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Brazilian Hair Bundles

Why to Choose Brazilian Hair Bundles

Between so many hair types and styles Brazilian hair has always been one of the most requested in salons. There are many reasons why people choose Brazilian Hair Bundles and we are here to find out some of them. In case you want to learn more about Brazilian hair extensions before buying and using them, you may go through the below represented ideas that can help you discover this big trend in fashion.

  • What is Brazilian Hair Extensions?
  • Which are the most popular Brazilian Hair types?
  • Why Brazilian Virgin Hair is the one of the bests?
  • How to take care for Brazilian Hair Bundles
  • Hairstyle Trends for Brazilian Hair Bundles

What is Brazilian Hair?

Well, your first question regarding hair extensions may be the following; what is Brazilian hair. In fact, Brazilian virgin hair is collected by donor beauties from South Africa that are born with this special hair type. It is strong, healthy, thick and shiny. However, there are many Brazilian women that come with the same hair type and also become donors for high-quality extensions. They are paid for long, healthy and strong hair they are embraced by. Virgin Brazilian bundles are very beautiful and long-lasting. It makes the wearer look stunning and more feminine.

The Most Popular Brazilian Hair Types

There are several types of Brazilian hair from straight to curly. While straight locks may come with light waves, wavy and curly textures provide with much volume and shine. Many stylists recommend mixing wavy and curly Brazilian hair extensions for better results. Both are easily styled even with heating tools (although not recommended) and styling products. Waves and curls are long-lasting and if they are achieved on straight hair they can last all day long. The fact that Brazilian hair extensions blend well with many other ethnic human hair textures makes many women choose just this type. They have the quality to last up to a year or more with proper care.

Brazilian Virgin Hair Bundles Advantages

Now, let's see why stylists recommend choosing virgin Brazilian hair when it comes to high-quality extensions. As mentioned above Brazilian hair is strong, shiny and thick in any textures. It is beautiful even when blended with other textures and tends to last more than a year. This hair type can be straightened, curled, styled, bleached and dyed with various tools, techniques and products without losing its beauty. However, professional hairstylists recommend keeping it the way it is for a longer use. Choosing Brazilian hair you'll make sure you have chosen hair with no shedding and tangles.

Hairstyles for Brazilian Hair

Almost all Afro-American trendy hairstyles are suitable for Brazilian extensions. From high and big buns to the most lavishing layered waves, you can make your choice between the latest celebrity looks. Women with this hair type come with luxurious and very attractive hairstyles. You can match them with Afro braids and cool accessories. Try to stand out with your unique choice and creative approach.

Care for Human Brazilian Hair Bundle

In order to keep virgin Brazilian hair bundles always healthy, shiny and beautiful you should keep up with some essential hair care rules and tips. Here are some of the most important hair care ideas you should follow to avoid tangling, shedding and daily problems that relate extensions.


Hair tends to get tangled especially when it's thick, wavy or curly. Since Brazilian hair bundles are thick enough they may become tangled because of improper care. It's better if you use appropriate washing and styling products. Choose mild shampoo and conditioner made for your hair type and skin. Wash and condition no more than once a week. Actually, washing twice a week is better. Spray extensions with a leave-in conditioner every day. Dry it out before sleeping and make sure you don't sleep on wet locks. Use hydrating products offered by your stylists if you feel your hair becomes dry by the time.


When using hair extensions one should keep in mind that right after being cut from the donor's head, they lose the opportunity to achieve the necessary nutrients and oils for a healthy look. That's why the user must use special hair oils and products to avoid shedding as well as keep hair as shiny and silky as it was before being cut. Make sure you wash your extensions gently and avid combing or brushing it when it's wet. Always use a wide-toothed comb to prevent shedding. Seldom use heating tools and in case of use always apply hair protective product. If you often style your hair try to keep it moisturized and tangle-free. If they become tangled, gently untangle them with a wide-toothed comb. Allow hair dry naturally and often keep it down instead of tying with tight elastics. Sometimes visit a professional hairstylist to make sure your locks are in a good condition.

Bleaching and Dying

This is perhaps one of the most essential things you must be careful when you deal with hair extensions. Actually, Brazilian Hair Bundles With Closure are naturally black but it doesn't mean you can't bleach or dye it in any shade you like. While some go for ombre and balayage styles, others prefer light monotone hair colors. Everyone knows the damages bleaching and dying bring to hair, but the right chosen products with high-quality components can make you stay safer with your hair. If you are not familiar with professional and modern hair dying techniques, you'd better visit a salon and ask for a professional approach. This is not the case when you can do any experiment you like and end up with the desired result. If you want to enjoy nice and healthy extensions for a long time then try to be quite careful with bleaching and dying. Choose a shade that goes well with your skin tone and eye hue and then decide whether you really want it or not. It's obvious that you may be tired of your black hair and some hair color changes are able to transform you into another stunner. So, opt for high-quality products and don't damage your fantastic locks with cheap chemicals.

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