What is Brazilian Water Wave Hair

Brazilian Water Wave Hair

Women, these days, love Brazilian water weave hair. With soft S-shaped and C-shaped coils, this type of extension easily blends with your own hair and fit many face types.

But like other types of hair extensions, Brazilian water weave hair requires maintenance and care to last long. In this guide, we will talk A-Z of Brazilian water weave hair.

Let’s get started

Whether you want to curl, perm, or straighten your water bundles, Brazilian water weave hair gives you various styling options. Before discussing why women love to wear this hairstyle, let us first understand what Brazilian water wave hair is.

Brazilian water wave hair is natural and quite popular among women all around the world. It is lustrous, tight, silky, and easily blends with the natural hair. It provides a wavy pattern and uses 100% virgin Remy hair. It adds volume to your hair and provides a fresh look to your appearance. The best thing is that it fits almost all face types.

With its smooth S-shaped and C-shaped coils, it provides endless styling options. You can wear it voluminous & fluffy. You can straighten or curl it to any hairstyle. No shedding, no tangling! So, bask in your flawless glow by wearing your favorite style.

You can easily find virgin water wave with different textures, Brazilian hair, Malaysian hair, etc. in the market.

Why do women love to use Brazilian water wave hair?

Brazilian water wave hair extensions are trendy these days. Here’s why:

What is Brazilian water wave virgin hair

Brazilian water wave virgin hair is free from chemicals or dyes. It provides you with amazing results. You can use the hair in its natural state or get it colored after using.

Versatile and Exotic

Brazilian water wave hair is known for its beauty and versatility. Without worrying about the texture and glossiness, you can create a perfect hairstyle. Its bounce, luster, and shine draw attention.

Resistant to damage

It comprises of thick and strong strands that don’t break easily. Each strand is flexible, so the hair volume remains constant. Moreover, it is resistant to shedding.

Thick and strong hair strands

Brazilian water wave hair is worth spending your precious money. Its hair strands exhibit the quality of breakage resistance. It makes the hair glossy and increases the life of the hair.

Natural Look

Natural Look

Since this type of hair comes untreated, it also retains the natural qualities. You can use it in its original state or have it colored. In both cases, it gives amazing outcomes.

Satin soft and Dense

It is soft, dense, and durable. Its texture blends well with different types of ethnic hairstyles. It has a natural shine and looks luxurious. The density of the hair helps you to create a fantastic appearance using lesser bundles.

Now that we have discussed what Brazilian water wave hair is and why women like to wear this hairstyle let us put some light on how we can take care of it.

How to take care of Brazilian water wave hair?

Every type of hairstyle needs proper care, and this is possible only if we do it right. Here we bring forth you some simple tips to take care of Brazilian water wave hair that will help you get a gorgeous appearance.

How to combing Brazilian water wave hair

Combing Curly Hair

Use a soft brush or a wide-tooth comb while combing your Brazilian water wave hair. Start from the hair ends and, gently get your work way up. If the water wave hair weave gets tangled while wearing, don’t comb it vigorously. It may cause hair shedding and hair breakage.

Avoid brushing the water wave hair bundles when it is wet. You can wet your hair and comb gently before you wash it completely. Before washing, brush your hair wig to remove tangles.

How to washing Brazilian water wave hair

Washing Brazilian Water Wave Hair

If the hair is dirty and sweat builds up, it will tangle. So, wash your hair every week to keep it clean. Use cold or lukewarm water to wash the water wave hair. Put your hair into water from ends to top. Prefer to wash the hair using fingers. Avoid rubbing or twisting your hair.

Don’t dry your hair using a dryer. Let it dry naturally by placing it in shadow. Another thing to keep in mind is that excessive exposure of virgin hair to sunlight makes it weak. Therefore, you need to take care not to expose your hair to sunlight for too long.

How to deep conditioning Brazilian water wave hair

Both virgin and non-virgin hair can’t bear rough treatment. So, it is recommended not to detangle your curls when it is dry as it makes the hair frizzy. There are some hair conditioners available in the market that are specially made for the hair wigs. You can use these conditioners while combing your hair.

Moisturizing: Don’t let your hair wig become too dry and lose its shine. You can use natural moisturizing products like Shea butter lotion, Coconut oil, Argon oil, etc. Try to avoid using hair spray or finisher. These products are hard to rinse off and may cause damage.

Night Routine: Make it a habit to apply a small amount of oil to the hair ends before going to bed at night. The reason is that the hair ends tend to dry easily. So, they need a bit extra moisture to retain softness and shine. Besides, you can use a silk scarf to wrap your hair while sleeping. Or, you can use a silk pillow because silk is less abrasive to hair. Don’t leave the hair wig carelessly when you aren’t wearing it. Place it in such a way that it doesn’t tangle the next time you use it.

Conclusion: Brazilian water wave hair is extremely exotic. It can be curled or straightened to suit any hairstyle. However, apart from choosing a good quality hair wave, taking good care of it also important.

We hope this blog will provide you with complete information about the Water wave hair and give you some help with the simple hair care tips.

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