your skin and be completely undetectable giving your confidence a boost with that flawless natural growth look.

Why Would You Go For The Lace Front Wigs?

Lace Front Wigs

Features Distinctive Of Front Lace Wigs

The best part about front lace wigs is the sheer lace itself which fuses with your forehead skin and helps you have a hairline so natural that even the person right next to you won’t be able to detect. But there are more appealing features too:

  • Unlike the conventional wigs, while wearing a lace front wig, you can part and style your hair as you please, except high ponytails or low bun hairstyles as that would make the base visible. The other wigs aren’t very helpful in that regard because the wearer has to be cautious about exposing the wig cap even when parting the hair. Lace front wig frees you of the worry.
  • Another important feature of these wigs is that these are usually 100% unprocessed natural virgin hair, which means that the user will not have to face problems like shedding or be uncomfortable in high temperatures and the hair will look completely natural too!
  • The cap size on average is 22.5 inches and it has a density of 120%.
  • What’s more, if you use these wigs with a good quality glue or tape, they could stay on for very long periods, sometimes up to weeks.
  • Also, they’re breathable a factor you’d not want to miss out on while choosing your wig. Front lace wigs have laces as the base which are breathable for the scalp and don’t make you feel uncomfortable.

How Differently Could You Style Your Lace Front Wig?

Style Your Lace Front Wig

The lace front wigs are definitely more versatile than the conventional wigs. They could be parted any way you like, you could even tie them in braids, fish tails, pony tails, or you could even go for a low bun. In fact, you can practically tie them in any way as long as the back half of the scalp isn’t visible. Even if you don’t tie your hair, you could just let it remain open and look effortlessly beautiful! Oh and these wigs take the worry of damaging your hair off you as you can color and die them in any color you fancy. You can even straighten or curl them without damaging your natural hair.

How Much Could Front Lace Wigs Cost?

Though lace front wigs are generally thought to be the cheaper option, they could still cost more than you might think. The price could range from $400 and $3000. However the exact price of any wig cannot be stated without knowing some important things about the wig. The factors that the prices are heavily dependent upon are:

  • Length: not surprisingly, the more the length of the hair, the more the price. Usually, the price gap that comes because of the size is $20 for a size section.
  • Material: (the lace comes in two materials, Swiss lace and French lace, the hair are of two materials too; human hair and synthetic hair). Because most of the styling; dying, coloring, straightening, curling can be done with human hair wig, and there is almost no shedding with human hair wig, it is more expensive than the synthetic front lace wig. The price gap is roughly around $100 between the two, assuming the rest of the factors are the same?
  • Color: women these days go for more colorful options than the traditional black wigs. Thus the prices are higher for colored wigs as compared to a black color wig with the same texture/material as the other.
  • Density: the density usually demanded is 120%/130%. However sometimes people even buy 150% or 180%. The prices go up as the density increases. For a rough estimate, keeping all other factors same, the difference between 130% and 150% could be $27 and between 150% and 180%, it could be $18.
  • Style: the style matters too. Wigs styled as curly hair are likely to be more expensive than straight hair front lace wigs. Again, assuming all other factors were the same.

Which Front Lace Wigs Do Most Of The People Prefer?

Following is a list of some front lace wigs that people have given amazing reviews about and their features:

  • Beauart 613 Blonde Full Lace Human Hair Wigs with Baby Hair.

Features length: 14 inches; color: 613 blonde

  • Fashion Plus 9A Curly Full Lace Wig.

Hair density: 150%, length: between 12-14 inches

  • BEEOS Hair Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Full Lace Wigs.

130% hair density, color: black, length: 10-14 inches

  • Outre Synthetic L-Part Lace Front Wig.

You get 13 color choices, length: 25 inches.

The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Front Lace Wigs Are Given Below


Versatile styling: You could part your hair anyway you like without being afraid of showing the scalp.

Breathable: These wigs are more breathable because of the lace which makes it a lot easier to wear them in high temperatures.

Stretchable: The lace front wigs could be stretched to fit your size.

Natural hairline: The small hair and the stretched sheer lace help the wig look completely natural.

Easy application: Once you learn to wear a lace front wig properly, you won’t need to go to any parlor for wearing it making your life so much easier.


Damage to scalp and hair: These wigs stay on because of glues/tapes and other adhesives which could damage your hair and also cause allergic reactions.

Cleaning: Before every use, you will have to clean the wig which could take a lot of time.

Costly: Lace front wigs could be expensive depending upon the quality you purchase. The ones with natural hair are usually more expensive.

They’re very delicate: Lace front wigs are very delicate because of which they could be damaged easily.

A Step By Step Guide On Installing A Lace Front Wig

Below is a step by step guide on how to install a lace front wig:

  1. Tie your hair neatly and as flat as possible, you might like to part your hair where you would part your wig to align them.
  2. Wear a stocking cap that is close to your skin tone.
  3. Apply a freezing spray on your hair line to make the cap stick properly. Use your fingers to spread it evenly.
  4. Set your blow drier at cool and dry the spray.
  5. Very carefully cut the extra edges of the caps.
  6. Clean your forehead with alcohol and put on some glue near the hairline.
  7. Before applying glue, cut the lace of the front lace wig along your hairline.
  8. Apply glue on your forehead and blow dry it until the glue isn’t sticky.
  9. Wear your wig and press the edges once you set it neatly on the glue.

Some About Lace Front Wig Tip:

Installing A Lace Front Wig

A. To perfectly blend the cap with your skin, apply your face powder on the edges of the cap.

B. Putting concealer on the parting will make it even more undetectable.

Style the hair as you desire!

The Distinction Between Full Lace Wigs And Lace Front Wigs

A full lace wig, as the name suggests, has a base made completely of lace on which hair are hand tied through crocheting. They are more comfortable, light weight and more delicate. You’d need to wear a cap while putting it on. On the other hand, the front lace wigs have lace just towards the front part, thus the name. This has implications on the styling that could be done with these wigs. The full lace wigs are installed differently than front lace wigs and are also more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions For Lace Front Wig

  • Can you use styling tools like straightener, curling rods or even beauty products, or dye your front lace wig?

If the wig is made of human hair, then you can surely use such styling tools on your wig, the heat won’t damage it. However, some wigs made of synthetic hair need to be kept away from heat and so cannot be styled the same way. The same is the case with dying. And yes, you can dye your front lace wig.

  • Which one is better: French lace wig or Swiss lace wig?

Both have their advantages and draw backs. The French laces are stronger than the Swiss laces. Thus more durable. They do not tear even if you use strong glue. It also generally has a longer life than Swiss lace. The ease with which you can use this is attractive for beginners.

The Swiss lace, on the other hand, is way more delicate making is a little difficult to use. However, it is more undetectable because of the delicacy, but it could easily rip off too. Swiss laces are the best option for proficient users and ones to whom the wig doesn’t have to be long lasting.

The natural look that you desire comes with both of the laces.

  • Can you wear front lace wigs even when you have your own natural hair?

Yes you can. The trick is to tie your hair in a way that they are flattened so they’re not detectable and wear a skin color stocking cap.

  • What if the wig gets wet due to showering or swimming?

As long as the glue you used is waterproof, contact with water will not be a problem. But you will have to wait for 24 hours after applying the glue before coming in contact with water.

  • How many bundles would you need to make a lace front wig?

This depends on the length you want.

Generally, if you want an 8-12 inch wig, you’d need 2 bundles. For wigs with length 10-20 inches, you’d need 3 bundles. For 22-26 inches, you’d need 4 bundles. For 28 and more inches, you’d need 5 bundles.

  • What is the lifespan of a front lace wig?

This depends on the frequency of usage and also the material. They could last even for years. Of course the maintenance, usage style, the quality and type of glues that you use affect its lifespan. Other factors such as the duration of usage and contact with dust affect the life too.

  • Usage tips to care for your wig

Keeping your wig away from sunlight when you’re not using it will help maintain the color.

If you need to sleep while wearing it, tie the wig hair so they don’t tangle and wear a satin scarf over it. Keep your wig in a seal-able satin bag to prevent fuzz.

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