What is Jerry Curl Hair?

Jerry Curl Hair

Let’s shout it loud, “Curls look absolutely beautiful!”

There is something incredibly gorgeous about the wavy, curly strands that glam up your look.

African beauties have different textures of hair. Luckily, there is a variety of different types of extensions that can glam up your look with those curly, wavy strands. Jerry curl weave is one such type of hair weave. You can find several kinds of this type of weave in the market, which is a blessing in appearance.

Whether it is a cute short Jerry Curl or a long Jerry Curl hairstyle, both give a beautiful and bouncy curl pattern.

Jerry Curl Hair – Introduction

Do you remember the hairstyle Michael Jackson wore on the cover of his blockbuster album, Thriller?

Well, it was the infamous Jerry Curl Hair.

Jerry Curl also referred to as Jheri or Jeri Curl, is a type of permed hairstyle. The hairstylist, Jheri Redding invented this style.

Earlier in the 1980s, the hairstyle was quite popular among African Americans. Now, it has again started to gain the attention of ladies as it gives them a glossy and loosely curled look.

Jerry Curl is a two-step application process:

The first step is the application of a rearranging cream or a softner. This cream uses pungent chemicals and is sodium hydroxide-based. It breaks down the keratin in curly hair to make it somewhat straight.

It is followed by the application of a second chemical which strengthens the hair and helps to set the loose curl.

However, perming a Jerry Curl hairstyle is a time-consuming process and a bit expensive to maintain. Also, the chemicals used can make your natural hair dry and brittle.

Therefore, for the maintenance of your curls, it is necessary to apply a good moisturizer and a curl activator daily. It is also recommended to sleep with a plastic cap over the hair. It prevents the hair from drying out.

Which Jerry Curl Hair Weave is the Best?

Jerry curl creates a look that pumps up the full volume of curls. Its texture is tighter than the wet wavy. It comes in two categories, i.e., Virgin and Non-Virgin or Remy and Non-Remy.

Virgin and Remy Hair: Virgin hair is a type of hair that has never been exposed to or processed with chemicals. Its cuticles are intact. Collected from a single donor, this type of hair curl has high-quality extensions. Remy Hair doesn’t mean Virgin always. However, Virgin and Remy Hair, both are 100% natural human hair. The only difference is that Remy Hair is exposed to bleach or dye.

On the other hand, virgin hair isn’t exposed to any chemical products at all. Or, it hasn’t been altered by hair washes, perms or dyes. The best Jerry cut weave is 100% virgin Remy hair. It has a soft, thick, and versatile texture that gives a perfect hairstyle to the African American women.

Non-Virgin and Non-Remy Hair: This type of hair is quite popular and is readily available. The tips and roots of the hair are mixed up. It has undergone chemical processes as well.

Initially, it feels silky and soft, but after a few washes, the silicone coating over the hair wears off. As a result, the hair feels dry and brittle.

The best Jerry Curl hair weave is 100% virgin Remy hair. It has a soft, thick, and versatile texture that gives a perfect hairstyle to African American women.

How to Maintain Jerry Curl Hair?

Undoubtedly, virgin human hair brings an engaging look and adds more beauty to your appearance.

However, it is quite frustrating when you invest a decent amount of money to get your favorite, new curly weave, and, within a month or two, it looks like a mess. Investing in a high-quality hair weave is just a part of the whole journey.

Regardless of the kind of hair extension you buy, you need to put concise efforts to get the best longevity. Following are a few pretty simple tips to have amazing Jerry curl and wavy hair extensions:

1. Brush Your Jerry Curl Hair Extensions

Brush Jerry Curly Hair

Detangle the jerry curl hair weave gently and carefully using a wide-tooth comb. Finger combing gently is an excellent way to maintain the patterns of the curly hair weave. Make sure not to brush the hair weave when it is dry, under any circumstances. It disturbs the curl patterns.

2. Don’t Wash The Jerry Curl Hair Weave Very Often

Non-Sulfate Shampoo

Washing the hair weave regularly is one of the important things to maintain it. However, excess of everything is bad. Washing the hair weave, every now and then, makes hair dry and frizzy. It is best to use non-sulfate shampoo for washing the hair extension.

3. Conditioning And Moisturizing

Regular conditioning and moisturizing are what your curly hair weaves needs. Sometimes, the curly hair becomes dry and difficult to maintain. This is where a good leave-in conditioner comes in handy. It reduces frizz, controls knots and tangles, and provides a good dose of moisture the jerry curl hair weave needs.

4. Air Dry The Jerry Curly Weave Extension

Curly hair Weaves look best when air-dried. However, sometimes, hairdryer can’t be avoided. If you have an excellent quality Jerry Curl Hair Weave, there won’t be any problem. Set your hairdryer at medium-low heat. You can also attach a diffuser to avoid harshness.

5. Resist The Urge To Caress The Jerry Curls

Once you’ve dried your curls, you must resist the temptation to run your hands through the weave. By doing so, you slowly draw away the moisture from them.

6. Store The Jerry Hair Weave In The Best Manner

It is best to store the hair extension in an airtight container to protect it from dust and moisture-reducing elements. You can hang the extension to a wig head. It will keep the shape intact.

7. Do Not Over Bleach The Jerry Curly Hair

Over bleaching removes the cuticles and causes tangling and matting. Therefore, make sure not to bleach a bundle more than once. However, you can get your curls colored as many times as you like.

Top 5 Most Popular Short Jerry Curl Hairstyles in 2019

1. Logan Browning

Logan Browning - Short Jerry Curl Hairstyles

Logan Browning looks elegant and adorable with her hair in a Jerry Curls ‘do at the 2019 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards. The look has become one of the most popular and requested hairstyle in the salon across Africans.

2. Danielle Brooks

Danielle Brooks - Short Jerry Curl Hairstyles

Danielle Brooks carried her natural curls so elegantly that made it infamous among Africans. You can easily achieve this look with jerry curls if you are a fan of short hair.

3. Yara Shahidi

Yara Shahidi - Short Jerry Curl Hairstyles

Yara Shahidi carried her Jerry Curls elegantly with side partition while making a grand entrance for KIIS FM’s Jingle Ball 2016. In 2019, it’s still one of the most popular hairstyles of all times.

4. Gugu Mbatha

Gugu Mbatha - Short Jerry Curl Hairstyles

,by Daniel Bergeron. Indiewire 2016. No PR/No Release on file.

Gugu Mbatha was spotted with her hair in short jerry curls at the FBI London Film Festival opening night gala. If you love a short haircut that is sexier and sleek, these curls are definitely for you!

5. Nathalie Emmanuel

Nathalie Emmanuel - Short Jerry Curl Hairstyles

Nathalie Emmanuel was seen carrying a sleek look with hair in tight, high-volume jerry curls in ‘Games of Thrones’ season 6 premiere. Her short jerry curls with bold lips stole the show, making the look a popular one till date.


So, this was all about Jerry Curls. Whether you want a short Jerry Curl or a long Jerry Curl, you can get it done easily. Just make sure you take good care of the weaves for a sleek and elegant look.

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