What is Diamond Virgin Hair?

What Is Diamond Virgin Hair

If you are a human virgin hair weave enthusiast, perhaps you have heard about Diamond virgin hair. Well, to provide you insights into the quality of Diamond virgin hair extension, we are going to slice and dice everything about it.

Diamond virgin hair is one of the most chic hairstyles to wear on different occasions. Available in different textures and patterns, it boasts the best quality human hair. Further, it comes with the benefit of styling your hair the way you want.

So, let’s understand why Diamond virgin hair is ‘diamond’ worthy!

About Diamond Virgin Hair

Women know the secret bliss of wearing Virgin hair such as Brazilian virgin hair, or Malaysian virgin hair. Diamond virgin hair is one that excellent virgin hair weave.

Diamond virgin hairs are chemically unprocessed human hairs. Sourced from a human donor, they aren’t mixed with animal hair or any synthetic fiber. These virgin hairs are Remy hairs that have not been exposed to any harsh agents such as colors, dyes, bleach, etc. Further, they have not been permed, blow-dried, or steam-treated. They provide an excellent, natural appearance to your hair.

Have a look at features of Diamond virgin hair:

Features Of Diamond Virgin Hair

Available in different textures

Diamond virgin hair extensions come in different textures such as Virgin Brazilian Hair, Brazilian Curly Hair, and Brazilian Straight hair. Moreover, it comes in a natural tone of black or a bit lighter color. So, you can buy a hair extension matching with your hair texture. It makes Diamond hair weave a decent choice for divas everywhere!

Resistant to shedding and itching

Diamond virgin hair weaves shed very less, or not at all. Itching mostly occurs in the chemically exposed hair. Or, it can happen if the weave is too tight. Since it is 100% virgin hair; it doesn’t create itching.

Resistant to breakage

When it comes to hair breakage, Diamond virgin hair extensions boast good immunity as they are made from premium quality, original human hair.

You can even swim wearing this hair weave. However, make sure not to expose your hair weave to the gushes of water for a long time. Because staying in water for hours would make the hair weave sticky. Further, the sticky hair becomes weak and tends to break easily.

Style the way you want

Unlike the cuticles in Virgin Remy hair, the Diamond virgin hairs are flexible and make natural movements. So, you can brush or style it like your natural hair.

When it comes to chemical treatment, you can get your virgin hair colored. However, it is best to seek advice from the hairstylist before taking your hair for treatment.

Life expectancy

Diamond virgin hairs are super reusable. The best quality virgin hair extension will serve you for six months up to one year. However, with proper care, you can increase the life of your weave.

How to take care of Diamond Virgin Hair extensions?

Take Care Of Diamond Virgin Hair

Just like your natural hair, virgin hair extension also needs good care. Here are some easy tips to take care of your Diamond virgin hair weaves:

Keep your Diamond hair weave clean

The first thing to keep in mind is to treat your virgin hair weave as your own hair. Natural hair, as well as hair extensions, get dry, dirty, and clogged with dandruff, oils. Make sure to wash your hair every 7 to 14 days with a gentle shampoo. Use a good moisturizer after shampoo to ensure a healthy-looking appearance.

Keep your Diamond hair nourished

Unlike natural hair, your hair extensions don’t get oils naturally. So, apply oil to the strands and cuticles of the hair weave to prevent dryness. You can use natural essential oils such as olive oil, argan oil, etc.

Avoid over processing

Over processing and excessive heat styling makes the hair fragile. So, stand clear of bleaching, dyeing, and blow-drying. It is best to air dry your virgin hair wig.

Besides, keep your Diamond virgin hair as natural as possible. Give your natural hair time to breathe in-between the extensions to keep the bacteria at bay.

Tips for Caring Diamond Virgin Hair in winters

Due to the cold, dry weather conditions in winters, taking care of hair extensions seems to be difficult. When it comes to washing or conditioning the hair weaves in winter, you need to be extra diligent.

Here are some simple tips to keep the Diamond hair extensions shiny and healthy in winter:

Shampoo less and condition more

Shampooing too much causes your shiny hair weave to lose essential oils. It makes the hair even drier in the cold. So, if you essentially shampoo your hair 3 to 4 times a week, cut it down to 2 times a week. Instead, condition your hair more to retain the moisture.

Cover your hair weaves outdoors

Winters can take a toll on your hair extensions in a number of ways. To protect your hair from the cool breeze, you can wear a scarf or a hood. Abstain from the fabric such as wool or cotton that can cause your hair to rub against each other.

Keep the Diamond hair well-moisturized

Apart from limiting the use of shampoos, winter is a time to pay extra efforts to keep your Diamond hair extension well moisturized. You can use hair masks or hair conditioning treatments to keep the hairs shiny and nourished. Oil treatment is the best way to provide necessary nourishment to the hair cuticles.

Keep away from heating tools

Pack up your styling tools, and let your Diamond hair grow free in the winters. If there is urgency, you can use a diffuser to prevent frizziness and breakage.


We hope that this blog will help you to get clear on your confusions regarding Diamond virgin hair extension. Whether you want hair extensions for work or a special occasion, a Diamond virgin hair bundle is a fantastic way to give your hairstyle a fancy look. There is a ton of options available to choose from. So, get this inundated hair weave and, make a different style statement.

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