How To Fix A Frizzy Wig – Brilliant Ways To Restore & Rejuvenate a Frizzy Wig 2022

How To Fix A Frizzy Wig – Brilliant Ways To Restore & Rejuvenate a Frizzy Wig 2022

Wondering how to fix a frizzy wig? Here is a simple guide on how to fix a frizzy wig fast and easily. Follow these tips and your wig will be in good shape in no time!

I love the ravishing and sparkling look whenever I sport a wig. But I have come across people wearing such messy & cluttered wigs resembling a bird’s nest. It isn’t very pleasant because their appearance is downright spoiled because of this. 

I know how emotionally satisfying it is to wear the perfect hairpiece, but as with all things, wigs lose their shine and become frizzy after a while. But that doesn’t mean you need to trash it right away. 

Even if you buy the highest quality wig, it will become dry & frizzy if not well-maintained.

I understand how dull and messy it feels when the wig starts to wither and becomes shaggy. But I have solutions to restore all of it and make you fall in love with the wig again. 

I have dealt with synthetic and human hair wigs, so I will tell you all about restoring both wigs.

Keep reading if your wig is losing its attractiveness and looking faded.

How To Fix A Frizzy Wig

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair needs the same care irrespective of whether it grows on your scalp or is attached to a synthetic material.

Regarding human hair wigs, remember that they are devoid of the natural oils our original hair easily gets, so you need to provide them regularly to keep them fresh.

How To Fix A Frizzy Wig

Why Do Human Hair Wigs Get Frizzy?

Here are the major reasons why human hair wig gets frizzy-

  • When used frequently without maintenance, 
  • Styling too often,
  • When not using the right shampoo,
  • When washing too often- caring is good, but over-caring will spoil it all.
  • Exposed to excess heat, which rides them off their shapes, texture, and style. 
  • When exposed to chlorine or hard water

How to Fix a Human Hair Frizzy Wig?

Now that you know the major reasons your wig gets frizzy let’s look at the solution. You can renew the wig and gain back its luster and waves by following the tricks mentioned here.

  •   Untangle it

If you use a curly hair wig, maybe you know detangling is compulsory and a time-taking process. Place the wig on a stand and clip the hairs into sections. Start removing large knots with your fingers, and then use a wide-toothed comb. 

You know what I do to detangle swiftly – use a detangling spray and ensure to detangle after every use.

  • Washing

We wash our natural hair almost daily because of dirt, so why not wash the human hair wig? Although not that frequently.

Washing the wigs makes it easier to remove frizz. 

Frizzy Wig

Put the human hair wig in the bathtub. Add a mild shampoo, lather it and immerse the wig for 5 minutes. Make sure you do not scrub it.

Then rinse it with clean water and repeat the process if required. I strongly recommend that you do not squeeze the wigs to rinse off the water.

I prefer to hang it in a wig stand to let the excess water flow and then dry it with a soft towel.

Apply conditioner to moisturize the wig and then rinse it properly.  Wipe off excess water with a soft towel and hang it on the wig stand to dry.

  • Use conditioning spray

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to go through the washing process, I have a hack- A conditioning spray.

The conditioning spray removes tangles and frizzes real quick. Place the wig on a mannequin head and spray the conditioner lightly to do this. Remove wig tangles with a wide-toothed comb, and it’s ready to use.

  • Rub natural oils

Human hair needs natural creams like olive, coconut, and jojoba to keep it moisturized. These natural oils moisturize the hair, remove tangles and frizz, and keep the hair glittering and shining.

Firstly, apply the oil throughout the hair length but avoid applying it on the top of the wig. Applying in large quantities will make the wig look greasy, so remember, less is more. After about 5 hours, gradually clean off the oils with dry shampoo.

  • Trim it off

Remember when I told you you must take care of your wig just like your hair? So, yes, you need to trim the affected areas too.


Reach out to a hairstylist for a professional approach. If you are doing it yourself, ensure you don’t mess with the hairstyle while trimming.

  • Visit the salon 

If your wigs are damaged beyond repair, maybe you need expert help. Visit the nearest salon that provides wig conditioning services, and they can renew it with professional techniques. 

Why Do Synthetic Hair Wigs Get Frizzy?

Synthetic wigs are widely used because they are economical and available in many patterns and styles. However, synthetic hair wigs get frizzy too often and need more maintenance than human hair wigs. Here are the reasons-:

  • Using it daily,
  • Too much styling,
  • Absence of moisture,
  • Excessive heat makes them dry, causing the fibers to produce static electricity. The negative ions increase together, which results in the appearance of a static charge.

How To Fix A Synthetic Frizzy Wig?

Synthetic wigs need to be treated with extreme care, just like we do our natural hair. 

So, I’ve provided specific methods and techniques to follow to ensure that you have a frizz-free synthetic wig.

  • Wash your synthetic hair wig

Synthetic frizzy wigs require adequate washing. Most times, wigs become frizzy as a result of dirt. That’s why it is necessary to wash your wigs once a week. However, washing doesn’t only remove dirt; it also makes wigs frizz-free.

While washing your wigs, use a wig-friendly shampoo. Please don’t use a detergent or a fabric conditioner, as it weakens the fibers and reduces their texture. Leave it for 5-7 minutes.

Then, gently wash and apply the conditioner following the same process as a human hair wig. After conditioning, ensure to rinse it properly to avoid product buildup. Strictly avoid products that have higher pH levels and sulfate. 

Towel-dry properly to remove excess water, then place it on the wig stand to air dry. 

  • Detangle the frizz

Once the wig dries, the next step is to detangle the wig. Place your wig on the mannequin’s head or your knee while combing.

how to fix a frizzy human hair wig

Don’t wear it while doing so. Then gently comb it with a wide-toothed comb. Avoid brushing the hair too much or using a fine tooth comb because it will result in breakage.

Apply a hair detangling product on your wig, and comb gently on the applied area. If you notice a tangled knot, use your hands to remove it. Continue combing gently until you’ve touched all sections.

Once you’re done detangling it, brush your wig gently with a wig brush. A wig brush has metal or wooden bristles that prevent it from pulling apart. 

For proper defrizzing of your wigs, use quality products. 

Detangling is very vital in removing frizz from wigs. But not all products are good for untangling a frizzy wig.

Some products keep making the wig frizzier as you keep applying it. So I strongly advise using quality products designed to help the fibers glide across each other.

  • Use Heat Methods

The majority of synthetic wigs don’t respond well when exposed to heat. Some even melt away when you place them near heating appliances.

However, heat appliances can also stop the frizziness of wigs if their temperature is controlled and the most cooling part (or the least heat mode) is chosen.

But before doing that, ensure your wig is heat-resistant and heat-friendly. Search for phrases like “heat-friendly” or “heat-resistant” on your wig label to ensure that you don’t damage your wig.

Heat appliances such as hair rollers or flat irons eliminate frizz on wigs.

First, place your wig on a mannequin head or a wig stand to use a flat iron or hair rollers—Preheat the flat iron at the lowest temperature.

Even if your wig is heat resistant, exposure to too much heat will damage it, so it is best to keep it below 240°f(116°C).  

Divide the wig into smaller sections with a comb- the top and bottom. Use a clip to hold the top layer, then straighten the bottom layer gently with the iron.

When you are done with the bottom layers, remove the clip and iron the top layers. Continue ironing gently until you are done with each section. This division is to prevent your wigs from spreading out all layers. 

Avoid using the iron too long on your wig so it won’t damage. Straighten your wig gently with a natural bristle brush during the process.

You can use a garment steamer or a hot air brush too. 

  • Apply dry shampoo and leave-in conditioning spray

If you are in a hurry, apply dry shampoo to it.

Firstly, place your wig on a mannequin head, then carefully spray the dry shampoo on it.

Do not spray the shampoo on the top of the wig, as it results in greasiness. Then, use a wide-toothed comb and your fingers to remove the tangles.

how to fix a frizzy synthetic wig

After applying the shampoo, lightly spray a small amount of leave-in conditioner, and spray lightly over the ends of your wig.

Avoid spraying too much on your wig. Just a little quantity is enough to keep your wig shining.

  • Trim out the frizz

If you have applied the above steps and your wig remains the same. Then try trimming it out. 

Wrapping up

Wigs are perfect for styling and changing our regular appearance. But, it’s unfortunate that they start to frizz at some point, maybe due to excessive brushing or lack of care.

To have them shining and sparkling again, you must apply special maintenance to them.

Treating and fixing your frizzy wig with the proper techniques is one way to get it back on track.

But, ensure that you continue following the maintenance process to keep your wigs glowing just the way you want.

Let me know in the comments if you have a unique idea to de-frizz a wig.

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