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Curly Wavy Weave

What Is Curly Wavy Wave?

Have you ever heard about Curly and Wavy hair? If you are, then you have probably aware of the fact that they are not alike, as many people deemed. The terms curly and wavy are always used interchangeably, but there exist some differences between the two hair types. These pieces are not only differing in curl texture, tightness, but thickness as well. Wavy hair is a type of curly hair. Curly hair curly but wavy hair doesn't bunch up, and it is beautiful straight at the apex, but at the end sort of like it flows. By recognizing the type of hair weave you have, you can find wavy or curly weave products best suited for you.

What Is Curly Hair Weave?

There are three primary types of curly hair weaves, which include wavy hair, deep curly hair, and kinky curly weave human. The best example of curly hair weave is that of Taylor Swift's and Shirley Temple's hair. This type of hair takes on corkscrew or ringlet shapes, which make it a perfect choice for every classic person. Many people have the wrong view of curly hair, and they said it is coarse in texture, but it is soft and subtle. It is renowned for being thick, and it can be fine as well.

What Is Wavy Hair Weave?

Wavy hair is a gorgeous hair which everyone will sought-after. It is a kind of hair that tends to hint at ringlets but settles into an "S" shape. Wavy hair weaves neither curly nor straight but falls into a zigzag pattern. Scarlett Johansson and Reese Witherspoon have wavy hair. The hair type can have the same features as a tighter S-shape or straight hair, which can be a slight, smooth wave. This hair supports a variety of looks from the beach and carefree to classy and sleek. It can be fine, thick, coarse, or medium-textured and does not have spirals.

Where Can I Get The Best Curly Wavy Weave?

Luvs Hair provides the most diverse and most extensive collection of the best curly wavy weave at a lower price online. Here, you can come across curly Remy and Virgin human hair; they are 100% unprocessed hair. Our hair is not only full of life, uncompromised but luscious as well. For the sake of beauty, kindly enhance these curly hairstyles with ease. If you indeed want a flawlessly uncompromised and naturally curly hair, then look no further, Luvs Hair is your best bet.

How to Properly Care For Your Curly Wavy Hair Bundles

For those people who don't know how to take care of wavy and wet hair weaves correctly, Luvs Hair is here to get you covered with the following tips. Just adhere to the tips, and you will be glad you did.

  • If you want to remove tangles, then you need to gently comb out hair extensions using a detangling brush or broad toothbrush.
  • Luvs Hair highly recommends you wash your hair at least once in a week and must not exceed thrice in a week.
  • Always allow your human hair extensions to dry in air. Avoid excessive use of hair dryer because it can damage your hair.
  • Always applied a heat protectant to the hair before you heat it.
  • Before you sleep, always plait the hair, pin it up, roll with bendy rollers, or roller-set it.