What Is A Weave

What is a weave

What is a weave? To put it simply a hair weave is a hair extension that is used by a lot of women all over the world. A majority of actresses, models, and celebrities throughout the world use hair weaves. Hair weaves are very popular amongst black women. They help to alter and enhance the look of your hair for a short period. Hair weaves are becoming extremely popular now and have become a style statement. A weave can be synthetic or made up of original human hair.

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What Is A Human Hair Weave?

Human Hair extensions or hair weave are those hair extensions hat are entirely made up of original human hair. There is no horse hair or synthetic fibers used to make these extensions and they are 100% natural. They help to make your hair look longer and thicker and are often sewed or braided to your original hair. As these weaves are made up of 100% natural human hair they are only manufactured when people donate and sell their hair to the weave making companies.

What Are The Different Types Of Weaves

Synthetic Hair Weave Vs Human Hair Weave

The two most prominent categories of hair weaves are human hair weave and synthetic hair weave. Which one is better? A human hair weave lasts for almost a year with proper care and attention where as a synthetic hair can only last for 1-3 months.

The best thing about human hair extensions is that you can heat them (straight or curl) just like you do your hair. They are extremely heat friendly. Synthetic hair extensions are generally not so heat friendly and often get burned or melted when exposed to heat however, there are some kinds of synthetic hair extensions available in the market that allow you to style them but with proper care and attention.

Human hair extensions also allow you to color them if you want but you cannot do the same with the synthetic hair weaves. Human hair weaves are often more expensive than the synthetic hair weaves mainly because they look more natural and blend well in the hair.

Remy Hair Weave Vs Human Hair Weave Vs Virgin Hair Weave: Which one is better?

Remy hair is the same like human hair but it is better in quality and price than the normal human hair weave because it goes through different types of chemical processes that strip it off from the cuticle. Stripping off the cuticle can cause dryness and tangling effect that can cause discomfort.

Virgin hair is also human hair but it has not undergone any chemical treatment. Out of all the hair available in the market virgin hair is the highest quality hair, is the most expensive, is likely to stay for a longer period, and is worth the price.

Virgin hair extension is made up of that hair that has been donated by people whose hair has never been chemically treated before i.e. the virgin hair donors. What differs Remy hair from Virgin hair is the fact that Remy hair although very good quality and original may have gone through chemical processes.

What Is A Closure Weave?

Closure weave is a kind of hair extension that completely closes your hair and does not leave any of your hair coming out. This type of weave is similar and closer to a micro weave that gives an illusion of scalp through the center or side parting.

Why You Need To Use Weave With Closure To Sew In A Wig?

You need a weave with closure to sew in a wig to give your hair a complete transformation and a complete closure. It helps to ensure that your original hair is not sticking out and the wig is perfectly fixed on your head.

How Many Hair Weave Bundles Do You Need For Sew In A Full Head?

The number of bundles that you might require depends on the style you are aiming to achieve, length and size of your hair. If you want to go for a full, flowy, and thick hair it is recommended to pick the full head weave that uses 2-3 bundles in the manufacturing.

The more the bundles you use the more voluminous, glamorous and full your hair will look. Some people go for full head weaves that use 3-5 bundles of hair in them.

The 3 Most Popular Hair Weave Texture?

The three most popular weave textures are:

1. Body Wave Weave

Body Wave Weave

These types of hair extensions are extremely glamorous, loose, and curly that helps to give you an old Hollywood style look. These hair extensions can be straightened if you are willing to go for a straight hair look but will get loose and curly again once you wash them. These hair extensions are extremely easy to carry, maintain and style.

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Straight Hair Weave

2. Straight Hair Weave

A straight hair weave is the straight hair extension that helps to give you a sleek look. The hair is less likely to get tangled and is less likely to get curled up when it comes in contact with sweat, water or dry weather. This type of hair extensions may be hard to maintain but gives your hair a sleek and a gorgeous look that you admire and adore on celebrities.

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curly weave

3. Curly Weave

These hair extension are curled up and twisted and may appear extremely fluffy. The hair texture is tight, crimped and extremely gorgeous. It helps to give you a dense look because the hair is curled up in z shape.

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How Can You Maintain A Weave?

The elasticity of the hair is affected by the structure and integrity of the cortex layer, since this layer carries the main load in the hair when stretched. The cuticle layer in this case is only a protective shell for the cortex and only helps to maintain its integrity.

The elasticity and the porosity of the hair are much linked. Porous hair loses moisture and becomes brittle (inelastic), and inelastic hair itself is often porous. Of all the chemical bonds that exist in the hair, the most responsible for their elasticity are hydrogen bonds, so it is important to maintain the necessary amount of moisture in the hair.

Without it, the hair becomes very fragile. Disulfide bonds also affect the elasticity of the hair. However, because there are fewer of them in the hair, in General, this effect is not so noticeable. To keep your hair elastic, you need to prevent damage to the cuticle and cortex. Ideally, you should avoid:

  • High temperatures without thermal protection;
  • Chemical procedures;
  • Frequent shampooing, especially with shampoos with high washing power;
  • Exposure to UV rays and the sun;
  • Exposure to chlorine from pool water;
  • Intensive combing especially wet or wet hair
  • Dry wind
  • Abrasive styling products.

Since it is 100% impossible to avoid this completely, all people have damage to the internal structure of the hair in one way or another. Using proper care helps cover the damage of these effects. Although not fully. The low elasticity of the hair usually indicates that the hair was previously subjected to very strong influences that violated its internal structure and integrity, and subsequent treatment of the hair was not performed.

Such procedures include: permanent waving, chemical straightening, lightening, and strong fading of the hair in the sun. Hair with low elasticity is very brittle and easily torn when stretched. The peculiarity of such hair is that they do not hold their shape well when styling, they should be painted and curled with great care.

Any chemical treatments with such hair are carried out very carefully and only with gentle preparations with low PH values to minimize further damage to the hair structure.

Hair with good elasticity stretches well and returns to its original shape, it is good to keep the curl and styling. It is easier for them to set any shape when styling and such hair can withstand aggressive chemical procedures such as lightening, perming (chemical straightening) and coloring. That is why before such procedures, a test for elasticity is done to check the quality of hair.

The main reason for the loss of hair elasticity is their damage of various nature and loss of moisture in the cortex layer. Therefore, to restore this characteristic, it is necessary to double the impact on the hair:

Moisturizing – using moisturizing care (moisturizing masks, shampoos and conditioners);

Restorative – with the help of restorative drugs (deep-acting restorative masks) with proteins (proteins) in their composition.

If the hair is damaged badly (dull, weak and very stretch in a wet state), then it is worth more emphasis on restoring care (but not limited to them). If the dryness of the hair is not related to their damage, but a feature of their structure (for example, curly or curly hair), then the emphasis should be placed on moisturizing care. Sometimes it is difficult to restore the elasticity of the hair with severe damage and in this case it is necessary to cut the damaged area of the hair instead of trying to restore it.

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