10 Different Types of Perms

10 Different Types of Perms

Want to get a perm hairstyle? Perms are a hairstyle that causes curls or waves. It is a very popular hairstyle among women. Here are the types of perms hairstyle for you. Check it out!

Well, for those of you who are thinking of perms being old-fashioned and retro, you guys need to reconsider this though because perms are totally trending in the present day and there are many types of perms that you can now choose from, so all you got to do is consider your hair length and get the one that suits you the best.

Perms can be done on straight hair or even on wavy or curly hair to enhance its look. Perms will help make your hair look more voluminous, while also giving it a naturally stylish look.

So if you want to hop on the trend today, check out the types of perms you can get and all the details you require for getting your hair permed.

What is a perm?

A perm (also known as “permanent”) hairstyle is a style that uses chemicals to treat the hair and change the hair’s natural texture, permanently.

This means that the perm will last for around four to six months on your hair. How long the perm lasts all depends on how well you maintain your hair.

Getting these perms done can take a long time (anywhere between three to five hours), depending on your hair length and therefore, you need to plan your perming appointment when you have sufficient time to spare.

I’m sure many of you might have heard about hot and cold perms and wonder what is the difference between them.

Well, perms are of two types: hot perms (or digital perms) and cold perms (or traditional perms).

Hot or Digital Perming:

Hot perming is a process where heat and chemical treatments are used to alter the natural hair of a person, permanently.

Chemicals are used to restructure the hair, while hot rods are used to curl the strands.

Cold or Traditional Perming:

Cold perming is a traditional method of hair perming where plastic perm rollers or curlers are used.

The stylist will wrap a person’s dry hair around these rollers and then use a cold alkaline perming solution to hold the curls in place and let them form.

Types of Perms

Partial or Spot Perm

Types of Perms
Source: Instagram @mugen_hair

Partial curls are a very common and often used type of hair perming. This type is also well known as spot perming.

These perms are done on a certain targeted portion of the hair and do not perm all the hair on the entire head.

So to achieve this partially permed look, the rods will be placed only in specific places where the curls require to be created.

Braid Perm

Different Types of Perms
Source: Instagram @tk_allard

Braid perms is a type of perm that doesn’t use the typical hair curling rods or plastic curlers, but instead simply uses the French braiding technique to perm the hair.

The hair is braided in French braids and then the perming solution is applied on the hair in order to achieve the curled pattern. The more number of braids you put in, the more curlier your hair will look.

Multi-Textured Perm

types of perms for long hair
Source: Instagram @hairbyclairechang

The multi-textured perm is one of the most natural-looking perm hairstyles.

To achieve this permed look, the stylist will use different types and sizes of perming rods. This technique will help create different curl shapes, forming tight curls.

This type of perming technique can only be done on hair lengths that range between medium to long.

Bob Perm

types of perms for short hair
Source: Instagram @ugljess

Bob hairstyles are very common and you can switch up the bob look by getting it permed. All you need to do is get yourself a bob haircut and then get your hair permed.

The bob perm hairstyle suits people with longer face cuts. Also, for those who are looking for a hairstyle to make your thinning down hair look voluminous, go in for a bob perm.

Finger Waves Perm

types of perms for thin hair
Source: Instagram @essenceofelan

If you aren’t up for using the perm rods on your hair, but still like the look of permed hair, then you can consider getting the finger wave perm. 

All you need is a short boy cut hairstyle and some perming solution.

The finger wave perm is done by dampening one’s hair and perming it just by using their fingers and a comb, along with the perming solution to hold the finger waves pattern.

Mohawk Perm

If you are someone looking out for a funky and super cool hairstyle, then the mohawk perm is the one for you. You will need to get your hair cut into a mohawk and then get it either cold or hot permed.

types of perms for women's hair
Source: Instagram @jd_does_my_hair

The best part about getting the mohawk perm is that you can style your curls to fall frontwards or even backwards (if you have your mohawk cut slightly longer in length).

While many of you might think that mohawks are hairstyles that only guys get, well, you’re most definitely wrong as girl mohawks are totally trending these days!

Spiral Perm

body wave perm
Source: Instagram @latesthair

Spiral perms are one of the most common perm types that people get. The spiral perm hairstyle entails the permed curls to fall freely at different lengths.

This type of perm can often be confused with uniform perms, but the difference is that uniform perms make the curl pattern look consistent, while the spiral perm has the curls forming at different lengths.

This hairstyle is created by vertically rolling the hair rods onto the hair, in order to get the spiraled shaped perms, which are basically tight curls. This type of perm will make your hair look more voluminous.

Pixie Perm

spiral perm
Source: Instagram @iammary_inc

I’m sure you might have seen Kris Jenner sport the pixie cut very often. But how about switch up the pixie cut hairstyle by giving your pixie cut a permed look!

This perm is simple to get and requires a good pixie cut hairstyle before perming the hair. Remember to get your pixie cut in such a way that the length of the hair is enough to go around the hair perming rod.

Pin Curl Perm

types of perms with pictures
Source: Instagram @beachwaveperm

The reason this type of perm is called the “pin” curl perm is because of the way the hair is permed to achieve this permed look.

This perm not only uses hair curlers, but also uses pins to create the curls that are made to look to enhance the hair’s natural bounce.

Getting this type of perm done, usually does not require the use of harsh chemicals, as it is done by dampening the person’s hair with water or a hair cream or serum and then using the rollers and pins to hold the curls in place till the form.

But that being said, this type of perm may have a shorter longevity as compared to the other types of perms.

Bushy or Volumizing Perm

types of perms for women
Source: Instagram @live_and_vibrant

If you have found that your hair has recently been thinning down or stands limp and weighed down due to product buildup, then this perm can help give your hair a naturally bouncy look by making the hair look more voluminous. 

It will help give your hair a more fuller and healthier look.

Types Of Perms: FAQs

Do perms cause hair loss?

Perms do cause a certain amount of damage to the hair, as rods and chemicals are used to treat the hair and form the curls. Therefore, experiencing hair loss is definitely a possibility and more so if the perming solution reaches the scalp.

So I’d recommend that you have a proper after-perm hair care routine to maintain your permed hair and to rejuvenate it.

Which perm type is better and lasts longer between hot and cold perms?

Well, while the cold perm is considered less damaging to the hair (as the rollers or rods aren’t placed too close to the scalp), the curls got from the hot perming technique will tend to last longer.

Do perms require a lot of maintenance?

If you want your perm to last longer, then you will definitely have to maintain it well. Remember to moisturize, avoid brushing your hair too often and avoid the use of hair styling tools.

Here are some other tips to maintain your permed hair:

  • Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase, or tie your head with a silk or satin bandana.
  • Wash your hair once permed, only after two to three days, leaving it ample time to set well.
  • Wait for a day or two before you brush your hair once it has been permed.
  • Stay away from dyeing or colouring your hair for at least 15 days to a month, once you have permed your hair.

Do I need to have a certain hair type and texture to get a perm?

Perms can be done on any hair type, texture or length. It is just essential that your hair is in a good and healthy condition before you decide to get it permed.

Can perms be done on colour-treated hair?

Perms can be done on coloured hair, once a minimum of two weeks have passed. It is also important to note that perms can lighten the hair colour and can also cause a certain amount of hair damage.

What is a root perm?

Root perms are those done to perm only the root portion of the hair, to perm the newly growing hair strands. Root perms are also done when hair stands limp and flat at the top and requires volumizing and root lifting.

The Final Takeaway

Well, guys, I hope this article has helped you choose the best perm for yourself. Also, remember all the important tips mentioned while getting your perm done.

Keep your hair well moisturized once permed and make an effort to maintain it, so that your perm lasts longer.

In case you have colour-treated hair, remember to keep a minimum gap of around two weeks before getting your hair permed.

Make sure that before you decide on getting your hair permed, your hair has to be in a good and healthy condition.

Well then, happy perming!

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