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Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Hair

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8A Affordable 100% Virgin 3 Bundles Brazilian Human Kinky Straight Hair Extensions Remy Wefts
8A 3Pcs Kinky Straight
(4) | Orders(22)

$46.28 $92.56

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8A 3 Bundles Virgin Wet And Wavy Brazilian Loose Wave Human Remy Hair Weave Extensions
8A 3Pcs Loose Wave
(7) | Orders(23)

$46.28 $92.56

-50% OFF
8A 3 Bundles Cheap Natural Wave Wavy 100% Unprocessed Virgin Brazilian Human Remy Hair Weave
8A 3Pcs Natural Wave
(5) | Orders(20)

$46.28 $92.56

-50% OFF
9A 3 Bundles Virgin Brazilian Body Wave Remy Human Hair Weave 100% Unprocessed Hot Sale
9A 3Pcs Body Wave
(24) | Orders(45)

$51.28 $102.56

-50% OFF
9A 3 Bundles Virgin Brazilian Kinky Straight Remy Human Hair Weave
9A 3Pcs Kinky Straight
(4) | Orders(27)

$51.28 $102.56

-50% OFF
9A 4 Bundles Virgin Brazilian Kinky Straight Remy Human Hair Weave
9A 4Pcs Kinky Straight
(3) | Orders(26)

$59.28 $118.56

Brazilian Hair

Its weird that a lot of people think that Brazilian Hair is gotten from women during or through rituals. This information is a big fake and the hair getting process has nothing to do with rituals. Infact, Brazilian hair is gotten from women in rural areas. These women are paid a sum for donating healthy hair. This hair type is very rampant and well sought after all over the world mainly because of its high quality. Brazilian hair is usually soft as silk, thick and wavy. These features are some of the reasons why women save up a whole lot of money to get their hands on Brazilian wigs.

The hair is available in various lengths and colors. Here at KN hair, we go the extra length to get the very best for our esteemed clients. There are 5 best Brazilian hairstyles available in the market currently and they are: Deep wave, Body wave, Kinky curly, Loose wave, And Straight. The quality of our Brazilian hair can fit any hairstyle and its always a great thing to try many styles on your hair. Our products are durable and guaranteed to last for a long time.

Brazilian hair is also known to hold down its color for a long period of time. If you buy an original Brazilian hair, you can alter its color to whatever suits you and it will surely look good on you. Brazilian hair is known to be flexible. You can park it to whatever style you deem fit and it will definitely hold. The texture is usually either straight or with bouncy body waves. When you take appro pirate care of you you Brazilian hair, it will definitely last for a long period of time.

At, we deliver the best which is why we boast a large and committed database of clients. We sell only the best quality of Cheap Brazilian Hair extensions which are free from chemicals and any other thing that might be harmful to your health. We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and attend to your queries.

Most Helpful Review About Brazilian Hair

  • Hannah Ray Ninj
I was not sent hair to sample, this is my honest review. KN Brazilian hair is very, VERY beautiful! I absolutely love it. The timing was quick as well. The only negative thing that I can say about this hair, which isn't so negative is that it does have an odor (perhaps from the warehouse), but it did fade quickly. You will not be disappointed. I have now had my hair installed for almost 1 month & there is little to no shedding. THIS IS A MUST PURCHASE.
  • Kayandra
My money was well spent ! My Client loves it. didn't want to leave any feed back until i had the hair in for a couple months , received the hair three days after ordering , wearing it after three months i'm in love i wore it black first then read , I maintained it by washing it with silicon mix & tresama shampoo & conditioner will be ordering from this vendor again just purchased Brazilian body wave hair hope it's the same will keep updates
  • Paco
Very professional company. I received my order quickly and their team kept in touch with me every step of the way. The hair was extremely soft and I love how there was washing instructions included, for the ones who are unaware on how to properly maintain the hair. overall service was amazing! Definitely not my last time ordering from them.