What is a Lace Front Wig?

What is a Lace Front Wig?

Wondering what is a Lace front wig? Find out everything you need to know about lace front wigs, from how to put them on to how to style them.

From Cardi B to Katy Perry, you often see film stars and celebrities change their hairstyles so often.

Well, while sometimes their hairstyles may actually look like they’ve worn a wig, sometimes you tend to think it’s their natural hair, or wait, is it actually?

Well, maybe it isn’t actually their natural hair at times and it could be just another wig they’re wearing, but their hairstyle creates an illusion like it’s the person’s natural hair. How is that possible though?

The only possible explanation I could think of is that the person is wearing the most natural-looking wig out there – the lace front wig!

Yes, wigs have come a long way since its inception and the types of wigs available are now getting more and more natural as if it is the person’s natural hair.

Lace Front Wig
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If you are someone looking out for a good wig to buy and cannot decide on which type, maybe reading this article will help you make your choice.

What is a Lace Front Wig?

What do lace front wigs mean?

pictures of bad lace front wigs
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what is a lace front wigs human hair
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Lace front wigs are similar to any other wigs for the hair but are one of the best types of wigs, as they look the most natural while worn because the front of the wig is made of lace material and hence creates a natural look near the person’s hairline.

So, it blends in perfectly into the person’s hair making it look natural even though the hair used in the wig can be either synthetic or natural human hair.

How are lace front wigs different from regular wigs?

  • Regular Wig
how do lace front wigs stay on
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A regular wig is just a wig worn like a cap worn on the head. The hair all over the wig is sewn on as wefts of hair (even at the hairline), so the flexibility of styling is very limited.

The hairline of a regular wig will not look natural and you can clearly notice where the wig starts.

  • Lace Front Wig
what is a lace wig
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But in the case of a lace front wig, the way these lace front wigs are designed are slightly different from regular wigs because in a lace front wig, each hair strand near the hairline is sewn in separately into the lace.

This means that it will not only make the hair look natural, but will give the hair flexibility of styling as if it is the person’s natural hair.

Are lace front wigs the same as full-lace wigs?

  • Full-Lace Wig
how to wear a lace front wig
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Lace front wigs are often confused with full-lace wigs. Well, they are not the same, because lace front wigs have lace only at the hairline, wherein individual hair strands are sewn only at the hairline, to give it a natural look, while the rest of the wig has wefts of hair.

But a full-lace wig has a complete lace base, with individual strands of hair sewn onto the entire wig, with no wefts of hair sewn on.

Features Regular WigsLace Front WigsFull-Lace Wigs
Strands of hair Hair is sewn on as wefts even at the hairlineHair strands are sewn on separately only at the hairline to give it a natural lookHair strands are sewn on separately all over the wig
Flexibility of styling Not very flexibleFlexibility of styling near the hairlineFlexibility of styling the hair
Price Cost effectiveComparatively more expensiveComparatively more expensive
Appearance while wornLooks like a wig has been worn Looks natural, as it blends in with the person’s hairlineLooks like a person’s natural hair

How do you wear a front lace wig?

Step 1: Trying out the wig before fixing it with glue

Putting on a front lace wig isn’t too hard. Firstly, make sure your hair is well washed and dry before putting on the wig.

Comb your hair downwards and let it stand pressed against your head using clips and styling gel if need be.

If you are someone with longer hair lengths, make sure to tie your hair up into a bun.

Then before you put on the wig, you can wear a stocking cap if you wish to or you could even put it on directly, but this is totally optional.

Here’s a tip for you guys:  I’m sure there are some of you who might be new to wearing wigs and are confused about whether to wear a wig cap or not.

Well, wearing a wig cap is advisable because it can help protect your natural hair from getting damaged by the wig glue.

It will also not let any stray hair stick out and can also hold the wig perfectly in place.

But why some people do not wear a wig cap is because they find it too tight on the head, giving them a headache when worn for long hours. Also, it can get rather hot and feel sweaty inside the cap.

Once you have put on the wig, there could be a little extra lace around your hairline, make sure to trim it off correctly, so as to give your hairline its natural look.

Step 2: Wearing/fixing the wig

After these steps are completed, then you will know how the wig looks on you. So basically it is like a trial round, before fixing it on with adhesive.

what is a full lace wig

Now for fixing the wig, you can use wig fixing glue or specific wig fixing tape along your hairline and let it dry up for a few minutes.

Once it has dried up, you can go ahead and fix your wig, starting from the back, gently pulling it to reach your hairline.

And that’s it, your wig is on and you can style your hair the way you like it!

Things to Consider While Choosing a Lace Front Wig

Well, if you are someone who plans to wear your wig often, then remember to go in for a wig that is of high quality.

This is because you will have to wash your wig every week, in order to maintain it and if your wig isn’t of good quality, the wig will get damaged in no time.

If you would like to keep styling your wig, make sure to buy a wig made of 100% human hair and not synthetic hair because the often use of hair styling tools will damage the wig hair permanently.

Most often, wigs are made in such a way that will fit any head size, but some wig manufacturers have different wig sizes to fit specific head sizes.

Make sure to buy a wig that will fit your head perfectly, because wearing a tight wig can damage your hair due to tugging while wearing a loose wig will not stand properly over your head.

Choosing a wig that has hair that is closest to your natural hair type is important.

This will make it almost impossible for people to know that you’ve actually got a wig on because a lace front wig already looks natural, so getting the matching hair type will conceal the fact completely.

What is a Lace Front Wig: FAQs

Do wearing lace front wigs cause hair fall?

Well, no, wearing a lace front wig will not directly cause hair fall. For those of you who have heard this, it is not true.

If your wig is worn the right way, it will not cause damage to your natural hair in any way.
But, I’d like to make a mention of two things here, firstly, the glue that you use to hold your wig in place.

If it isn’t applied correctly, it could damage your hair. Secondly, if you wear a tight wig, it can cause a little tension to the hair, so wearing an incorrect-sized wig is not recommended.

Can I wash my lace front wig?

Yes of course, lace front wigs can be washed. You can wash your wig once in a week, but not too often or else it will not last very long.

Make sure to remove the wig and then wash it in a bucket or basin of water.

Just wet, shampoo (use one only suitable for wigs) and rinse off like you’d wash your hair, but remember not to wash the wig while it is still on your head.

Why shouldn’t I sleep with my wig on?

Well, if you choose to sleep with your wig on, you will end up damaging your wig and getting the hair tangled and it will create friction between the hair strands, damaging the wig.

If you wish to sleep with your wig on, you can cover your head with a scarf or you could even sleep with a bonnet on, so there is no damage to the wig.

What should I do if the wig adhesive is stuck to my hair?

This is a common happening with wig wearers, so don’t be alarmed.

Use some hair oil or a specific adhesive remover meant just for wigs (they are sold commercially), to rub against that area and soon the adhesive will lift off, along with your wig.

The Final Takeaway

People use wigs for various purposes – to give themselves a better look, to avoid getting their hair styled each time they want a change, to cover extreme hair loss patches, to make their hair look voluminous, to protect their natural hair underneath and the reasons can be many.

If you do want to wear a wig for whatever may be your reason, but do not want to actually show people you’ve worn a wig – then try out the lace front wig. Trust me, ladies, it will actually look like your natural hair!

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