How To Fix A Wig That Is Too Big 2022

How To Fix A Wig That Is Too Big 2022

Wondering how to fix a wig that is too big? Here are a few tips on how to fix a wig that is too big. By following these simple steps, you can get the perfect fit and feel great in your new wig.

Wigs are an artificial covering of hair worn for various reasons. There are various personalized figs for males and females. But what is more important is the selection of wigs that suits you. 

According to hairstylists, the average wig size fits almost 95% of wearers, but if you are one of the left out 5%, and if the wig you need is too big to fit, then the below article is for you.

How To Fix A Wig That Is Too Big
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How To Fix A Wig That Is Too Big?

How To Select A Wig?

Before anything else, you must determine your wig size. It is simple to determine your wig size if you are unsure. Only a delicate measuring tape is required.

Measure the circumference of your head with the measuring tape. Ideally, you should begin at the nape of your neck and terminate at the hairline.

You can decide your wig size once you have a measurement. There are three sizes of wigs: small, average, and huge. You need a tiny size if your head is measured between 20 and 21.5 inches.

Choose an average size for dimensions between 21.5 and 22.5 inches. A large wig would suit a head measuring 22.5 to 23 inches in circumference.

You can locate the ideal wig for you by keeping your wig size in mind. Shop the small wigs, medium wigs, or large wigs. Styles are frequently available in multiple sizes!

what to do if wig is too big
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You can now physically inspect the fit of the wig after receiving it. The size serves as a starting point.

While a large in one brand might be fine, a large in another brand might be too big. It all comes down to what you feel most at ease in.

Put your wig on and give the mirror a good look. Turn your head a little bit. Try using organic gestures like a head nod or a head shake. Observe how the wig feels while it is on your head.

What to do if the wig doesn’t suit you because it is too big?  Read below to adjust it. 

Adjustment Straps

The first time I faced this problem, I used adjustment straps to fix my wig to the size I needed.

Start by turning your wig inside out in step one. The straps should be placed either in the back, at the nape, or on both the right and left sides of the wig cap.

Once you know what you’re looking for, they’re typically very simple to use and are therefore simple to spot.

Individually adjust each strap. To tighten the strap, tug the loose end while keeping the strap centered. On the opposite side, repeat.

how to fix a wig cap that is too big

Try the wig on to check how it fits. Is it securely fastened so that it won’t move around or budge? Is it so uncomfortable because it’s too tight?

If required, repeat the above two steps. If your wig still seems loose after doing so, tighten the straps a little and try it on again.

The straps should be adjusted repeatedly until your wig fits snugly but is at ease.

After a few tries and trial and error, you will have a wig that fits you wonderfully. Just be aware that these straps may become looser with use.

Sew the ends of each strap to the wig to keep it from slipping out of place and to ensure it stays in place.

Removing Wefts

The other method that helped me was to remove the wefts. 

The straps can be adjusted to make the wig more stable while being worn. What transpires, though, when it’s slack and saggy elsewhere?

A poorly fitting wig frequently bunches up on the back of our skull, almost as if there is too much wig in some areas. Wefts may be of assistance here.

how to fix a lace wig that is too big
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The horizontal hairlines that are sewed into the wig are called wefts. You may effectively shrink a wig and eliminate the bunching by removing a few wefts.

Afterward, wigs should fit better, look more natural on the wearer’s head, and feel more comfortable. 

Let me explain this step-by-step as it is a bit of a time-consuming procedure.

Step 1: You’ll need a pair of scissors, a needle, and a tread to cut part of the wefts out. Find a thread first that nearly resembles the shade of the crown of your wig.

Step 2: Feel for the bunching while wearing the wig. The extra material should then be pinched between your fingers. Hold onto this fabric as you take off the wig.

Step 3: Flip the wig inside out and tally how many wefts you’re holding in your fingers-tight fists.

Step 4: The fourth stage is really important. If there are four wefts total, you could want to remove just two or three. You don’t want to start by removing too many wefts and end up with a wig that is too tiny. 

Step 5: Lay your wig on a stand with the inside facing out to make things simpler. Use a vase, a mop head (after covering it with a plastic bag), or even just your knee if you don’t have a decent stand.

You want something that lets you lengthen the wig and gives you both hands-free.

Step 6: Wefts should be cut from the top, just beneath the main crown. But you must also start your cuts in the middle. Locate the center elastic strip, which runs vertically from the wig’s crown and holds the wefts in place by counting up from each side.

Step 7: Count the dots along the central strip, down from the crown.

Step 8: Count down one weft less than you are removing as you move to the next elastic strip on the left. Just three if you cut below number four on the middle strip, for example. Once more, trim the strip at the weft’s base.

Step 9: Count one less weft down on the next elastic strip to the left once more. Cut this strip below the second weft in my example. After that, continue cutting down the stripes on the left side until you reach the first weft.

Step 10: Carry out the same procedure on the right side of the wig, cutting below the central elastic band as you go down, and counting one less weft each time.

Step 11: The strips need to be trimmed at the top now that they have been partially cut. Snip each one at the point below the crown where it connects.

Step 12: The wefts should be entirely detached because you’ll see that some of them are still linked.

Remove the lowest weft from the center strip by lifting it, then cut it where it is still attached to the strips to the left and right. Recur on the following weft up.

Step 13: Keep doing this until the top weft has been freed. A V-shaped piece of wefts that can be removed and completely detached from the wig should now exist. One first, tuck any stray hairs back in.

Step 14: Sewing everything back together is now necessary. Connect the elastic bands to the crown. Take your needle and thread and, starting on the right, create two or three stitches to attach the strip to the crown.

Tie off the stitch with a knot to secure it. Repeat the sewing operation while moving to the left until the last elastic strip is attached to the crown.

You’re done now! Although it might appear difficult, this technique is straightforward to make your wig smaller and fit much better.

Tuck and Sew

Try the tuck and sew technique if your wig bunches, but you’re hesitant to remove the wefts permanently. The size of your wig will change, but the density of the hair won’t. As a result, the outcome could not appear as natural as when wefts are removed.

However, there is a very quick and simple way to reduce the size of a wig.

wig too big in the back
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Find the area you want to make smaller after flipping your wig inside. Then, create a tuck or fold along the elastic strap to join two wefts.

To hold the tuck together, make two or three stitches through the strap and tie them off with a knot. Repeat it.

For instance, creating tucks on the three center elastic strips may be adequate if your wig bunches towards the back. You might also wish to tuck under more than one weft on a strip.

how to tell if wig is too big
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If you make a mistake or create too many tucks, the stitches you make can simply be undone. Try the wig on frequently to monitor your progress and make sure you’re modifying the proper area.

Too Small To Fit!

We have seen what to do if the wig is too big to fit, but do you know we can also fix the wigs that are too small to fit?

It may be necessary to lengthen the cap of a newly purchased wig if it is too small for you. A wig’s adjustable straps need to be loosened to make it larger.

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Try the wig again after making sure these are at the loosest setting. If it’s too loose, gradually tighten the straps while re-trying the wig until you get the ideal fit.


Wig clips are available for fixing big-sized wigs, but the constraint here is that they can be used only for wigs that don’t have wig caps underneath.

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