Swiss Lace Wigs – Why Do I Love This Spectacular Toupee 2022?

Swiss Lace Wigs – Why Do I Love This Spectacular Toupee 2022?

Are you looking for Swiss Lace Wigs? Check out Swiss Lace Wigs, the best in the business when it comes to hair textures and styles.

Gone are the days when I longed to try a hairstyle but did not want to waste my time and money experimenting with the originals. Because I found a better alternative- A WIG.

Wigs are a blessing for everyone who treasures wearing the newest hairstyles and hair textures or has lost their hair due to medical reasons.

Wig makers frequently update the hairpiece by trying different materials to make it look realistic, artistic, comfortable, and attractive. 

If you are a wig lover like me, you must have heard about the Swiss lace wigs ruling the market for over a decade. I heard much about Swiss lace’s beauty and seamless blends, so I decided to try it.

 Apart from being such glory to the eye, I loved the soft material, how it blended with my skin, and how beautifully it stayed for three days when I visited a friend’s house.

If you are in a dilemma about buying it, you have come to the right place to resolve it. 

Buckle up to know my hands-on experience with a Swiss Lace wig.

Swiss Lace Wigs

What Is A Swiss Lace Wig?

A Swiss lace wig is a wig whose lace is made with Swiss lace material. It is a high-quality lace fabric from pure cotton, usually imported from Germany.

The lace is thin, very durable, and lasts long. The Swiss lace is used to make full lace wigs, i.e., wigs that are made fully with the lace material or lace frontals (wigs that have just the Swiss lace at the front of the wig cap).

The beige color of the Swiss lace can fit any skin tone type or can be dyed to match.

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The Swiss lace wig comes with synthetic hair and human hair.  The human hair gives the wig a more natural look and responds the same way natural weaves would. At the same time, synthetic wigs are majorly used as fashion wigs.

Why Is The Swiss Lace Wig So Popular?

Being a wig freak, I am always keen to try new extensions. And with so many trends in the market, I make sure to try the most popular without delay.

So, after I used my brand new Swiss lace wig, here are my reasons why it is so popular and you should buy one too-

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  • Durability

I give it all the points for durability. When I plan to wear a wig for a longer period, Swiss lace wigs are the first that comes to mind, mainly because I don’t need to worry that it would rip off or appear fake.

  • Soft and firm

 It’s no surprise that the lace is extremely delicate and soft. It has the exact thinness (or thickness) to blend well and let your scalp breathe. 

  • Natural-looking

 I ordered it when I heard it blends well with the skin type. But when I got it, it was a beige color, and I thought it was impossible to vanish. But it looked seamless and natural when I put it on my forehead. I knew I had made a good choice.

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  • Perfect Color

The Swiss lace in the wig comes in many shades to rightly blend with your skin tone. If you want a different color, you can tint it without causing any damage to the hairpiece.

  • Breathable

The Swiss lace is the perfect texture that lets you feel like yourself. Your scalp can still feel free when wearing it; the comfort it provides is another level.

So, that’s why you hear ‘Swiss lace’ from experts when talking about the best lace material. 

Colors Of Swiss Lace

Swiss lace is available in colors that match the varied complexions in the world. You can choose whatever you think would suit you best. Here are the four primary swiss lace hues

  • Transparent Swiss Lace Wig

 This color is for people with a fair skin tone. It best fits Caucasians and Asians. This color matches the skin tone of people like Kim Kardashian.

  • Medium Brown Swiss Lace Wig

 This color is for you if you are the same complexion as Kelly Rowland. People with a brown chocolate skin tone opt for medium brown.

  • Light Brown Swiss Lace Wig

 This color is mostly worn by African Americans, Nigerians, and generally those with a light chocolate skin tone. Janet Jackson’s skin tone type should choose light brown.

  • Dark Brown Swiss Lace Wig

This is a deep coffee color, mostly worn by those with dark skin. An example of this skin tone would be Viola Davis.

Knowing the different colors the swiss lace is available in, you can choose the one that suits your skin tone best.

Just in case you don’t find a hue that matches your face, not to worry; you can easily dye the lace to a more suitable color for your skin tone type.

How To Maintain Your Swiss Lace Wig

The Swiss lace wig has been estimated to last from 6 months to a year. However, the durability of the Swiss lace wig depends largely on how you care for it.

I would never want to pay so much and lose it too soon; therefore, I try to take the best care. Remember, Swiss lace is a delicate material and, as such, needs special upkeep.

To properly care for the wig to ensure its longevity, here are some tips you can rely on:

  • Comb gently

 Combing the wig is important but must be done gently to avoid tearing. Always use a wide-toothed comb to avoid breakage. Comb the tip of the hair first, then gently move towards the crown until you have covered the entire hair. 

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  • Avoid exposure to extreme heat

 High temperatures are not recommended as they can dry and burn the hair. So, if you are styling it, switch on the lowest heat mode. 

  • Avoid Squeezing

While washing your Swiss lace wig, ensure that you do not squeeze the wig while washing or rinsing. Since the lace is delicate, any form of squeezing could lead to the wig tearing or getting damaged.

  • Moisturizing is a must

 Add mild conditioner to a bucket of water and let it stay for 20 minutes. Rinse it with cold water and remove all the conditioner.

Applying conditioner to the wig softens it and enables smooth combing, reducing friction and breakage.

How To Install A Swiss Lace Wig?

Faultless wig installation is most important for it to look beautiful & seamless. So, you should follow these steps-:

  • Prepping & Styling

Braid your hair and clip it perfectly so that it stays put.

Put on the wig and style it the way you want. Comb the hair well and cut out the extra lace. Let me spill a secret- I love to put a little wax and then use an electric comb on both sides of the parting, which helps it to stay firm for a longer time.

  • Stick & Melt

 You can apply a spray or use glue at the edges to melt it. The adhesive method involves applying hair glue to place the wig on your hair firmly.

Once you apply the glue, flip the lace over it, set it with your fingers, and then blow dry. This method enables the wig to stay put for a much longer time. Probably for one to six weeks.

If you plan to put on the wig for some days, ensure you protect the front of your hair with a scarf during bedtime.

  • Finishing touch

Do the baby hair to look natural and hide the lace. You can blend it well by applying concealer, and that’s it. You are ready to go.

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  • Pro-Tips

Here are a few tips that will help you wear the hairpiece perfectly. These are a few things I learned after repeated trial and error-

  1. Use heat protectant always.
  2. While styling your wig, if the lace touches your eyebrows, please cut the lace, or you will have to cut (redo) your eyebrow.
  3. Mark the lace with a marker by the ears and then cut it so that it cuffs perfectly around the ear.

How To Remove A Swiss Lace Wig?

Removing a Swiss Lace wig installed with an adhesive requires patience and time. You need to be gentle, so you don’t lose your front hair. These are the steps I follow-:

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  • Tie the hair (extensions) up in a bun to see the glued areas.  
  • Depending on your preference, dip a piece of cotton into an alcohol-based or oil-based adhesive remover. 
  • Gently dap the oiled cotton on the glued areas around the scalp.
  • Allow the adhesive remover to sit for several minutes before pulling them out. Be patient.
  •  When you notice the seam has begun to peel away, gently peel off the lace.
  • Clean the skin and time to pamper your original hairs and scalp by washing and moisturizing.

Final Thoughts on Swiss Lace Wigs

So, yes, you can wear a wig and enjoy the compliments that follow, but maintaining the wig should be an utmost priority too. Only then can you relish all the benefits. 

Talking about the swiss lace wigs, I love their delicacy and how flawlessly it blends with my skin. I always recommend buying good quality wigs because even though it is expensive, it gives a royal and classy look. 

Swiss lace has been the most trusted material for wigs, and I would definitely want you to try it. You will enjoy how seamless & natural it appears.

Let me know in the comments how you liked this lavish toupee.

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