Headband Wigs- A Powerful Trend You Cannot Afford To Miss 2022

Headband Wigs- A Powerful Trend You Cannot Afford To Miss 2022

Do you know what headband wigs are and what are their benefits? In this article, you will learn all about these amazing wigs and their many uses.

Are you a “wig freak” who loves to sport varied hairstyles? Do you love the way your hair complements your dressing? Well, I think you do.

Talking about me, I can’t deny that wearing a hairpiece has spiced up my hair game. But, ah, how tiring and complex is the wig installation process? Working with the laces and glue is overwhelming and tedious.

 Sometimes I think how fabulous it would be if a genie made my hair in the blink of an eye! I would style my hair every day and enjoy the glances that followed. Well, if you are like me, we have got the lamp. 

Presenting- Headband wig 

All the tiresome installations, glue, and laces problems are trashed with this newly found love. What’s even more appealing is- You don’t need to be a pro to put it on. These quick add-ons provide extra volume and length to your hair without affecting the originals. 

Even though they are easy to apply, there are still some essential facts you should know. In this article, I will let you know all about it. 

Headband Wigs

What Is A Headband Wig?

A headband wig is a wig attached to a piece of cloth that resembles a headband. It has built-in combs that make it comfortable and secure over your head.

The headband makes it realistic by seamlessly covering the hairline and swiftly setting it into your locks. 

This hairpiece comes in various styles and textures for you to choose from. Along with built-in combs, they feature detachable & soft headbands and a wig cap.

Headband Wigs
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To give the desired look, add a contrasting headband or scarf and level up your style quotient.

Depending on the type of hair used, headband wigs are of two kinds-:

  • Human Hair Headband Wig– These extensions are made of pure virgin human hair collected from healthy female donors. The human hair extensions give you the freedom to try as many hairstyles as you want. The hair is free from chemical possessions and offers a natural-looking weave.
  • Synthetic hair headband wig– As the name suggests, the extensions are made of synthetic fiber. These are soft on your pockets, but you cannot style them in as many ways as the human hair alternative. It needs a ton of maintenance and still does not last very long.

If you want authentic hairstyling, I recommend a human hair headband wig 100%. 

Are Headband Wigs Worth It?

 This accessory is trending like crazy and has become a sensation among celebrities and girls of all ages. If you are in a dilemma about whether it is worth it, let me help you.

Here are the reasons you should try it already-

  • Quick & Easy Installation

They are so easy-peasy and quick that you will love them with all your heart. While other lace wigs take approximately 2-3 hours to install, headband wigs take less than 10 minutes to get you the perfect hairstyle. And did I mention it is beginner-friendly?

  • Safe for your hair

The wigs come with a cap that protects your natural locks flawlessly. They do not require any glue or other adhesives and are a relief for a hair-care enthusiast like me. So, wear it without regrets.

  • Lightweight 

They are so lightweight and delicate that you forget you are wearing them. These are highly breathable, sweatproof, and can be used in all seasons- summer seasons too. How tempting is that?

  • Customized Hairstyling 

Headband wigs are available in various colors, styles, lengths, textures, and volumes. Embrace any hairdo matching the outfit & event.

You can opt for natural or glamorous looks- Free down the hair or wear it half up; you got all the power. I even changed my looks in the middle of a party, which was so much fun.

What Are The Best Headband Wigs?

With so many sizes and hair types available in the market, you can choose whatever suits you. Here are some impressive ones-:

  • Straight human hair headband wig 
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  • Kinky straight human hair headband wigs 
Source: Instagram
  • Curly human hair headband wig 
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  • Kinky curly human hair half wig 
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How To Wear A Headband Wig?

There is no rocket science in wearing these comfy extensions. You can learn it right now and wear it like a pro. Here are the steps to make the process swift-:

1. Fix your natural hair

Backcomb all your hair and use clips to ensure the weaves don’t peep out. Ensure that all your hair is covered correctly to make the wig look flawless.

If you plan to show a part of your hairline, cover just the rest. I like to wear a bun when prepping to use the wig and leave a few baby hairs to give it a realistic look.

Next, you can place a wig cap on the back of your head on the nape section for a better finish.

If you have coarse or highly dense hair, separate your hair into sections, braid them and neatly tie them along the neck. Fold the lower parts of your braid with hair clips to conceal it all beneath the wig.

2. Prepare the headband wig

To give a squeaky clean look to your wig, ensure that it is free of knots or tangles. Gently comb the wig with soft strokes to avoid damage to the wig.

If your headband wig is curly, you can use a wide-gapped comb to detangle the wig. For straight-haired wigs, use a narrow-tooth comb or a smaller comb instead. 

Pro Tip: To make your wig look fresh and shiny, dip it in water. You can use a wig stand to keep your wigs well-maintained. 

3. Settle the baby hairs

If you don’t want to flaunt your baby hairs or if a particular style doesn’t go well with them popping out, you can use hairspray to set them. 

4. Install the headband wig

Now you are all set to place the headband wig over your head. Secure the wig by fastening the wig clips along the edge of the cap. Place the wig over your head along the neck to fix it at your lower hairline. 

5. Fix the clip below your lower hairline

 Check the nape portion of the wig for the last comb. Along with the top comb, use the large clip present at the lower section of the wig to stick it to the lower hairline along the edge of the wig cap. 

Take a deep breath and feel proud of the fast installation. Now it’s time to style them up.

Styling The Headband Wig 

 You can style your hair in different ways after wearing the wig. Some of the most popular styles are-

  • Ponytail

Need to leave early for office? Style the straight headband wig into a neat ponytail (high or low), and you are good to go.

  • Braids

Side braids are such a delight for both curvy and straight headband wigs. Brush the hair into a high ponytail, divide it into three sections and start pleating to complete the look.

  • Leave it open

Wear a headscarf and let the locks flow with air. You can experiment with different headbands and enjoy miscellaneous options in one styling method alone.

  • Buns

Style it as a bun to give your accessory a classy and royal look. You can opt for double buns too.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Headband Wig

The headband wig needs proper maintenance for longevity. So, here’s what you should do to keep your wigs voluminous and shiny:

  • Always wash your headband wig with lukewarm water to remove excess dirt and oil. You should apply shampoo, gently massage it and rinse the shampoo off. 
  • Use a wide-gapped hairbrush to comb it gently without causing any damage. 
  • Use a clean towel to dry your wet wig. Don’t use a hairdryer to dry your wig, as it might damage it. 
  • Store the headband wig in a large box to protect its shape. 
  • Remove the headband wig while bathing or sleeping.
  • Use good essential oils conditioners to moisturize so that it doesn’t become frizzy and tangled. 

Final Thoughts on Headband wigs

Headband wigs are such a smooth and excellent add-on for people who are short on time but crave the perfect look every day.

The human hair wig can be easily colored, coiled, and blended with our natural weaves, augmenting the styling process. I love to use it by replacing headbands matching the outfits and adore how it enhances my look.

 So, if you are someone looking for an easy-to-wear accessory, steal this wig right away. Let me know in the comments how you plan to wear it.

Headband Wigs: FAQs

Can you wear a headband wig every day?

You can wear and try different styles with your headband wig every day. But, make sure you maintain it thoroughly. 

How long does a headband wig last?

Usually, a headband wig lasts for 6 to 8 weeks if worn daily. Proper maintenance and less use can extend its life by 3-4 months. 

Can you sleep in a headband wig?

You should avoid sleeping with the wig daily as it will clog your hair follicles, leading to excessive sweating. This can further cause hair loss.

Do headband wigs fall off?

No, the wig is so well placed that there is no question of falling off. It comes with clips, mini combs, an elastic net, and adjustable velcro straps to perfectly fit your head.

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