What Is A Topper Wig 2022?

What Is A Topper Wig 2022?

Wondering what is a topper wig and why you might want to buy one? Read on to find out more about this popular hairpiece and why people love it!

Topper wigs are an ideal option for you if you are experiencing hair problems. It’s nice that some of you have heard about topper wigs already.

These useful pieces are popular among the hair loss population and many women for purely aesthetic reasons

But not many individuals are aware of these beneficial tools yet. If you’re one of those people who has never seen or used hair toppers before, you could have a lot of questions, like, What precisely are they?

What Is A Topper Wig
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They resemble full-cap wigs, don’t they? Or ‘hair additions’? If not, what distinguishes them? Furthermore, how do you choose one in the first place? We, therefore, want to share with you all the information you require on hair toppers.

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What Is A Topper Wig?

What Are Topper Wigs?

A wig that only covers the top of the head is referred to as a topper wig, sometimes known as a half wig or hair topper. Compared to wigs, these are smaller pieces of alternate hair.

By just clipping them into your hair, they create great volume at the top of your head and are lightweight and simple to use. 

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These handy hair extensions come in a variety of designs, shapes, lengths, and thicknesses. Both synthetic and real human hair can be used to assemble the hair used in hair toppers.

Usually, monofilament, which is formed of plastic, lace, or silk strands, is used to make them. The base’s dimensions can range from 1.3″ x 3″ to 5″ x 5″ to 10″ x 10″, and anywhere in between.

Topper wigs are a fantastic solution for women with hair loss or thinning on the crown and top of their heads, but they are also excellent for women with fine or flat hair because they give much more volume and coverage on top.

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Toppers can give a lady the appearance of having a full, natural head of hair if they are groomed and applied correctly and mixed in with her real hair. Women will experience more self-assurance and attractiveness in the process.

Why Should You Try Topper Wigs?

Now that you are aware of them, consider trying a topper wig for the following reasons:

  • By wearing a topper wig, you can change the way you look in few minutes. Women at any stage of hair loss might find answers with these clip-in hair toppers. Even if they don’t experience hair loss, some women wear them to change up their hairstyle. Whatever the purpose, it is the quickest way to alter your hair.
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  • They give thin, fine hair, body, and volume. This is a quick way to increase fullness, regardless of whether your hair is fine or is thinning.
  • They are undetectable. They are nearly impossible to see because they are attached to your own hair. Most toppers have their hair sewed into a lace material that provides coverage. They are available in a variety of sizes and hair lengths, so there is a style for everyone.
what is the difference between a wiglet and a topper
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  • They’re extremely light on your head. There is a lot less hat and hair to deal with when using them because they are smaller and don’t cover your entire head.
  • Additionally, they are the best alternative to a full wig. No matter what alternatives you are thinking about, toppers are the most comfortable, convenient, and affordable. They typically last just as long as wigs do

How Are Topper Wigs Different From Full Wigs?

A commonly asked question is what distinguishes topper wigs from regular wigs. These differences are what we’ve determined here.
Coverage: This one needs no explanation. When wearing a wig, your entire scalp and all of your hair are covered, as compared to toppers, which only do so for a portion of your hair.

how to wear a topper wig
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Color: When it comes to topper wigs, they must match the color of your hair in order to blend in with it when worn. With a wig, however, you are basically free to choose any color as it is not required to match your natural hair.

Breathability: Topper wigs are easier to wear because less material covers the head, and your natural hair can be left out. Since they are made of the thinnest material, lace-topper wigs, in particular, are incredibly breathable.

On the other hand, the wig cap construction usually has more fabric and covers all the hair. In order to keep the hair in place, it is also advised to use a wig hat with a wig. As a result, wigs are less breathable and a little bit heavier to wear than hair toppers.

Cost: Toppers are often less expensive than wigs since they require less effort and less material (including less hair) to make.

Styling your own hair: You don’t need to style your natural hair at all when wearing a wig because it won’t be visible. With hair toppers, though, you might still need to arrange your own hair a little because it’s still somewhat visible.

Time: With a wig, you can style it after washing it before wearing it. This enables you to simplify your morning routine. Hair toppers are also easy to style. Hair toppers, however, could need an extra few minutes to blend in with your natural hair.

How To Select The Right Topper Wig?

Here are the 4 key steps to choosing the right topper wig:

  • Firstly, determine the stage of hair loss you are experiencing (beginning, progressive, or advanced stage). The size of the topper you need depends on how much hair loss you have.
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  • Take a front-to-back and side-to-side measurement of your head as well as the area where you are losing hair. You will then be able to determine whether the hair topper you ultimately choose fits you perfectly. This will come into play when choosing the base material for your topper wig in the following phase.
  • Next, decide which base style (monofilament, French lace, etc.) is best for you based on the area of hair loss, the level of durability needed, and other variables. Remember that some individuals don’t care what kind of base is used for their hair topper as long as they obtain the length, color, and density of hair they want, which is discussed in the following step.
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  • Finally, choose your hair color, length, and type (normal or quality human hair). Be aware that some bases only come in certain hair lengths and that quality material is preferable if you intend to wear a topper wig for an extended period. If your hair isn’t thinning too significantly, you won’t require as high of a hair density because each topper will have a different hair density

Styling Your Topper Wig

Human hair toppers typically form memory and automatically adopt a style if it is routinely applied to them in the same way.

The best technique to style them is to set them on a mannequin head, spray water on them, comb through, blow dry them into place, spray heat protective agent on them, straighten or curl them in the style you desire, and then clip them on your head to style them however you like.

Topper Wig Maintenance

The thought of maintenance may be developing in your head if you own a topper wig. To prevent damage to your hair topper, be sure to take extra care of it.

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Surprisingly, your topper wig doesn’t require as much washing as your natural hair. It is recommended to wash your hair extensions every two weeks.

Although you might feel like it’s been too long since you washed your hair topper, it actually doesn’t require as much washing. 

This is because the top hair does not become greasy as your own hair does. After all, it does not absorb oils from your scalp. The longevity of your toppers will be shortened if you wash them as frequently as you wash your own hair.

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If you went on a vacation, for instance, you wouldn’t need to wash your hair topper until you arrived home because it would have absorbed dust and other air pollutants.

If you take proper care of your hair topper, it can last you anywhere from six months to more than a year with regular wear.

When not in use, keep your hair topper in a box to keep it from gathering dust. You may also use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to extend the life of your hair topper.

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Products without sulfates won’t strip the hair of its natural oils, preventing the hair from drying out.

Since the hair is not receiving the same amount of hydration from your scalp oils as your own hair does, using deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and serums on a daily basis will help the hair stay soft.

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Hair toppers are an excellent way to increase volume, improve your appearance, and cover up hair loss and thinning hair.

It’s not surprising that these are a highly popular choice for ladies, given their simple installation procedure and lengthy lifespan. We hope you have got all the information you need about topper wigs.

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