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Indian Curly Hair

Indian Curly Hair Extensions

Women in India have a special type of hair and many of them are not aware of its benefits.

While they think they have ugly frizzy/curly hair others find cool ideas to bring out the real glory of this hair type. They take proper care or it ad as a result we are provided with strong, high-quality and shiny extensions.

Some Indian women tend to keep combing and brushing their hair in order to make it look straight.

There are cases when they prefer chemical straightening. Between popular hair types chosen for high-quality extensions Indian curly hair is one of the most requested options. It comes with high-quality and therefore professional stylists recommend choosing Indian curls for extensions.

Let's discuss some of the most important questions regarding Indian curly hair.

  1. What is virgin Indian hair?
  2. Which are the benefits of Indian curly hair?
  3. How to take care for Indian curly hair?

Virgin Indian Hair

The true virgin Indian curly hair is usually provided by the donor in its original state. As a result, the hair is natural and doesn't tangle at the ends. Indian hair is naturally black color its extensions tend to last up to a year with proper care and maintenance.

Natural Indian curly hair is soft, durable and thick. It stands out with healthy shine and looks beautiful in its dark shade. This hair blends well with almost all hair types. In fact, 100% human Indian curly hair is silky and luxurious.

You can style it in any hairstyle you like, but it's perfect just in its curly style. Thanks to its quality shedding is minimal in the case of natural Indian hair. You'll know it's virgin if it hasn't passed through chemicals or synthetic fibers as well as bleaching or dying. It is voluminous, bouncy and luxurious.

Benefits of Indian Curly Hair

Compared to many hair types Indian hair has many advantages even in curly styles.

If you think that only straight hair is tangle-free then you haven't been dealing with natural and high-quality Indian curls. It has the power to give you a fresh and fashionable look as well as versatility of hairstyles you've always dreamed of.

This hair type comes with tight ringlets and therefore, it is loved by the majority of afro-inspired girls. If you are looking for the best Indian hair then choose curly Indian Remy hair. It requires minimal maintenance and always looks stunning with the right care. It is believed that curly hair is way more interesting than straight locks, that's why you are recommended to opt for curly extensions when it comes to Indian hair. On the other hand, curly hair grabs attention with its volume, feminine fun and healthy shine.

It is attractive in updo hairstyles and demands less styling products to look festive. Another big advantage of Indian hair is that it is more affordable than Brazilian hair that can cost your hundreds of dollars. This means that you can change up your look without spending too much money. Women with thin hair often choose Indian hair as it is high in volume and versatile in lengths.

As mentioned above, Indian hair blends with virtually all hair types, especially African American. So choosing Indian hair you save money, get low-maintenance curls, style as your own and add more beauty to your natural look. Just make sure goes well with your texture and looks natural both in its style and shade with your complexion.

Care for Indian Curly Hair Extensions

The proper care for hair extensions provides you with long-lasting locks.

If you want to save the quality and beauty of your Indian virgin hair extensions then try to shampoo and condition it at least once a week with a deep conditioner using appropriate high-quality products.

You'd better avoid cheap hair care products. When hair is slightly damp you can gently brush or comb it with wide tooth comb by separating extensions into several sections.

Since this hair type tends to become curly easily you don't need to put too much product on it. Also, don't scrunch hair with your hands as it may reform the curls. In order to get rid of knots you need to comb the hair upwards from the tips to the roots.

Mostly let hair air dry and use hair oils for extra shine. Deep condition hair three to four times a month in order to make it last as long as possible. In case of using blow drier or other heat tools set them on low heat and apply hair protective products.

It's better if you use less styling products. As for bleaching and dying you are free to choose any shade you like to change the color of your extensions. However, many women avoid this step showing more carefulness and care towards their hair.