Closures & Frontals

Whether you want to cover your baldness due to hair loss or you want a long hair overnight, the hair additions or hair closure with lace base are the best choices.

The lace closures cover your full head and allow you to styling hair in any way you like. Also, closures provide ultimate protection to your natural hair by completely covering your scalp. They are come in various styles like some closure come with the part in one way and others part in multiple ways. There are free part lace closures too that allowing you to part the hair in any way.

The flexibility and versatility of KNhair lace closures make them handy for all types of hair and weak receding hairline. At KNhair, we offer several types of closures such as 360 lace frontal natural black, full frontal kinky straight, deep curly 4*4 lace closure and more.

You can do many hairstyles like braids, messy fishtail, bangs on forehead, and much more with lace frontals or closures.